Monday, September 03, 2007

Whitelaw Towers' European Vacation? It's Darp's shout.

As expected, as soon as FDB could confirm the Queensland contingent of Whitelaw Towers was safely back North of the border Darp’s famous metallic gonads have dropped back into place and he’s once again talking big and tough. Ah, the bravery of being out of range…

Also, typical of the poor impulse control of the average dumb mongrel, Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW has started barring up over the merest hint of a chance at litigation and already spending money he’s never, ever going to get.

Whitelaw Towers’ staff’s message to Darp?


The lads around here are looking forward to their slap up, no expenses spared European holidays courtesy of FDB. Personally I want to check out the U.K. and Germany. How about you other blokes? Hey, settle down, stand in line.

Oh, didn’t you realise Darpy? Don’t you remember naming yourself and a bunch of other Left Wing losers as the ‘core’ membership of FDB? We’ve got all that saved nicely in the ol’ Whitelaw Towers archives.

That ill judged post you just put up (A gift, a GIFT I say) as one of the leaders and the co-founder of FDB has damned all of them as well as yourself to a life of miserable penury post your planned civil lawsuit against all those named.


Because NOBODY on that list (so far as our enquiries have revealed) had ANYTHING whatsoever to do with that alleged E-Mail. Yet there are their names in glorious living colour in your own words on your own FDB site!

After all FDB’s shenanigans against ALL the people named on your list over the past few years we simply cannot WAIT for you to initiate proceedings. We’re gunna have to call Kennards (remember those ‘rednecks’?) and hire a truck to carry all our stuff to court.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

So, as we said before, sunshine, BRING IT ON!!!

From the Fight Dem Back Criminals' Forum:
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Location: Eastwood, Sydney, Australia.
Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2007 7:09 am
Post subject: Looks like it's game on again.

Yes folks, once again Carl Thompson, Peter Campbell, Jim Perren, Trevor Lewis and Alex Fogerty (and associates) have outdone themselves. I've listed a fair few names here as they will be the first people I will be pursuing over this matter. Now everyone knows, I used to write the And what a success it was - it was 'The Chaser' before we had the 'The Chaser' (not technically true seen as they were operating in print). The blog was primarily comedic in nature and dealt with many bad taste themes. One of them involved the problematic issue of trying to get a decent bodysurf in Sydney without hordes of fat children hogging the break. I'm sure you all know which article I'm referring to. Anyway, it appears Carl Thommo and Peter Campbell (my top suspects) were bored recently and sent out the following email to the UTS Law Society and the Sports Association:

> ---------- Forwarded message ---------- > From: Martin Flemming > Date: Sep 1, 2007 5:55 PM > Subject: Proud child abuser part of UTS rugby fraternity > To:,,, >,,, > > Dear Sportsmen and Women of UTS, > > I am currently a psychology student at a Sydney university, preparing > my > thesis on the effects of child abuse and childhood bullying on the > development of children. > > Whilst researching the net for news articles on such topics, I came across > links that led to the personal blog of Matthew Henderson-Hau of Eastwood, > Sydney, law student at UTS (, and recently competed in > the intervarsity law school rugby tournament last weekend. On his > site, and > the supposed 'anti-racism" site he started (, he > is known as "Darp". > > In his original blog, on 16 February 2004, were disturbing admissions > to > performing acts of battery and abuse on children on Sydney beaches, the > justification given was that he hates "fat"people. In his own words, > he > described in gleeful detail, a "sport"were he deliberately rammed > "fat"children in the surf. > > Needless to say, I contacted the NSW and Federal Police, and several child > welfare organisations to see if this constituted an offence. In recent > weeks, Mr Henderson-Hau (Darp), has removed all the incriminating content > from his original blog,, under the false pretext that > he was > going to publish the work. The reason however, is that he now regrets > posting such tastless and illegal admissions on the internet, now that > he is > nearing the end of his law studies and wishes to prevent potential > employers and the general public from learning of his love of abusing > children for sport. > > However, Henderson-Hau's blog did not escape the attention of other bloggers > on the other side of the political spectrum, and Henderson-Hau's most > illegal and distasteful posts have been archived for future reference > on > these sites. > > Putting aside the politics of the author of this site, please consider > whether a professed and unrepentant child abuser is welcome within the > fraternities of UTS sports, or that he is a worthy representative of the > great UTS. > > > > *16 February 2004:* > > Fat kids > > "I have discovered a new sport. It is a cross between tenpin bowling, > ironman and Turkish mud wrestling. I don't yet have a name for it; > maybe one > of my erstwhile readers will concoct something based on the following > description. > > The game is played in the surf, in rough surf with decent booming waves. > Instead of simply bodysurfing and catching waves into shore for the pure > physio-aesthetic appeal of it, you catch waves and bodysurf whilst aiming > your trajectory at very fat children, the aim being to scatter them like > tenpins. Now, I've always had time for fat kids, I think they're a fantastic > source of visual entertainment. … > > Saturday was a bumper crop; I waded out into the surf and cast my eyes > around for prospective targets. I spy a cluster of five or six little > fat > cunts, all of them resplendent with the best man bosoms you've ever seen, > one of them is wearing a mini wetsuit and you can make out each goddam > individual roll of chubber - he was squeaking as he walked. > > I swam out past the sandbank and waited for the next set to come in. I > lined > myself up with the target, moved a few metres to the south to allow > for the > current, looked back and saw my wave approaching. I sprang up from the > ocean > floor and hooked myself on it perfectly, keeping my torso ahead of the > break; I steamed towards my Burger King sponsored tenpins like a fucking > rocket. > > BOOM, CRASH, SMASH, CRACK, "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?" GROAN, MOAN, SOOK! > > They were all waist deep in the water midway through the sandbank when > my > head collided with their blubber. I must say, it was probably the softest > and most bouncy collision (intentional or otherwise) I've ever been involved > with. > > They scattered. One flew back on his arse and then rolled over on his > back; > another two clashed heads and stumbled over sideways. Their leader, > who I > christened "Double beef, bacon and cheese" - or "D-BAC" for short, managed > to hold his footing by virtue of his superior weight; the waves could > have > broken against him all day and he would have remained as immovable as > a > fucking lighthouse. > > I didn't see where the rest of my targets lay but I took a great deal > of > pleasure in watching them dedicate a weeks worth of physical exertion > to the > basic primal activity of getting back off their arses. They heaved, grunted, > sweated and mumbled obscenities as they re-grouped. I duck dived and swam > back out, waiting for another ideal wave…. > > As I rose for my first gulp of air in what seemed like hours, I bore witness > to a repeat of the spectacle I'd just witnessed. Fat little cunts all > struggling to get back on their feet, some of them hobbling now and a > very > pissed off looking D-BAC clutched his jaw and shot me daggers. I felt > it > pertinent to say something so I chirped out the usual up-beat apology > that > one offers in mid-surf collisions and made my way back out to the catching > zone…. > > It wasn't the most ideal wave but it held up for long enough to give > me some > serious steam, this time I wasn't going to make it look like an > accident. I > torpedoed on towards them with arms outstretched and fists clenched, legs > kicking like a madman to build up even more speed. > > Q-PAC was the first to notice and he yelled a warning to the others > but it > was too late. D-BAC took my impact head on, well 'belly-on' anyway. He > was > finally dislodged arse over tit, signalling an end to the game and a victory > to yours truly. The rest of them lay in a similar manner of physical > disarray, moaning, groaning and (here is where I felt a bit too > slack), one > of them was actually bawling…. > > M. posted by Darp @ 12:06 PM" > > *Thursday, February 19, 2004* > > Dear Phyllis (I've given assumed names to both of my player haters here).You > use the term 'beat up' FFFFAAAAAAAAATTTT kids at the beach. I don't > think I > ever beat any of them up, I rocketed into them at a million miles per > hour > and scattered them like the little lard-bucket ten-pins they are but I > never > actually beat them up. THEY CRIED BECAUSE THEY LOST THE GAME, not because > they were hurt!If any of them got hurt during our little game maybe they > should take a look at their own lack of speed and dexterity - see, if > they > weren't roly poly fat little fuckers, they would have had agility to avoid > my cannon ball runs and thus NOT be hurt.That is that issue settled. > YES, I > think it is funny to laugh at fat children. HA HA HA HA BLOODY HA HA > HA HA." > > Please see here also for other sickening posts by Matthew Henderson-Hau. >

Of course, everyone on this this knows me, knows about FDB and knows about my old blog. Hence why everyone forwarded the email onto me with many perplexed "what the fuck is this guy on?" type comments. Now ...what is written in this email IS defamatory to the extent that it IS possible that the ordinary reasonable person may actually construe "Mr Flemmings" words as purporting to be statements based in actual fact as opposed to a gigantic contextual toss-off. So yes, watch this space. We all know what happens whenever these idiots piss me off don't we?
Oh yes indeedy we do Darpy boy. Greg Roberts gets dragged out of semi-retirement to hack up another smear piece...or...Joe Hildebrand...or....
Also, we're not half as dumb as you look Darp. We KNOW who's cooperating with you on this little 'project'. After all, there's no such thing as coincidence when it comes to politics and there has been a strange convergence of events in the past 48 hours or so.
You're not the only total, all time loser out to "destroy" certain Whitelaw Towers people...