Monday, October 29, 2007

Another massive 'protest' from Fight Dem Back...

The Fight Dem Back Faggots' HUGE protest outside the Melbourne Knights F.C. must have really intimidated the management because they got to formally hand over their shitty little complaint in written form. What a PISS weak mob of wankers the Soccer community, or more accurately, their administration, must be to let limp wristed knob jockeys like these idiots put the bounce on them.
Where's a good crowd of pissed up Skinhead Soccer hooligans looking for some 'bovver' when you need 'em, eh? Ha! Ha! Ha!
Three, yep that's correct folks, count 'em...THREE FDB pencil necked geeks, turned up to 'protest' including the mighty 'man mountain' himself (Darp's word's not ours) Cam Smith aka CampSexWithMinor. The others present were a 'journo' and an aging Lefty faggot. Anthony Main is apparently the one in the black hoodie top with the 'Unite' logo.

Stay tuned. More details (and pics) to come as we confirm our facts are correct...