Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Darp Review...

Whitelaw Towers thought it appropriate to put their own two bob's worth in on the current red hot Internet subject of Darp's sexuality. We will resist, for the time being at least, the temptation to post the rather hilarious photographs but reserve the right to do so in the fiuture... just for a laff ya know...
We heard an interesting interview on the ABC the other day with a QLD police officer in charge of the child protection unit talking about tracking, profiling and understanding paedophiles. He claimed to have interviewed about five thousand offenders over the years some of whom were actual child killers. He said there were mainly three types of paed.

The largest percentage were what he termed ‘opportunist’ that would commit child molestation only if and when the opportunity arose and when there is minimal risk of being caught, then there were the ‘latent’ types who viewed kiddie porn and thought about it a lot but would possibly never actually act on those impulses.

The smallest, but most lethally dangerous, group was the stereotypical ‘predatory’ child molester who would do anything to interfere with kiddies including abducting and even murdering. These are the desperately driven types who will insinuate themselves into organisations where they can access the kiddies or even cohabit with or marry women who have children so they can get at the kids.

It got us to thinking about the different categories of what we today call ‘Gays’. Using the paedophile types as a template we guessed on what we have heard, read and observed about their behaviour that they too would be split into latent, opportunistic and predatory with rather similar proportional divisions.

Our best guess is that Darp is what could be termed a latent who has actually crossed over to opportunistic. He is definitely a pathological egoist and what used to be called an Ambisexual which is now erroneously termed a Bisexual. Driven by a homoerotic fascination with physique through his immersion in body worshipping gym culture and an infantile masturbatory obsession with autoerotic stimulation it would seem he would indulge himself with animal, mineral or vegetable.

For example, a normal male if propositioned by another male will react with outrage, repulsion or even nausea. A modern so-called ‘Metrosexual’ male, conditioned to act like a peacock and to be ‘in touch with his feminine side’, such as Darp, will be flattered and even curious as well as being perfectly comfortable with this gross and unnatural behaviour.

He may even seek out, like Darp, situations such as queer events and venues, where his ego can be regularly boosted by compliments about his physique, his dress sense etc and even the odd grope from some amorous homo.

This dangerous flirtation though can just as easily tip over the edge into full blown sexual contact if the male in question keeps pushing his luck and this is what we believe has happened with our Darp. He now finds himself as a thirty something mamzer Jew boy slowly losing his youthful appearance with an omnivorous sexual diet living in the cloistered and dystopian world of law students, most of whom are Jews, struggling to remain attractive and relevant. This is the main engine that drives his hate.

And strangely, or perhaps not, this analysis brings us full circle back to what drives paedophiles to seek sexual contact with children. According to the aforementioned expert they look in the mirror and see an aging or unattractive person whom they loathe and crave for being a child again so they need to get their fix of young flesh to make them feel they are acceptable and attractive to, and as, a child again.

This is all pretty sick stuff and makes most of us squirm with discomfort and repulsion but to combat these freaks one has to understand them and how they work to prevent them sleazing into our trusted institutions and preying on our children.

We tend to agree with the evaluation that there is very little if any real distinction to be made between Homosexuals and Paedo-Predators. They are two sides of the same coin and are complimentary to and supportive of each other.