Monday, October 15, 2007

Kiwi Red Terrorists Rounded Up

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From the ABC Web Site:

Maori, green activists held in NZ anti-terrorism raids: report
Media reports say New Zealand police have arrested about 14 people in a series of anti-terrorist raids across the North Island, with Maori and environmental activists the main target.

A spokeswoman for Prime Minister Helen Clark directed all calls about the raids to the police but they would not immediately disclose the reason for the operation.

However, police detective inspector Harry Quinn confirmed specialist staff were continuing to search addresses looking for people, firearms and ammunition.

Fairfax Media said the arrests were the culmination of months of work by a police anti-terror unit which had hundreds of hours of recordings from bugged conversations, video surveillance, and tapped cellphone calls and texts.

It understood police had video of military-style training with live ammunition in camps deep in mountain ranges and expected to find machine guns and grenades during their raids.

Campaigners from various Maori sovereignty, environmental and 'peace' groups were implicated.

"These guys are serious. They are talking of killing people," a source was quoted as telling Fairfax.

It is understood police plan to charge up to 14 people with participating in a terrorist group under the Terrorism Suppression Act 2002.

NZ police arrest 17 in anti-terrorism raids
New Zealand police have arrested 17 people and seized a number of weapons during a series of anti-terrorism raids throughout the country.

More than 300 police were involved in the raids which were aimed at Maori and environmental activists rather than foreign groups.

The raids in Auckland, the Bay of Plenty region, Wellington, Palmerston North and Christchurch, marked the first time authorities had acted under the country's Terrorism Suppression Act.

Police targeted the mountainous region near Rotorua where it is believed guerilla-style training camps have been held.

The head of New Zealand's police, Howard Broad, says those arrested had taken part in military-style training camps.

"I believe the action we have taken is entirely in accordance with the law," he said.

"I believe this is domestically oriented. I don't have evidence that there is any international connection to this."

One of those arrested, leading Maori activist Tame Iti, has appeared in court on charges relating to the possession of semi-automatic weapons and petrol bombs.

His lawyer Annette Sykes says police should have established that they have enough evidence before invoking the anti-terrorism act.

"What is concerning is the speculation that seems to occur, that you can detain people on charges that may or may not be brought under a piece of legislation that may or may not be invoked, and that you should be held in custody while the police do their homework," she said.

"That's hardly a recipe to give confidence to our people, that human rights freedoms that we've all fought for aren't being looked after carefully in the situation."

A spokesman for the Maori party, Te Ururoa Flavell, says he is concerned about the effect of the raids on the local people.

"The operation was carried out in front of children, in front of families, armed offenders squad guns and so we're concerned about the impact it's had on the community," he said.

Hmmm! Wonder if Asher Goldman or his FDB mate ‘Raz’ are connected with any of these villains. One would expect so since they all move in the same circles. Our old mates ‘kaaos_af’, ‘Anarchist @ndy’ and ‘CampSexWithMinor’ would be fairly champing at the bit also to get in on all the black balaclava and Molotov cocktail action across the Tasman, eh?

This is an unprecedented round up of TERRORISTS in New Zealand and possibly Australia too and yet they are all LEFT WING TERRORISTS. So why do we only ever hear about those evil, wicked, Neo-Nazi, Fascist, Racist Haters being a danger to society? Well…I think you all know the answer to that one…