Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mathew Henderson-Hau aka 'Darp's History Of Incitement

Let Whitelaw Towers take you back in time. Not to the deep and distant past but to a mere eighteen months or so ago when perennial ‘student’ and metro-sexual mummy’s boy Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW was openly soliciting for the murder of at least two White Nationalists.

We believe, in light of the events currently unfolding across the Tasman Sea in New Zealand, it is timely to revisit this heinous and, as yet, unpunished crime. The Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters have always denied involvement in violence, firearms and explosives. They have always denied any connections with Terrorist organisations despite the mountain of evidence, ironically mostly in their own words, to the contrary.

While promoting a false image of socially responsible, deeply concerned citizens and virtual choirboys they have flirted with some pretty nasty types including Class War, Black Bloc, One People’s Project, Searchlight, RAAN, Anti Defamation League, Jewish Defence League etc. All notoriously Criminal Terrorist groups, most of whom have several times been caught out stalking and threatening White Nationalists as well as arson, assault, theft, vandalism etc.

Here below is the post by ‘daphne’ on the comments page of Tim Blair’s Blog Site that originally initiated the maniacal and escalating series of responses from Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW.

Loewstein’s precious girlfriend is a rabid Jew-hating suicide-bomb loving anti-Zionist. I go after her because she deserves to be gone after. Like her boyfriend, she would throw her relatives in the ovens to bring herself five minutes of fame.
And yeah, hell, I see it my duty to bring Loewenstein down—to tear him apart—in any way I can. He is the lowest of low. He sides with the anti Semites against his fellow Jews and he wants the insurgents to win against our own soldiers in Iraq. He is a traitor, and this is war. I’d blow the Nazi-loving bitch away with my F88 Steyr as quick as look at her.
Posted by
daphne on 2006 05 19 at 02:30 AM • permalink

What ordinary person, what average Joe, with no experience of extreme Left Wing Anarchist terrorists, with no knowledge of the pretentious, toxic, bourgeois brat known as Mathew Henderson-Hau, could have ever predicted the vicious and calculated diatribe that was to follow? The sheer audacity and recklessness took even us by surprise.

Hi Daphne.

I’m curious as to why you only ever appear on threads which concern Ant Loewenstein?
On another thread you made a number of wacky statements which include a desire to blow away his missus with an F88 Steyr and that you spend all your time honing your weapon skills and hunting anti-Semites. If the latter statement is not (as I strongly suspect) online wankery and you are indeed capable of walking the talk, I have the perfect anti-Semite for you to hunt down
Carl Leonard Thompson is a former commando in the Australian army. He is a current firearms licence holder and has more kit packed away in his safe than the average West Virginian. Carl loves guns and guns love Carl! His knowledge of things that go bang probably rivals yours. In February this year, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry took Thompson to the Federal Court over his publication of an article in a One Nation newsletter which basically blamed “The Joos the Joos” for all the master race’s ills. ON didn’t contest the case and Thompson’s article was indeed found to be unlawful re the Racial Discrimination Act.
Thompson has been extensively involved with the Australian far-right and only last week he became the Aussie fuhrer of the National Socialist Movement. See here for the lowdown on that and here for an ADL briefing on what the NSM get up to in the US (they were the group responsible for the Toledo riots). They’re backed by trust fund baby,Bill White, ie these guys despite being utter fruitcakes actually have a fair bit of money to throw around to further their fruitcake activities, money that is starting to trickle down under. I present Thompson to you as he most certainly seems to be a more adequate match for someone of your calibre. Let’s face it, Ant Loewenstein, bless him, would probably need three full days to take apart and reassemble a steyr F88 (and that is with the instructions). Ant would also spend several days with a grenade just looking for the headphone jack.
It’s pretty pissweak to play tough guy against an amiable nebish, who, despite his progresive/lefty/unorthodox views on Israel and Zionism is nonetheless a Jew, a proud Jew. To repeatedly label him a “Jew hater” and make loaded comments regarding ovens and the like (AND bringing his missus into it) is just plain weak.
If you are that focused on bringing down Nazi scum, why not come take down some actual Nazis instead of issuing threats to non-Zionist Jews? You know where to find me sweetcheeks - fightdembackATgmailDOTcom
Posted by fightdemback on 2006 05 26 at 09:32 PM • permalink

Yeah ‘daphne’, why don’t you come and “take down” some “actual Nazis”? Are you folks who are reading this ‘getting’ ‘Darp’s’ message? There can be no claims of misinterpretation, misunderstanding or misrepresentation of the facts.

The message is as plain and clear as it is cold and calculated. Divert ‘daphnes’ attention from a Jewish ‘journalist’ and his wife and redirect that apparent rage and bloodlust toward so-called ‘Neo-Nazis’, focusing it primarily on Carl Thompson and Darrin Hodges.

Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly. Imagine the roles were reversed and Whitelaw Towers, Thompson or Hodges had blatantly spruiked for the murder of ‘Darp’ or ‘Weezil’ or any of the other FDB maggots. Can you imagine the shit storm that would have erupted? The threats of litigation, the promises of writs would have been flying like a hail of bullets. FDB’s hypocrisy regarding this matter is breathtaking and quite sickening. How can they claim the moral high ground while openly perpetrating crimes like this for all to see?

You don’t run my life. I focus on whoever I want. And if it’s Ant-boy or his girlfriend—then you’re gonna have to deal with that. I’m not here to satify your personal criteria, so get used to it.

Errm ok. That’s me told.

I mean, rip into Loewenstein if that’s what floats your boat. All I’m saying is that there are plenty of Jew-hating nutters out there and you seem like an “up and at’em” type character who likes guns. Why not duke it out with a piece of Nazi trash who also likes guns? I woulda thought such a person would be a more satisfying opponent for you.

People like Loewenstein, Vincent and their idiot heroes need to be given hell and made accountable for their perversity at every opportunity.

Then I guess lambasting the dude on a website where 99.99999999999% of the regular viewers already hate his guts might not be the most valuable use of your time. I’ve got no idea what you’re doing outside of this to give Ant hell but may I offer a small piece of advice?

Threatening to shoot his girlfriend probably isn’t the way to go. You know, things could get messy and kinda ..’legal’. It aint a good look to talk about “holding people accountable”, whilst bragging about your firearm prowess and declared intentions to shoot the partner of someone you would like to hold accountable. Online wankery and posturing or not, it aint cool. Tell us, IS it merely posturing or should is there a genuine reason to fear you and your F88 Steyr?

I see the Australia First Sutherland Shire rep
Darrin Hodges(darrinh) posts here too. Check this specky pic of Darrin (far right, red shirt) hangin with his bootboy chums. Let’s zoom in to one of these boneheads. What’s that? Why it’s a swazi tat on his forearm!

If Carl Thompson aint your cup of tea Daphne, you can always have a crack at Darrin. Daz is
very proud of his stash of Hitler videos and describes himself as being into the purer form of facism.

Posted by fightdemback on 2006 05 27 at 05:09 AM • permalink

Call it goading, teasing, provocation whatever, what it ultimately equates to ‘legally’ as Darp likes to say, is INCITING someone, RECRUITING someone, SOLICITING someone who has bragged of the ability and intent to kill a political adversary, to MURDER White Nationalists whom he has nominated and provided details on.

It is so obvious and transparent that Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW had the intent to murder by proxy through the ‘virtual’ online recruitment of a clearly unstable Lefty ‘Gun Nut’ that it beggars belief the Federal authorities, once alerted to this, and quoting their so-called ‘discretionary powers’, utterly refused to proceed with his arrest and charging.

At the very least his actions should be interpreted as grossly irresponsible and criminally reckless but we are convinced he actually had lethal intent in this exercise from the very beginning. It is also quite chilling to realise the full extent of the protection apparently afforded 'Darp' and his FDB gangsters by the State and should make all White Nationalists and Racial Patriots feel very uneasy and fear for the safety of their families and loved ones.

How safe can any decent, law abiding citizen be when the State appears to have given its imprimatur to a motley crew of Anarchist criminals, sexual perverts and other assorted sociopaths to conduct their criminal activities unmolested? Who is truly safe, even in their own home?

Ohh fightemback

Possessing a firearm in Australia is not generally legal as you know. And I am a law abiding citizen. I am trained and qualified to use several weapons but I’m not in the habit of shooting outside of my job.

This is cyberspace. We joke. We vent. This is a great venue for many things we would not normally say or do in reality. It is also a good way to express and exchange humour. But within cyberspace it isn’t a good idea to take anything too seriously.

You are right, you don’t know what I do for the cause in my real life. And it isn’t up for discussion. But be assured I do more than my share.

Posted by
daphne on 2006 05 27 at 06:58 AM • permalink

‘Daphne’ tries here to back peddle somewhat and claim it was all a big laugh, a jolly jape, a case of a frustrated, militantly radical Lefty letting off steam but ‘Darp’ is having nothing of it and continues to taunt and provoke. How dare he/she/it talk tough and not follow through? He wants action. He wants to see blood, White Men’s blood.

His original motivation for embarking in this exchange was simply to protect his ‘Fuck Buddy’ Antony Loewenstein by diverting ‘Daphne’s’ attention to what he considers more politically appropriate and viable targets, namely Carl Thomson and Darrin Hodges.

He probably could not believe his luck when he found a (apparently) gun toting Zionist lunatic who seemed willing to follow through on promises of murderous violence and had hopes of employing his usual tactic of manipulating a proxy to attack his enemy for him. His usual candidates are brutish Pacific Islander thugs who he ingratiates himself to with tales of his own Islander roots and then proceeds to utilise them as bullies. Sadly for him, these ham fisted savages are of little use for sophisticated ‘wet work’ such as political assassination. For that he needs a ‘mechanic’ possessed of some subtlety, dexterity and intelligence. ‘daphne’ must have appeared ideal for the task.

Oh geeez. File - save as.

What was mentalfloss’ ripper quote from earlier?
“Murder doesn’t advertise”.

This is cyberspace. We joke. We vent. This is a great venue for many things we would not normally say or do in reality. It is also a good way to express and exchange humour. But within cyberspace it isn’t a good idea to take anything too seriously.
Unfortunately, the law doesn’t see it that way. I HOPE you’re just being an assclown as you’re really taking a nasty turn down an avenue that will cause headaches all round, not the least for Tim who I’m 100% sure doesn’t agree with your particular brand of “humour”.
As for “your job” ...I’m sure your employer wouldn’t be too cool with you (even jokingly) making statemenets like “I’d shoot with my F88 Steyr as soon as look at her.”
Posted by
fightdemback on 2006 05 27 at 07:28 AM • permalink

For all his pseudo legal posturing and cleverly contrived verbal acrobatics designed to make him appear ‘reasonable’ and trying to ‘talk sense’ to a radical Lefty loose cannon, his real message is still there for all to see… “I DARE you to attack these ‘Neo-Nazis’ whose details I have provided you via internet links”… “Go on, DO it!” he is saying.

Remember, dear reader, even at this point he had NO IDEA whatsoever who he was corresponding with on this Internet Blog Site’s Comments Page and had no way of verifying, one way or the other, the veracity of ‘Daphne’s’ claims.

Also, remember one other thing. This vile and criminal creature known as ‘Darp’ is planning to become a practicing lawyer by the new year!

We shit you not…