Friday, November 02, 2007

Red Riding Hoods!

Yes folks it had to happen. At long last the people of Australia and New Zealand can see for themselves who truly is a threat to National Security. The warning signs have been there all along, but no authority would question them. Until now.

It would seem that the self proclaimed Anti racist groups such as “Fight Dem Back” not only hide Terrorists in their midst but also aid and abet them. How do they do this you may ask?

Since 2004 “Fight Dem Back” and certain journalists in Australia have lead the Federal and State Police on a wild goose chase. They have wasted the time and resources of our Counter Terrorist organizations by creating lies of International Nazi Cells and lurid stories of "Nazi Bomb Making Manuals". While authorities have been sent running in one direction the true terrorists have been working away with impunity.

White Law Towers has shown again and again that members of “Fight Dem Back” not only openly solicited murder as was the case with a certain QLD patriot but they also harbour some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most dangerous Anarchists. Since 2004 “Fight Dem Back” have been implicated in the use of an explosive device used to destroy a letter box of an elderly lady who’s son is a Nationalist in QLD. Members of “Fight Dem Back” in QLD also threatened to poison the Water Supply in Toowoomba. Another member from “Fight Dem Back” in QLD has also been implicated with the known Terrorist group Red Anarchist Action Network. This group who collected information on American Bases in QLD and other intell are known to run Military style training camps in the USA.

“Mathew Henderson Hau” founding member of “Fight Dem Back” has stated publicly that he supports groups such as “Class War” a known Terrorist group and has even gone as far as stating that he specializes in Urban Terrorism. Link this with another well known core member of “Fight Dem Back” “Anarchist @ndy” AKA “Andy Moran” from Victoria, a picture of what this group truly represents starts to develop.

The fact that “Fight Dem Back” also supports the Muslim community in Australia and New Zealand lends the average Australian to ask a few questions. We at White Law Towers would like to ask a few also. Like, exactly what does a group of Anarchist and Terrorists talk about with the Muslim community in Australia and New Zealand? What information do they swap? As we have already stated “Fight Dem Back” QLD member Kaoos AF was scouting US Bases and Government facilities in and around QLD. Who was he doing this for? Seeing as he was a member of “Fight Dem Back” and the Red Anarchist Action Network (RAAN) who might end up with any information he may have sourced? Last reports of Kaoos AF had him on his way to Melbourne. There he was planning to start up the RAAN with other members from “Fight Dem Back”
including @ndy AKA Andy Moran.

With the recent arrests of Left Wing Anarchists in New Zealand on terrorism charges one only has to look at the names of those arrested. “Veteran Wellington activist Valerie Morse is one of 12 people facing possible terrorist-related charges”. “Morse, 36, of Te Aro, faces three firearms charges, including possession of a military-style semi-automatic rifle, Molotov cocktails and ammunition.” A known associate of Valerie Morse just so happens to be the one and only Asher Goldman core member of “Fight Dem Back” and head honcho for this group in New Zealand.

“Asher Goldman” the Jewish representative for “Fight Dem Back” in Wellington New Zealand. has been implicated in the Anzac Day Dawn Service demonstration organized by Valerie Morse that ended in her arrest along with others.

A direct line of contact in New Zealand connecting those being held in detention pending Terrorism charges and “Fight Dem Back” cannot be established at this time. But one can assume this may happen very soon. “Six names remain suppressed, including that of a Wellington man who had not been able to tell his mother in Europe of the charges. Two are fighting lifting of name suppression in the High Court.”

For all the false and misleading lies that have come from “Fight Dem Back” since 2004 not one person has ever been arrested. But they have managed to woe the media with their Anti Racist propaganda. They have been and are still supported by journalists from one of Australia’s leading print media sources.

”Fight Dem Back” core member Andy Moran whose personal blog 'slackbastard' is unashamedly militant Anarchist. Links from his blog to other Anarchist sites praise the use of militant tactics and Terrorism. He has been involved in many violent protests in Melbourne yet constantly blames people he terms as Nazis or Fascists of violent acts. None of which have occurred in Australia. His subscribers often call for the murder of Australian Patriots because of his constant anti white anti social propaganda.

One can only hope that the Federal Police have heeded our warnings and bring these Anti Australian thugs to justice.

Valerie Morse. The loud mouthed 36 Year Old American (Jeezuz! A good match for 'Weezil') professional political agitator and flag burner. In 2004 the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs gifted her a $7500 grant to complete a 'masters thesis' entitled "Nuclear Insecurity:The Future of NZ/USA Relations And The Promotion Of Nuclear-free Policies".

'nuff said.