Thursday, March 29, 2007

Inconvenient Facts

Yeah, we know Whitelaw Towers is primarily a watchdog project tasked with exposing the criminal, traitorous actions of Red Scum such as Fight Dem Back but today we will again indulge ourselves in the airing of some historical facts. Facts that we know are quite inconvenient and irritating for creatures like Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ and Brian Stokes aka ‘Weezil’ although, lacking any adequate response, they do a sterling job of simply ignoring them.

Weezil and Co over at the perennial fart joke that is the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum can shriek and whine squeal and gnash their teeth or simply sneer and talk about “nutty conspiracy theories” and mock any who mention the ‘J’ word with a chorus of “Oh, it’s the Joooos” but here are some lists of names that prove conclusively the FACT that Jews and Communism are essentially inseparable.

It’s a mystery why Leftist scum like Brian Stokes still insist on either minimising or outright denying the significance of Jewish involvement in Communism and all other Left Wing political ideologies (Socialism, Anarchism etc) for that matter when the historical facts are quite plain and easy to understand. From the very beginning of Communist theory the two main ideologues were Marx and Engels, both Jews.

Or do they insist we believe it is all just a COINCIDENCE that a rootless, Gypsy-like people who never comprised more than a fraction of one percent of any European population, who were always shunned due to their bizarre religion and destructive social behaviour just happened to get LUCKY and land ninety percent of the top jobs in the newly formed Soviet Union?

The Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party:


Bronstein (Trotsky) - Jew
Apfelbaum (Zinovief) - Jew
Lourie (Larine) - Jew
Ouritski - Jew
Volodarski - Jew
Rosenfeldt (Kamanef) - Jew
Smidovitch - Jew
Sverdlof (Yankel) - Jew
Nakhamkes (Steklof) - Jew
Ulyanov (Lenin) - Russian
Krylenko - Russian
Lounatcharski - Russian

The Council of the People's Commissars:


President - Ulyanov (Lenin) - Russian
Foreign Affairs - Tchitcherine - Russian
Nationalities - Djugashvili (Stalin) - Georgian
Agriculture - Protian - Armenian
Economic Council - Lourie (Larine) - Jew
Food - Schlichter - Jew
Army & Navy - Bronstein (Trotsky) - Jew
State Control - Lander - Jew
State Lands - Kauffman - Jew
Works - V. Schmidt - Jew
Social Relief - E. Lelina (Knigissen) - Jewess
Public Instruction - Lounatcharsky - Russian
Religions - Spitzberg - Jew
Interior - Apfelbaum (Zinovief) - Jew
Hygiene - Anvelt - Jew
Finance - Isidore Goukovski - Jew
Press - Volodarski - Jew
Elections - Ouritski - Jew
Justice - I. Steinberg - Jew
Refugees - Fenigstein - Jew
Refugees (Assist.) - Savitch - Jew
Refugees (Assist.) - Zaslovski - Jew

The Central Executive Committee:


Sverdlov (President) - Jew
Avanessof (Sec) - Armenian
Bruno - Lett
Babtchinski - Jew
Bukharin - Russian
Weinberg - Jew
Gailiss - Jew
Ganzburg - Jew
Danichevski - Jew
Starck - German
Sachs - Jew
Scheinmann - Jew
Erdling - Jew
Landauer - Jew
Linder - Jew
Wolach - Czech
Dimanstein - Jew
Encukidze - Georgian
Ermann - Jew
Joffe - Jew
Karkline - Jew
Knigissen - Jew
Rosenfeldt (Kamenef) - Jew
Apfelbaum (Zinovief) - Jew
Krylenko - Russian
KrassikofSachs - Jew
Kaprik - Jew
Kaoul - Lett
Ulyanov (lenin) - Russian
Latsis - Jew
Lander - Jew
Lounatcharski - Russian
Peterson - Lett
Peters - Lett
Roudzoutas - Jew
Rosine - Jew
Smidovitch - Jew
Stoutchka - Lett
Nakhamkes (Steklof) - Jew
Sosnovski - Jew
Skrytnik - Jew
Bronstein (Trotsky) - Jew
Teodorovitch - Jew
Terian - Armenian
Ouritski - Jew
Telechkine - Russian
Feldmann - Jew
Froumkine - Jew
Souriupa - Ukranian
Tchavtchevadze - Georgian
Scheikmann - Jew
Rosental - Jew
Achkinazi - Imeretian
Karakhane Karaim - (Jew)
Rose - Jew
Sobelson (Radek) - Jew
Sclichter - Jew
Schikolini - Jew
Chklianski - Jew
Levine (Pravdine) - Jew

The Extraordinary Commission of Moscow:


Dzerjinski (president) - Pole
Peters (Vice-President) - Lett
Chklovski - Jew
Kheifiss - Jew
Zeistine - Jew
Razmirovitch - Jew
Kronberg - Jew
Khaikina - Jewess
Karlson - Lett
Schaumann - Jew
Leontovitch - Jew
Jacob Goldine - Jew
Glaperstein - Jew
Kniggisen - Jew
Latzis - Lett
Schillenkuss - Jew
Janson - Lett
Rivkine - Jew
Antonof - Russian
Delafabre - Jew
Tsitkine - Jew
Roskirovitch - Jew
G. Sverdlof - Jew
Biesenski - Jew
Blioumkine - Jew
Alexandrevitch - Russian
I. Model - Jew
Routenberg - Jew
Pines - Jew
Sachs - Jew
Daybol - Lett
Saissoune - Armenian
Deylkenen - Lett
Liebert - Jew
Vogel - German
Zakiss – Lett

Additionally, every single KGB Secret Police Chief in Soviet history was a Jew from the first one Uritsky to the fall of the regime. The most notorious and murderous of all was Beria who, among other things, was a sexual predator and sadistic deviant who raped and murdered at his whim.

The following contemporary reports are quite revealing about Jews and their involvement in the Soviet Regime:

In the War Records Division of the United States National Archives there is filed a report from an American Intelligence operative in St. Petersburg. Under Record Group 20; Records of the American Expeditionary Forces Capt. Montgomery Schuyler, G2 Intelligence wrote,
"The Bolshevik movement is and has been since its beginning, guided and controlled by Russian Jews of the greasiest type."

Also in the U.S. National Archives are two telegrams sent by American diplomats in Russia. State Department document 861.00/1757 sent on 2 May 1918 by U.S. Consul Summers in Moscow relates,
"Jews predominant in local Soviet government, anti-Jewish feeling growing among population."

Document 861.00/2205 from Consul Caldwell in Vladivostock on 5 July 1918 describes,
"Fifty per cent of Soviet government in each town consists of Jews of worst type."

In his book “The Gulag Archipelago” Alexander Solzhenitsyn claimed the Soviets had murdered no less than Sixty Six Million between the years 1918 to 1957 alone! He also quotes Cheka Order No. 10, issued on January 8, 1921 that commands the party faithful: “To intensify the repression of the bourgeoisie.”

Today we can see more than just a trace of the same insane bloodlust evident in the hateful rhetoric of Fight Dem Back’s leadership. These bitter and twisted creatures are driven purely by a jealousy and resentment of normality and a sick craving to corrupt the host society with any poison at hand. It just so happens that Multiculturalism and so-called ‘Anti-Racism’ are useful tools in achieving the Anarchic chaos they desire.

Why? Because from the manufactured socio-political chaos caused by the Bio-Terrorism of Miscegenation and Multiculturalism they hope to gain order. The order that is the total control of the genetically blended and degraded slave caste by the self appointed Global Elite. This elite is the alliance of Global Capital and International Socialism/Communism. Both are Anti-Nationalist, Anti-Personal Sovereignty and require open borders for their agendas.

The ‘useful idiots’ of the Red Scum just can’t seem to understand what an expendable factor they are in this equation. The ultimate irony of course is that, once having delivered control to their masters, most will probably end up sharing cells or gallows with White Nationalists and other dissidents.

You see, our traditional enemies of the Chosenites will maintain, for the most part, their own Racial/Cultural integrity and will be there at the end to step out of the shadows and claim mastery over the brown morass that has become of the Goyim after decades of Miscegenation. Those who fail to see this far ahead are indeed blind and doomed to extinction.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

FDB/Searchlight Exposed

Yes folks we all know the purpose of FDB is to create false and misleading stories so the media can qoute them in any smear story using FDB as the written source. As the master ring leader Mathew Henderson Hau has stated, FDB wishes to follow closly the tactics of Search Light.

I think Greg Roberts, (who can be contacted at
robertsg@the or ph 61 73666 7461 just love the 666 part, irony we think) should take note. exists for two reasons:
ONE, to serve as an online warning to the general media about the true nature and activities of the so-called “anti-fascist” Searchlight Magazine, and its publisher, Gerry Gable; and
TWO, to keep a public record of the outrageous lies, exaggerations and distortions which Gable and his magazine produce.
Gerry Gable – the Die-Hard Communist
Gerry Gable is the official publisher of Searchlight Magazine. While pretending to be an “objective journalist watchdog” Gable is in fact, a hard-line Communist who has, contrary to party orders, specialised in his own form of Zionism, causing a not inconsiderable number of his erstwhile extreme leftist colleagues to either disavow or disown him completely, accusing Gable and his cronies of being state agents.
Searchlight’s Hard Core Communist Backers
More than 15 years have passed since the Berlin Wall fell and Communism collapsed, discredited, exhausted and obviously bankrupt. Given the record, it is incredible that any media source takes seriously anything a Communist says, yet they are always keen to quote Searchlight!
Searchlight’s Criminal and Violent Record
* In November 1963, Gerry Gable was arrested and held at Hornsey police station following a break-in at the flat of the historian David Irving.
After stealing GPO identity documents, the Communist Party member Gable and his comrade Manny Carpel, burgled Irving ’s house hoping to find “evidence” that Irving was a “Nazi.’
Gable’s Open Admissions of Working for State Intelligence Agencies
When Gable was convicted of burglary in 1964, his defence counsel told the court that it had been Gable’s intention to “find material they could take to Special Branch". (Daily Telegraph, January 17, 1964, and the Islington Gazette, Jan 17, 1964).
Harry Bidney – Searchlight’s Pervert Hero
Harry Bidney was manager of the Limbo Club in Soho , which should have been warning enough. He was also involved with the Zionist terror outfit, 'The 62 Group' who were supporters of the terrorist Beginite Herut organisation in Israel .
Gable’s Fables 1: The “Nazi Army Trained by Nato”
In 1975, Searchlight had its first major story exposing what it announced to the world as “Column 88.” This was, according to Searchlight, a “neo-Nazi terror group, intent on having its members in places of influence across the whole spectrum of the Right, from the Monday Club to the National Front" ('Searchlight' May 1975, p5).
Gable then used a tactic which has since become commonplace for Searchlight: he put one of his agent provocateurs into place to generate the “facts” and Bob’s Your Uncle, he had a story!
Gable’s Fables 2: “Maggie's Militant Tendency” Lie
Cost the BBC £1 million
Gable’s Fables 3: Brits “Gunrunning to American Soldiers”
Gable’s Fables 4: The Letter to the Prime Minister
In the November 1997 issue of Searchlight, Gable reproduced what he claimed was a handwritten letter, supposedly sent by a “Ku Klux Klan group in Mercia” (called, not surprisingly, the Mercian Klan) to the Prime Minister.
Gable’s Fables 5: How Gable Paid £5,000 "in costs" for Lying
Gable’s Fables 6: Searchlight Apologizes for “Not Checking Its Facts”
Gable’s Fables 7: Private Eye Sued After Gable “Murder Plot” Fantasy
The April 1986 issue of Searchlight magazine ran this headline: EXPOSED! TORY MP IN PLOT TO MURDER SEARCHLIGHT JOURNALIST. This was allegedly a "plot" by a Tory member of parliament to kidnap and murder Gerry Gable himself.
As crazy as it sounds, this story was taken up by Private Eye magazine, issue 636, 2nd May.
Gable’s Fables 8: The “Notting Hill Bomb Plot” that Never Was
Gerry’s Fables 9: “The Secret Agent” Setup
Much publicity has been given to a TV show, The Secret Agent which resulted in the dramatic trials – and acquittals -- of BNP leader Nick Griffin and party colleague Mark Collett on “race hate" charges in 2006.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

“What exactly is wrong with Communism?”

Is this perhaps the weezil aka Brian Stokes quote of the year?

Why mention it again? Well, quite frankly, we at Whitelaw Towers are still shaking our heads with disbelief. Over the years we’ve become used to hearing all sorts of utter claptrap from Darp & Weezil & Co but that one simply took the biscuit.

Curious, is it not, that such a dedicated so-called ‘Anti-Racist’ should be an apologist for the most murderous and Genocidal political ideology in Human history? Why do we say Genocidal? Well, in the case of Russia, there was very clearly a Racial factor at work in the application of Communism.

Look to the Katyn and Vinnitsa incidents as just two of the more notorious where the Jewish Bolshevik Commissars deliberately targeted the best, most intelligent, educated and skilled White European people for their hatred.

Again we are simply amazed at Stokesy’ apparent ignorance of his own hypocrisy but then this skill of ‘doublethink’ appears to be a prerequisite for membership of any Leftist group and in particular FDB.

Here’s just a couple of thoughts for the Red Scum at FDB to mull over:

Starting in 1929 the Kremlin’s top ranking Bolshevik Jew, Lazar Moiseivich Kaganovich aka as The Butcher of Ukraine, was given the task by Stalin of organising the collectivisation of Ukranian farms. The freehold Ukranian farmers known as Kulaks naturally resisted so the NKVD, with the help of regular Red Army troops, went around confiscating crops and livestock claiming the food was needed for the workers of the cities.

During the period up to 1936 another high ranking Jew, Genrikh Yagoda had commanded the NKVD, staffing it almost exclusively with other Jews who had a natural hatred for the proud and nationalist White Ukranians whom they set about persecuting. Between 1933 to 1934 SEVEN MILLION Ukranians died from starvation and exposure in an artificially engineered so-called ‘famine’.
Between 1937 and 1938 tens of thousands of Ukranians from the Vinnitsa region alone, this time including many intellectuals as well as farmers, were rounded up and shot in a deliberate culling of the best, the fittest and the finest. This process was repeated over and again across the Soviet Union and its captive staes by other Jews like Moritz Cohen aka Bela Kuhn in Hungary as another example yet maggots like weezil still won’t admit to a word of it. No, they just sneer and make silly jokes about White Nationalists being paranoid and sneer “Jooooos!” like children.
We suppose they’ll claim again there is no link whatsoever between Jews and Communism despite the inconvenient fact that ALL it’s top leaders have been Jews from Marx, Engels, Trotsky, Luxembourg etc onwards.
Then there was the brutal slaughter in 1940 of 25,700 Polish prisoners of war, again by the NKVD on Stalin’s orders, including the 4000 Polish Army officers who were shot and buried in what was known as the Katyn Forest Massacre. To rub salt into the wounds the Red Scum blamed the Germans and several prominent Nazis were convicted on this and other dodgy evidence at the Nuremberg Trials. It wasn’t until Gorbachev admitted in 1989 that the Reds had done it that the so called Western Democracies knew the truth. This is the filthy, lying excrement that is Communism.
Well we believe Ukranians and the Poles, like many others who have suffered under the yoke of Communism, have every reason in the World to be ‘Anti-Semitic’. And we believe Communism is the most murderous political cult to ever blight the planet.
White Nationalism Never Sleeps and it Never Forgets

An Awakening?

Oh dear! Hasn’t ‘gramsci’ seen what happens to FDB ‘members’ who fail to maintain absolute solidarity and unquestioning loyalty to the little tin god ‘weezil’?

After all, Stokesy can’t see anything wrong at all with Communism and we all know what happens to dissidents under their political regime. They often end up being frog marched to the gulag for some ‘re-education’ which normally involves electrodes being attached to their soft pink bits.

Perhaps ‘gramsci’ was emboldened by ‘cardijn’s cheeky challenge to the omnipotent one’s supreme wisdom? Foolish boy, we can just see them sharing a bowl of cruel gruel in the cells under the FDB Ministry of Truth.

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

Joined: 30 Jul 2006
Posts: 66
Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2007 2:11 pm
“I'm on the fence (no pun intended) over the issue of illegal immigrants in America. A lot of the rhetoric against illegal immigrants has a racist tinge to it, but the same can be said of the Aztlan movement (which has a serious anti-Semitic and anti-Black strain to it). Mexican gangbangers from south of the border have been shooting blacks in LA just for being black in the wrong neighbourhood.”

Actually it’s been far more extreme, methodical and pre-meditated than that ‘gramsci’. The Aztlan agenda necessitates the ‘ethnic cleansing’ of cities like Los Angeles of non Hispanics and that is precisely what has been happening. The main victims so far have been the Black gangsters who, until now, have ran that city like a criminal fiefdom.

“It's pointless characterising either the anti-illegal-immigrant movement or Reconquista activists by their extremists.”

We disagree ‘gramsci’. We think you’ll find, if you are brave and persistent enough to do some thorough research, that the agenda may be driven primarily by the ‘extremists’ but the average Joe (José?) Mexican is very much supportive of it.

Get hold of a documentary film called ‘The Line In The Sand’ and you will see ‘Aztlans’ from little kiddies to old ladies all shrieking for White blood. That movement very much has a broad based, mainstream support among the Mexicans.

“Why is calling for the expulsion of illegal immigrants "racist"?”

The moment of clarity?

“It's simply a matter of law enforcement. Illegal Irish immigrants get deported all the time. The flow of illegal immigrants across the border from Mexico to America serves big business and lowers wages (because illegals paid under the table can undercut unionised workers)”

Precisely! So why do Socialist parties all over the World, including our so-called ‘Labor’ Party, support an open borders policy? How does this protect and maintain the hard won working conditions of workers in the developed nations? The Working Class has so obviously been betrayed by the very party that purports to represent them. This is something White Nationalists have been saying for decades but no one will listen and instead they all just scream Raaaaycist! Like a mob of sheep.

“and it also serves as a release valve for the racist Mexican upper-class (Spanish-descended Whites) to get rid of "undesirables" at the bottom of the socio-economic pile (Indians)."
I think perhaps 'gramsci' is referring here to the mixed blood 'Mestizos'?
"If you look closely the Repulican (sic) Party of the US are actually aiding and abetting the migrant flow with a nudge and a wink.”

Gramsci’s comments are essentially correct although still restrained by the constraints of Globalist Leftist ideology. There is a glimmer of consciousness starting to show but of course he will be ruthlessly crushed by the likes the hardcore haters like weezil, Darp, Andy etc.

We can’t wait to see weez’s response, death from above, anyone?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

What’s in a name?

What’s that noise?

It sounds suspiciously like Stokesy’s ban stick tapping impatiently on the side of his Zimmer frame. Over at the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum aka ‘Hypocrisy Inc’ there are murmurings of dissent over the question of who’s a real Commie and who isn’t.

Really though it’s all semantics because we all know they’re a bunch of filthy Red Scum so what they call themselves is utterly irrelevant.

Commies, Anarchists, Socialists, Greens, Progressive Democrats…

Different names, all the same colour.

political tar baby
Joined: 16 May 2005
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Location: Born and bred in the briar patch
Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 10:37 pm

Cardijn wrote:
I wouldn't assume Rhiannon's views have changed that much from Stalinism. She is still a communist as far as I can tell.

Student Leftist in Nettle's case means Communist - I will try and dig up some Tharunkas from the period I was at UNSW and Nettle was there too.

“Adrian, have you got a signed communist party membership card for Rhiannon or Nettle? If you haven't, you don't really have a case.

Moreover, if either of those two objected to being labelled as a member of that party and never had formally joined, would they not have a reasonable defamation claim?

On top of it all, aside from the 'communist' brand name having been used notably in the former Soviet Union and China, which didn't exactly adhere to the letter of Marxist theory and are/were abysmally authoritarian,”

What’s an authoritarian if it isn’t someone like Brian Stokes who threatens vexatious litigation at every opportunity as their primary political tactic?

“what exactly is wrong with communism?”

Well…erm… how about the DEATH TOLL just for starters?

Even conservative researchers put the Global estimate at between 85 and 100 MILLION with among the most heavily affected countries including Russia - 25 Million, China - 65 Million, Cambodia - 2 Million and millions more in the Ukraine, the Baltic States, Central and Southern America and Africa etc.

This makes Nationalism’s, particularly Germany’s National Socialist regime, victims pale into utter insignificance by comparison.

For anyone in the year 2007, with free and easy access to countless scholarly works on the subject free to borrow from any lending library, to ask this question means they are either severely mentally retarded, psychotically delusional or criminally insane.

“Treat me like a 6 year old who didn't live through the Cold War and explain why you find the whole theory of communism to be so evil that you react with the ad-hominem and vitriol normally reserved for paedophiles.”

Hmmm! Sounds exactly like the way White Nationalists are treated by FDB and its fellow travelers.

political tar baby
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Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 2:59 am

Cardijn wrote:
I explained in my message the other day what is wrong with communism. Primarily it is dishonest and materialist at its core.

“Perhaps in practise- but not in theory.

If it is the practitioners who are faulty and not the theory, why not call your targets what they are, which is poor practitioners of a theory, or followers of another poor practitioner eg. Maoist, Stalinist? Be ready to support such assertions, too.”

Well, as far as we at Whitelaw Towers are concerned Communism definitely passes muster as a failed ideology. How many times must a “theory” fail, how many nations and cultures must be destroyed and precisely how many millions of people must suffer and die before these useful idiots like Brian Stokes finally reject this evil and misanthropic cult?

Cardijn wrote:
You don't have to have been a member of one of the many communist parties to have been a communist and you know it.

“So, were (sic) exactly do you draw your lines as to whom you think is a communist? In example, am I a communist per your definitions? Are you reasonable to call me a communist absent my signed membership in a 'communist' party?”

Is it reasonable to not only call but persecute certain White Nationalists as ‘Nazis’ or ‘Fascists’ when they are not even members of any political party let alone either of those two? Or is using sloppy generalisations and generic terminology to smear one’s political adversaries perfectly acceptable and exempt from accusations defamation?

Cardijn wrote:
I concede that they had good reason to be afraid of persecution, but I am also of the view that persecuting them was legitimate, especially as time and time again they showed themselves to be captives to various foreign powers.

Persecution is persistent mistreatment of an individual/group by another group. The most common forms are religious persecution, ethnic persecution, and political persecution, though there is naturally some overlap between these terms."

“So, it's OK in your book to 'persistently mistreat' someone on the basis of political beliefs you don't agree with?”

Well it seems to be working mighty fine for YOU and the rest of FDB doesn’t it Stokesy? Have you no consciousness whatsoever of your own breathtaking hypocrisy?

A final note;

This last bit is a very important insight into Weezil’s and FDB’s toxic mindset. In the case of the Communist agents operating in the USA referred to by Cardijn these were indeed dangerous elements working to overthrow the government.

Weezil’s inane comments regarding ‘persecution’ go to the heart of FDB’s and other loony Left groups’ attitude to National Security.

They don’t WANT any!

They don’t WANT any government, including our own, to protect their national sovereignty against Communist and/or Islamist spies and terrorists.

Just whose agenda are these FDB scum serving? They simply MUST be working for someone in a position of power. Otherwise how is it that they can preach this treasonous shit, day after day, and yet still be free to walk among us breathing our air with impunity?

How IS it that it is THEY who are constantly threatening legal action while they get away with slandering, libeling and generally defaming and vilifying others?

Weezil, Darp and all the rest of the shower of Red filth calling itself FDB need to be locked up ASAP and the key thrown away.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Weezil… hrrmph! … weasel words indeed…

To paraphrase something Darp recently said about one of our own Whitelaw Towers posts this is surely the best (indeed it is the funniest) stuff that Mathew Henderson-Ha aka ‘Darp’ and Brian Stokes aka ‘Weezil’ have ever written.

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

political tar baby
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Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2007 8:13 pm

Crikey published comments from a couple of FDBers objecting to Kerr's hackjob:

FightDemBack's Brian Stokes writes: Christian Kerr got it completely wrong on his criticism of FightDemBack! (Tuesday, item 15)) – but far be it from Kerr to admit it. In reply to FDB founder Mat "Darp" Henderson's letter of objection to Kerr and Crikey, in which Henderson made egregious error of admitting to being a student without simultaneously letting Kerr know that he's a rather mature aged student, Kerr sends this little bit of uninformed personal abuse:

As I suspected. Student Trots who are either too young or or too dumb to know where the road to the gulag starts giving free publicity to scumbags. You poor, thick kids.

Not million miles off the mark in our judgment. We see nothing essentially wrong with this assessment. Of course, with more research this fella will realize they are not just harmless kids but rather vindictive evil Red scum.

“Wrong yet again, Christian. The more I read of Kerr, the more I think that Australia First's Herr Doktor Jim Saleam's fingerprints are on at least one of Kerr's coffee cups. It's Saleam who screams stuff at us like "TROTSKYITES!!" (and it's really funny when he does, too). It's Saleam who spreads defamatory libels about FDB being "criminal" or "violent". It's Saleam who can't tell the difference between FDB and the youth group "Resistance". Now we find Kerr parroting ALL of (racist website) Stormfront's, Saleam's and Australia First's talking points about FDB. Just who is in Kerr's bookmarks and dinner "A" list? Incidentally, while Mat "Darp" Henderson IS a student, he's not 18. We ain't kids... I've just turned 45, which makes me two years older than Kerr himself. In fact, the average age of the FDB core membership is a little closer to 35.”

Jeezus! At that rate they only have about five years to go before their average age will match their average I.Q.

“We are not spring chickens as a rule –"

Although you’re a bunch of cocks.

“and a lot tougher to fry up than Kerr may think.”

Yeah, we know.

It would be devilishly difficult to get Weez’s Zimmer frame or wheelchair into the pan.

And Matty boy’s massively swollen head would be a handful too.

“What I find particularly amusing is that Kerr finds it convenient to personally abuse Mat, who identified himself as a student, from which Kerr took the notion that Mat must be a bit wet behind the ears (he's not...), but the chickensh-t won't take me on.”

We just LOVE it when Stokesy tries to pretend he’s all tuff ‘n’ stuff!

But Fuddsy’s talk is very, very cheap, as we all know.

Hey dude! Where’s OUR writ? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

“I'm still waiting for Kerr to reply personally to my complaint.”

Hey, can you do us all a favour and hold your breath while you’re waiting?

“Kerr is just far too precious to be told he's just flat wrong by someone who is clearly neither a student (of any age), a "Trot", dumb, or in any way a "kid". No matter how dead-to-rights you nail Kerr, he'll never admit he blew it – and mother, did he ever stuff it up this time. Christian Kerr's got no one to blame but Christian Kerr for failing to do any research on FDB whatsoever before spewing off about us – and not just once. We're still waiting on an apology from Kerr for his patently false and defamatory insinuations that FDB is in any way "violent" in our anti-racist activism.”

Hey Bwian? Did it ever occur to you that perhaps he HAS done some research? Maybe he’s read some of the voluminous material available on various Internet sites that reveals what really lies under the one micron thick layer of chrome plating that covers FDB’s multitude of sins.

Iain Lygo (occasional researcher for FDB) writes: After reading Kerr's article about FightDemBack, it is seriously time for the powers-that -be at Crikey to consider his future. Kerr's complete lack of research resulted in a jackbooted article full of "if"s, "but"s and "may"s. If Kerr has any evidence of violent activity by any member of FDB, then publish it without the weasel words to protect him from a defamation suit. Otherwise an apology is in order

It’s always litigation isn’t it? Always threatening ‘defamation’ to both intimidate and shut up the opposition AND a hope to supplement their Social Welfare payments. Read: Your hard earned Tax Dollars.

To which Kerr counters with this well-researched, incisive, insightful comment:

Christian Kerr writes: It was nice to hear from Cam Smith and the other two members of FightDemBack swearing that they’re gentler than Gandhi on a go-slow – particularly when you know the lyrics of the song they took their name from, Linton Kwesi Johnson’s Fight Dem Back:

We gonna smash their brains in
'Cause they ain't got nufink in 'em…

Racists, pretty obviously, aren’t the only thick b-stards around.

Well, that's US told.

Indeed it IS, Brian, indeed it IS.

“In his kkklever and snappy response,”

WE thought it was.

“Kerr doesn’t bother to offer any proof that FDB have ever been violent;”

He should come and talk to us. We will provide him with enough material to keep him going for months.

“all he does is repeat the same libellous stupidity he’s been already been righteously and reasonably gigged for- and again does the ’thick’ ad-hominem tapdance.”

Ad Hominem as you call it is precisely standard ‘core’ FDB modus operandi, you arseholes SPECIALISE in it, and you just can’t cope with the fact that even blind Freddy can see what FDB is really all about. Going into paroxysms of denial only makes you look pathetic as well as stupid.

“Face it, Kerr got suckered by neo-nazi propaganda.”

As opposed to FDB’s Neo- Anarcho-Communist propaganda of course.

“Is MediaWatch still handing out that Jim Ball prize for being taken in by internet hoaxes?

FDB just can’t forgive 2GB for being essentially Anti-Muslim can they? I must say though that my favourite Jim Ball line was when, in utter disgust, he referred to Darp and Weezil’s hero Al Grassby, upon hearing that a statue was to be dedicated to him, as: That oily little spiv, that greaseball, that Calabrian Mafioso who delivered the curse of Multiculturalism upon Australia.


“When responsible journos get caught out publishing unresearched, unsubstantiable bullshit, the honourable thing to do is apologise and hope the public will forgive and forget. No apology- no forgiveness, Mr Kerr.”

At least two White Nationalists known to the operators of this site are still waiting for THEIR apology from a certain “responsible journo” for HIS “unresearched, unsubstantiable bullshit”.

“Indeed, like Lygo, I want to see Kerr cut the transparent and pusillanimous linguistic avoidance of prima facie defamation- and really have a proper go.

Kerr leaves the issue- and himself- under a pile of bullshit, his credibility completely destroyed.”

As opposed, of course, to YOUR unassailable gold plated credibility…

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hey, something just occurred to us. You don’t think the Crikey author might have been better received by FDB if his name was Muslim Koran rather than Christian Kerr, do you?

Please allow us to elucidate…

Just for the benefit of some of the apparent ‘newbies’ over at the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum, like ‘colours’, who obviously check out this site but still appear to either disbelieve or ignore our claims of Darp’s poor character we are re-posting some classic moments from his sordid past.

Perhaps another few quotable quotes from their newly found demigod Darp might better illustrate why we here at Whitelaw Towers maintain our position that he is a highly dangerous criminal sexual pervert. But please don’t take our word for it. Do your own research and check out his Blogsite ‘’ and read the entire posts from which these quotes were taken.

There are innumerable others too that are guaranteed to disgust anyone with even a shred of moral decency and we may post a few of those later on. In the meantime enjoy the following gems and educate yourselves as to precisely the type of creature you are fawning over.

Friday, 4th March 2005:
“I’m actually nostalgic for that Gay dominated Oxford St of yesteryear. I would much rather run the gauntlet of the grope-fest when I duck into The Stonewall to use the dunnies than see Oxford St get all safe, straight, plain and well…and well…BORING,”

Friday, 11th June 2004:
“As you all know, I love fags and think that there should be more of them in the world, but I do not like private education and everything it stands for.”

2nd April 2004:
“See, when I was a knockabout undergrad Uni student in search of a quick dollar to support my alcohol and drug habits, I worked in this very store as a "Spray Himbo" on the Calvin Klein counter - a veritable five metres or so away from Michael Hope and his grand piano.”

Monday, 1st December 2003:
“I shave my balls and I vote! I shave my nutsack and I am proud!”

Monday, 1st December 2003:
“I tried using a hand-cream moisturiser but wound up "relaxing in a gentleman's way" (tossing) more often than not when I applied it. Apparently my cock tasted like Lavender and Chamomile for a good while afterwards.”

Monday, 16th February 2004:
“I waded out into the surf and cast my eyes around for prospective targets. I spy a cluster of five or six little fat cunts,...”

Sunday, 6th June 2004:
“So what about fat cunts who are happy with their body image? As long as they’re not plonking their fat sweaty arse next to me on a packed train, I don’t care.”

Wednesday, 9th June 2004:
Maybe I like Latham so much because my hatred for honest Johnny has gradually been getting unbearable. I’ve never liked the slimy little fuck but ever since the last election and the Tampa debacle, I’d dearly love to whack off in his salad and watch him eat it, at gunpoint.

Thursday, 10th June 2004:
“Alexander Downer Must Die!”

The ORIGINAL slogan from Darp’s photo on the front page of his Blog before he changed it:

“This machine kills Nazis and shaves its balls”

Again, we hope all the queers over at FDB appreciate the colours.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Big Bite

Jeezuz! Talk about bite.
There are sharks out there that wish they had a bite like that. It is noteworthy that after many weeks of, quite frankly, suspicious quietness from Darp and the total lack of acknowledgement of several other posts we thought the FDB clowns could not resist, it was the ‘New Look’ story that got them all barring up.

As always they are leading with their chins (can chinless wonders actually HAVE chins?) and this time they’ve swallowed the bait whole and are still chomping madly. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! The real irony of course (that’s something FDB just don’t get) is that if they knew what was good for them the LAST thing they should be discussing is sexuality, particularly their own. Not a wise move considering that in any comparison they come out looking like the princes of perversity.

FDB’s sickness is manifestly evident both in their twisted political ideology and the puerile ranting of their members online. At any given time it sounds like a conga line of queers all hanging out of each others arses. Whereas they are all pathological liars for whom the truth is an alien concept we at Whitelaw Towers care ONLY about the truth. We have worked and will continue to work tirelessly to expose the facts about Darp and his motley crew of Anarchists’ criminal activities.

Although we have amply demonstrated their total lack of credibility we must still maintain our position as watchdog while ever they still spread their poisonous lies through their presence on the Internet and influence within the media and political entities. We are totally committed to bringing Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW to justice for his crimes against White Humanity and will do all that is possible to prevent him ever realising his sick dream of becoming a practicing lawyer and setting up an antipodean version of Morris Dees’ Southern Poverty Law Centre. There’s money to be made in them thar ‘hate crimes’.

Fact: As keen, long term Greens Party members Mathew Henderson-Hau and Brian Stokes support and advocate sick Greens policy such as the inculcation of our children, as young as pre-school age, with the recognition and indeed promotion of queers and even queer ‘families’ as ‘normal’. Their insipid, mumbling and appropriately named hero, Bob Brown, is one sick unit who has consistently campaigned to reduce the age of sexual consent for males to fourteen!

Why? Because ALL faggots are either pederasts or potential pederasts. Unconvinced? Hands up then who would leave their toddlers in the care of Bruce and Barry the bum chums? The Left, including the Labor Party and its supporters, is literally lousy with poofters. Milton Orkopoulos just happened to be one of the very few to actually get caught. But what about the legions of other well suss characters who either bailed out at the last minute or gained immunity due to the old school tie? The Three Arseketeers Egan, Carr, Refshauge being the most notorious and the list goes on.

On top of this is the Greens’ attitude to illicit drugs. Their piss weak euphemism of so-called ‘decriminalisation’ basically means just legalise everything. It’s the same with border protection. They simply don’t want any. It’s typical fairies (this pun intended too) at the bottom of the garden permissiveness. No accountability. No responsibility. Big Mother of the rainbow socialist nanny state will take care of everything. Just keep spending the average joe’s hard earned tax dollars on driving him into extinction.

Joined: 14 Jan 2007
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Location: NSW
Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 6:19 am
“Peter's so utterly obsessed about you, isn't he, Darp?!”

We’re certainly no more ‘obsessed’ with Darp than he is with body image, fluids and excreta. Besides I think one might be excused for seeming a little bit ‘obsessed’ with a creature that coordinates a criminal network dedicated to making one’s life a misery. A group that follows its ringleader (pun intended) in his quest to stalk, harass and defame. A group that conspires with government bureaucrats, journalists, politicians and others to follow one from job to job and attempt to smear one by having said journos or other FDB members to phone or fax or E-Mail one’s employers with lurid tales of ‘Neo-Nazism’ so-called ‘hate crimes’ and…”terrorism”…

“All these lengthy and detailed soliloquies devoted to you. And his in-depth knowledge of 'homosexual behaviour' - where'd he learn that?!”

Hurr! Hurr! Hurr! What brilliant (not) logic.

The clumsy inference by ‘Colours’ is of course that the author must somehow be Homosexual himself merely because he has learned much about his enemies. Following this line this would mean that Policemen are all really just ‘closet’ criminals, Medical Examiners are all just sickos who like to play with dead bodies, physicians are diseased due to their knowledge of pathology and pathogens etc…

To research anything distasteful is therefore to somehow endow oneself with the characteristics of the subject. We shouldn’t really need to explain the utter stupidity of this premise but if past experience is anything to go by it’s not just FDB who are idiots, many ‘third party’ observers of this conflict often appear to be incapable of understanding precisely the nature of the psychology at work.

The plain and simple facts are that just reading the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum alone provides enough material to write a thesis on the subject of Queer Politics but if one lives in Sydney and walks around with one’s eyes and ears open then it is all there in garish living colour. But failing that, five minutes Googling up a few key words or reading the admittedly semi fictional Wikipedia site or the excellent study put out a few years ago by the Southern Baptist Church is an excellent resource.

Economic Minister of Champagne Communism
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Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 11:52 am
“HE could make a decent living writing slash, but methinks he prefers keeping it personal...”

Joined: 10 May 2005
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Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 7:29 am
“Peter's obsession with Darp seems to be linked with an equally large obsession with Judaism. I had to look up the term:
Quote: Mamzer Jew”

Erm…and WE had to search to find out what ‘slash’ is. Apparently it’s not (anymore) what you do against the fence on the way home from the pub on a Friday night to help relieve your swollen bladder of that dozen or so schooners. It’s got something to do with a sort of gonzo homo fiction. The sort that would have dirty old uncle weezy tuggin’ his tossle over the monitor screen… apparently…
And when it comes to sexual perversion and all other forms of deviancy...

It’s not US that waxes lyrical about the halcyon days of yore on Oxford Street when Darp was guaranteed of being groped in the toilets.
It’s not US that shaves our ‘nads and waxes our chests.
It’s not US that describes in excruciating detail the “squelchy” noises fat kids at the beach make just before you physically assault them.
It’s not US that provides forensic details of an attack of the green apple splatters, Darp’s own pornographic version of ‘The day my bum went psycho’.
It’s not US that fantasise about wanking into the Prime Ministers food and making him eat it at gunpoint.
It’s not US that tell the World our cock is chamomile flavoured.
It’s not US that solicit for the bashing and even murder of political opponents.
It’s not US that are conspiring in acts of gross irresponsibility to give false and misleading information to the Australian federal authorities about our political adversaries, diverting and wasting precious taxpayer funded resources vital for national security.

We just read the stuff and cringe. THIS is how we gain an insight into the Leftist Queer mentality. It is not, as they say in the classics, rocket science.

The unpleasant reality of homosexual and scatological obsession endemic in Leftist circles needs to be acknowledged because their Anti-White, Anti-Western activity is possibly the single most corrosive influence on our young people who, not realising it is genocidal and suicidal, often just jump on board because it seems like good old fashioned Anti-Establishment ‘fun’.

If this acknowledgement and study entails getting FDB verbal dog shit stuck to our boots then so be it, it’s just one of the hazards of stepping into the arena to deal with these Anarchist thugs.
Oh, and we hope everyone over at brown rainbow headquarters enjoys all the colours...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fuddsy fucks up...again.

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

Crikey's Christian Kerr shoots off mouth, loses foot (again)

political tar baby
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Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 8:40 am

Our Dr Cam Sexenheimer was published in the March 12th Crikey newsletter:

The KKK took my perspective away

By Cam Smith, a campaigner with the anti-racism group Fight Dem Back

The news last week that a Ku Klux Klan group (The White Legion Knights of the KKK) was attempting to recruit in the Queensland city of Toowoomba via a leaflet campaign has been blown somewhat out of proportion and is just a little bit pathetic. Surely a proper Invisible Empire would never do anything as tacky as sticking propaganda (American propaganda! Very UnAustralian) under people's windscreen wipers. It's just not the done thing.

The Mayor (Dianne Thorley), the local members (Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane and Queensland Attorney-General Kerry Shine) and Premier Peter Beattie have all come out slamming the pamphlets. Just how worried should they actually be?

Let's put this group into perspective. There's already a KKK group operating in Australia -- they're called the Invisible Empire of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Australia and the organisation is run (Grand Wizarded) by a bloke called David Palmer, a retired electrician who divides his time between doing his bit for the incredibly beleaguered white race and sinking beer at his local RSL. Unlike these classless Toowoomba sheet-heads, he reportedly does much of his recruiting the old fashioned way: in mental institutions and jails.

The crowning achievement of the IEKKKKA has probably been the establishment of their 100% Aryan Breeding Program, wherein women wishing to ensure the racial integrity of their offspring can (for a small fee) do the "horizontal Austrian polka" with Dave or one of his kamaraden. To date there have been no takers.

We are possibly not dealing with the cream of the crop of Australian society. The fact that Dave completely disavows any connection to this new group and disparagingly refers to them as "the Toowoomba Centrelink Mob" speaks volumes as to just how insignificant they are. If these losers can't even organise themselves some jobs, how are they expected to organise a cross burning (it's actually harder than you'd think).

The authorities should definitely keep an eye on them (in case they should grow beyond what we estimate are 5-10 members), but as Dr Mark Copland from the Catholic Social Justice Commission has pointed out, there are actually more important racial issues in Toowoomba for Di, Ian, Kez and Pete to be dealing with. Perhaps the shocking state of Aboriginal education and health should be prioritised above the activities of a few losers in bedsheets.

Which drew this absolutely moronic, left-field response from Christian Kerr in March 13th Crikey subscription newsletter:

Cam Smith – poseur or van Tongeren?

Christian Kerr writes:

Crikey made an error of judgement granting space to the self-styled anti-racism campaigner Cam Smith yesterday, since Smith is either one of two things: a poseur or an advocate of violence.

Smith says he represents an organisation called "Fight Dem Back". Fight Dem Back has a website, but like most groups on the political fringe there appears to be little more to the entity than some self-selected spokespeople and a message.

In Fight Dem Back’s case, that message is ambiguous.

The organisation’s homepage talks about its "opposition to all groups who would seek to propagate racial hate and division".

It provides chapter and verse on some strikingly obnoxious groups and individuals who do this – people such as Jack van Tongeren, the white supremacist who served 12 years in prison from 1989-2001 in Western Australia for firebombing Asian businesses.

Nowhere, however, in all the detail on its site, does Fight Dem Back precisely spell out how it expresses its "opposition" to racism.

Violence plays no part in political decision making or debate in Australia. We recognise this. It is why we send people like van Tongeren to jail.

Yet Fight Dem Back explicitly meets violence with violence in its name. Does it also do so in its activities?

It might not have all that many. Smith and his confreres may do little more than run a website and occasionally offer opinions to hard-pressed, naïve or gullible journalists and editors.

If this is so, then they are nothing but are puerile political poseurs. Political poseurs who exploit decent minded people’s repugnance at racism to gain themselves media notoriety.

And if Fight Dem Back uses or condones violence, then Cam Smith is as offensive to our democracy as Jack van Tongeren.

Either way, Crikey should be embarrassed for giving him a platform.

Crikey should be a lot more embarrassed about Kerr publishing unresearched bullshit.

FDB have never EVER been involved in violence- Liar! Liar! the only people who claim that we're violent are neo-nazis trying to smear the FDB messengers. If Kerr had talked to anyone other than the neo-nazi connected Australia First about us, I think he might have gotten a slightly different impression.

In fact, Kerr hasn't talked to any of the FDB core about our methods of activism.

FDB are a research and information bureau.? When we encounter racist activity, we compile, discuss and distribute the information to concerned parties like police, HREOC, journalists, etc.

Kerr should read less Stormfront and more FDB. It's not like we're hard to contact, either.”

The mere fact that tough talking cripple Brian Stokes aka ‘weezil’ posted this at all, bringing it to the attention of hundreds of more people than it ever would have done languishing on the pages of the wanky, self-indulgent ‘crikey’ site is testament to his sheer arrogant pomposity and fringe dwelling credentials. Delusions of grandeur anyone?

His confusion, incredulity and indeed his utter outrage at the fact that the entire World, outside of the realms of White Nationalism, is not in lockstep with his own twisted ideology and fully supportive of FDB’s criminal tactics does his tiny little mind in. He is beside himself, he cannot sleep and his posts are hitting the pages of the FDB Forum like shotgun pellets. For all his bluff and bluster he really is so sad and insecure.

While he loves to wax lyrical on others’ marginality and lack of political validity the instant there’s a peep from anyone with a contrary view, even those nominally on his own side, he’s in a state of apoplexy and so overplays the wounded and misunderstood card, laying the sarcasm on with a trowel, he guarantees he will NEVER garner support among the moderates.

The fact is, and yes it IS getting through slowly folks, that outside of the inner circle of FDB conspirators the vast majority of punters have no time for violent, welfare leeching Anarchist criminals, sad old Commies, bitter and twisted newspaper hacks and other assorted losers and dropouts.

Even the tired old hackneyed references to working with the police and other authorities stinks of bluff and desperation. He KNOWS he and FDB have consistently flouted the law as well as every moral and ethical code because to them the end justifies the means, absolutely, no exceptions. In this he and FDB are nothing unusual on their side of politics. One only has to research the criminal activities, including theft, fraud, extortion, assault and battery and terrorism, of the Anti Defamation League, the Anti Nazi League and the Jewish Defence League. As with them, FDB believe supreme chutzpah alone will carry them through and keep the law from their door.


The reverence with which ‘Dr’ Cam is treated now is…erm… interesting because we’ll see just how keen old weevil and some of the other FDB wasters are to back him up when the real shit comes down on him and Darp for their part in more than one serious case of conspiracy to defame and various other nasty little criminal acts.

Not only does White Nationalism never sleep…it never forgets.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The new look

Recently Whitelaw Towers’ staff accidentally caught ten minutes or so of the Australian so-called ‘Iron man’ competition and were struck by the lack of …well…erm…Manliness of the male competitors. In fact several of the females or ‘Iron Women’ had more imposing physiques, including broader shoulders and beefier upper arms than most of the males. Mind you, they had no tits either but at that level of competition they probably don’t even menstruate. We have no doubt all of the participants are very fit and athletic, all very impressive purely from the perspective of outright performance, but they just don’t look like ‘Iron Men’.

Add to this the silly little costumes the males wore, including, apart from the obligatory microscopic Speedos, tiny skintight ‘tops’ that looked like they were stolen from a fourteen year old girl’s wardrobe and those silly little caps. It’s no wonder the ragtops guffaw loudly and decry Aussie Men as ‘pussies’ when one witnesses this quite Gay beach-side spectacle with all its stupid strutting about by baby faced, hairless poseurs.

It’s pretty hard, in our humble opinion, to look ‘tough and rugged’ and ‘Manly’ while wearing what is basically a pair of undersize ladies panties. We’re wondering when these ‘males’ will also sport a belly button ring. After all, their cutesy little tops don’t even cover their navels.

Even just the sight of these wankers with their Speedos yanked up their bum crack is bad enough to make one shudder, let alone the addition of girly tank tops. Also, remember the days when a thong was something you wore on your foot and sometimes used to take off to swat flies? When it was definitely not even a legitimate article of swimwear for Women, let alone Men! The same went for earrings, they were only for poofters or pirates and perhaps the occasional biker.

Virtually gone now is the traditional blue singlet Aussie Man, the Chesty Bond type, honest, knockabout, down to earth, forthright, no nonsense bloke who would sooner die than be caught posing or pretending. A bloke that wasn’t afraid of hard work and was proud of calloused hands rather than a botoxed face. The sort of bloke that was a good mate and when he said he’d be ‘right behind you’ you didn’t have to worry he was going to touch you on your bum like those faggot American Football players.

He’d just watch your back to make sure nobody took a cheap shot at you. You know, like the sort of characters Jack Thompson and Russell Crowe used to play before they turned into hand wringing Mother Theresa impersonators. Sadly, most of the young White Aussie males today have more than just a whiff of the ‘suss’ about them. Hopefully it is not too ingrained and can be re-educated out of them.

The media doesn’t even refer to them as ‘Men’ any more they are merely ‘males’ which is nothing more than a cold and scientific gender specification. What we have now is the ‘SNAG’ or Sensitive New Age Guy and the ‘Metrosexual’. It’s all Botox, silicone implants, depilatory creams and nipple rings. These tragic clowns are nothing more than slavish automatons to the Jew contrived homoerotic fashion of bisexuality. Like mudguards they are all shiny on top with only shit underneath. The Kike rag trade moguls are pissing themselves with laughter at the Goyim’s gullibility and stupidity.

And it’s not just their Spandex clothing that’s smooth and shiny, their bodies too are all waxed and polished to a brilliant sheen. With their doubtlessly plucked and shaven scrotums shoe horned into minute ‘sluggos’ or ‘budgie smugglers’ they preen and pose like the Feminised Metrosexual peacocks they are. Their bodies are as denuded of hair as their minds are of sexual identity, original thought, cultural awareness and Racial pride.

One can imagine many of them as children also paraded before the mirror in their mother’s or sister’s underwear. Many are quite simply poorly repressed sexual perverts who are merely taking advantage of today’s deviant ‘fashions’ to live out their fantasies. These are the types who are just too self conscious to actually join the Mardis Gras Parade openly but you can bet your studded jockstrap they’re there in spirit.

The first mob to pioneer this sexually ambiguous look bordering on transvestism were the self proclaimed ‘Legends in Lycra’, the ‘critical mass’ push-bike brigade, with their shaved arms and legs clad in continental advertising logos. Their wriggling buttocks pushed high in the air and shoved in the faces of every poor bastard driver who had to overtake them basically serving as synthetically coated billboards.

The disgusting degenerate sexual pervert Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW is a tragically typical example of this type. This creepy loiterer of gay bars and gymnasiums is the archetypal, anally fixated body worshipper. It’s not difficult to picture him sniffing his fellow faggots’ bicycle seats, slipping their soiled jockstraps into his pocket or licking their sweat from the weights benches. He is one sick and twisted puppy.

In his case the psychological factor is exacerbated by the fact he’s a Non-White with pretensions to passing for White in decent society. But he is a Mamzer Jew, a Racial mongrel made up from junk genes, who will forever be an outsider. Really he could not have turned out any other way than he has, a vindictive sociopath driven mad by the toxicity of his own genetic stew.

Just study the form of these types. A quick scan of the Internet reveals a depressingly recurrent theme, a trifecta of factors, of Jewishness, Leftism and Sexual Perversion, primarily Homosexuality. Darp has all these in spades, plus drugs. He follows a time honoured tradition set by the likes of notorious pederast ‘poet’ Allen Ginsberg, Mick Jones of The clash, Malcolm McClaren of the Sex Pistols, Eric Boucher aka ‘Jello Biafra’ of the Dead Kennedys etc. Every one of them Homosexual Jews and totally committed Anarchists or Communists.

In a normal and well adjusted White Western society White Women naturally find Arabs (as well as Negroids) with their low intelligence, camel like noses, appalling body odour and generally arrogant, primitive behaviour utterly repellent.

But in a new Multiculturally ‘adjusted’ Australian society, with the average White ‘male’ reduced to a simpering milksop, White Women, following the universal genetic imperative to seek strength, physical protection and ‘manliness’ in a partner, these Women are attracted to the brutish Arabic silverbacks. These ‘unreconstructed’ swaggering goons might have brow ridges like a Neanderthal troglodyte, drag their knuckles and stink like a wet goat but at least they have a set of gonads swinging between their legs, unlike the new ‘sensitive and empathic’ White males who are ‘in tune with their feminine side’.

The average unsuspecting White Aussie Female, inculcated with the Zionist anointed Multicultural school curriculum, doesn’t look far enough ahead to see how she’ll be treated (and perhaps ultimately traded) like a beast of burden by Habib or Mushtaq. Nor can she envisage the absolute Hell on Earth she is in for if she is truly dumb enough to actually marry this date munching retard. Her children will have an I.Q. of about Seventy, one eyebrow and be shaving by nine years old, and that’s just the girls!

Still, with Hollywood movie stars currently in the business of collecting ‘pet monkeys’ these days, perhaps this really is what young Women actually want. Or what they think they want after living on a mind numbing, soul destroying ‘intellectual’ diet of New Idea and Women’s Weekly. After all, it’s a fashion accessory and a political statement all in one. But at least even Michael Jackson had the decency to buy a real monkey and not just adopt a Third World Sub-Human.

On a closely related issue, all kids play up, no doubt about it, but there’s nothing quite like the misery and despair one may observe in the face of a White mother trying to cope with a wild mulatto child. It truly is something special. Our shopping malls and public precincts are virtual laboratories where the abject failure of Multiculturalism and Miscegenation is demonstrated scientifically on a daily basis. In fact, this writer has even overheard non whites, particularly Australian Aborigines, joking about how ‘their kids’ are always the source of particular trouble and stress for their parents and society. They actually think it’s funny.

The fact is that in the case of a White mother struggling to control a mulatto child, fathered by some Third World yard ape, the parent and offspring are aliens to each other at a genetic level. They might as well be from different planets. It is a profound disaster for the family and society as a whole that has to cope with the collateral damage of irresponsible Whites interbreeding with primitives and creating the violent criminals of tomorrow.

And the moral of this story?

It’s time for White Aussie males to “Man up!” It’s time to “Grow a set!” It’s time to “Stand up and be counted!” Because White Australia will not be liberated from the yoke of Multiculturalism by a bunch of insipid, squeamish sissies too precious and prissy to face up to hard reality.

If anyone out there reading this calls themselves an Australian White Nationalist but finds the subject matter discussed in this post ,and the observations made, simply too much to stomach then do us all a favour and euthanise yourself immediately because you are not made of the right material and will be useless to our cause in the struggle ahead. It is better that you voluntarily cull yourself from the Movement now rather than hang around as unwanted ballast in our saddlebags.

Weezil on Christian values...

We always find it hilarious when the filthy Red scum at Fight Dem Back try to set the parameters within which their enemies should be allowed to work. In the following post from the Fight Dem back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum Weezil echoes the rage of the Muslim cleric who recently referred to Anti-Islamist sentiment among White Australians as being “Un-Christian”.

AND he had a straight face…bwahahaha!!!

Fred Nile plays the Muslim card
political tar baby
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Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2007 10:24 am

“As Pauline Hanson's One Nation hasn't able to field a candidate in NSW, the hatred vultures are circling the rotting flesh of the racist vote.

Fred Nile's no fool. He notes that Australia First, captained in NSW by neo-nazi Jim Saleam and footsoldiered by bonehead nazi goons, has been taking up the racist slack- and reckons a man o' the cloth ought to have a go.

Nile may indeed be the best candidate for knuckledragging racists... but maybe some honorable Christians will ask Nile the oh-so critical question, "Who would Jesus hate?"

It’s particularly funny, as well as profoundly hypocritical of course, to see a totally dedicated Anarcho-Communist, atheist and misanthropist like Brian Stokes aka Weezil waffling about “honourable” Christians. The Red scum always goes into apoplexy when their opponents refuse to tie their own hands behind their backs.

It’s doing poor little Bwian’s tiny mind in to see a Christian who refuses to be a pacifist when it comes to the march of Islamism. Oh why won’t they just lay down and let us walk all over them? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hey Weezy! Not all Christians are like your bum chums at the Uniting Church, otherwise known as Communists at prayer.


Friday, March 09, 2007

Toowoomba in the firing line again!

Much time and effort has been spent on Toowoomba in the last 5 years by people such as Mark Copland to force the good people of the Darling Downs to accept their form of the New World Order.

But it would seem that just when you think Left Wing hacks like Copland have taken a brow beating and the Anti White editor of the Chronicle Jason Purdie is a distant memory you get this piece of work. Susan Searle, yes folks we have a live one here. Susan, who usually writes in the Chronicle about things like how to compost your roses, has decided to use here the training she received from the Greg Roberts school of Social Engineering.

Timing is everything you know. All set to coincide with a visit from Rabbi Uri Themal who just happens to be in town for the 40th anniversary of the University of Southern Queensland we have this headline on March 5th. Klan Spreads message of hate.

Now many here would remember the headlines in The Chronicle mid 2005 about Race Hate material being distributed. The same Compost expert Susan Searle also wrote this story. Yep she is at it again, and people of Toowoomba are onto her.

Let’s have a look at what Susan has been up to besides watching endless hours of ‘Mississippi Burning’.

It would seem that a woman who wishes to remain anonymous has found a flyer on her windscreen from the KKK asking for people to join their cause. Of course the flyer did not mention anything about refugees or attacking other races just a simple recruitment flyer. Much the same as the WPCA flyer in 2005 that warned White Women they are in danger of being bred out existence. But as Susan knows don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. Our Susan is a professional you know?

So let's see who else is in on this, this time we have some new recruits. This woman who found this flyer who wishes to remain anonymous handed copies on to, get ready for it, Ian Macfarlane Federal Member for Groom (Toowoomba & surrounds), Member for Toowoomba North and State Attorney General Kerry Shine and last but not least Mayor Di Thorley.

Interesting, what do these people have to gain from this? Well old Ian just so happens to be heading for an election. Seeing how he near lost his bid for election to this seat by One Nation Candidate Averill Bain he may have heard a rumor that Australia First was gunning for his seat at the next election. Nothing better than a good old KKK story to smear another Nationalist party.

Yes friends old Ian who just yesterday replaced the burnt Australian flag from Toowoomba Hospice claimed that this flag was burnt in response to the KKK recruitment drive. You must be kidding.

Next we have Kerry Shine QLD Attorney General. Yep the same man who is pushing for the jailing of a QLD Police Officer Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley. Yep the same man whose party supports Anarchist groups such as the ‘Rural Australians for Refugees’ and spends millions each year in telling us Multiculturalism is good. Not with standing a headline today in the Toowoomba Chronicle. A 20-year-old Sudanese man from Toowoomba has been remanded in custody till June 12 after being charged with Rape of a local White Women, indecent assault, assaulting Police, contravening a Police requirement and failing to provide a breath specimen.

Maybe Mr. Shine is upset because the KKK could not possibly accept any one from the QLD Labor Party. QLD premier Peter Beatty on March 5th announced in Parliament that the KKK in Toowoomba does not accept hate mongers. It would seem the KKK also would not accept Pedophiles or Homosexuals. Well, that about wipes out all the Labor party.

Last but not least we have Di Thorley. The Mayor of Toowoomba, Sudanese champion and Peter Beattie lap dog. Ok so she wants to bring in another 60 families from Sierra Leon. I guess it doesn’t matter that every city in Australia that has accepted refugees from the Horn of Africa is suffering unprecedented crime waves from the new locals. It matters not that in Perth Gangs like the African Kings are car jacking and raping their way into the Australian Society. Di Thorley knows the truth; in fact she and Dr Mark Copland have worked together on this project. Tragic really.

Enough of this how about some conspiracy? It would seem that USQ student Daryl Sparks had contacted prominent White Activists in the week before the KKK story breaks. Old Daryl is doing a doco on the ES Nigger Brown Stand. Oh the controversy. After talking to the reps from Toowoomba Rugby League and getting their views unbeknown to them old Daryl goes looking for the old Neo Nazi KKK comment. This kid could be the love child of Greg Roberts and Susan Searle?

Finding out quickly that QLD activists are well aware of his shenanigans he was quickly shown the door. So what does Daryl do? He contacts the one and only nut case who is willing to float his own boat, David Palmer Der Führer Grand Ning Nong of the IKA and FDB bum pal. Hey, Daryl is even flying down to interview him. What a catch for the intrepid student.

Now Daryl who attends USQ and is most probably a student of the one and only Aboriginal activist come USQ lecturer Steven Hagan. Mr. Hagan famous for suing his way to the top and being a convicted criminal has his black hand all over this. It would seem that after losing his case against Toowoomba Rugby League over the naming of the Nigger Brown Stand he has had to pay the legal cost of said group. This is rumored to be $50,000. Wow what will he do? You guessed it go bankrupt.

Although it has not been reported widely the Stand is coming down at the end of the year. It seems that Peter Beattie has promised a brand new one to replace the ageing stand. Mr. Hagan knows this but he wants his pound of white flesh.

While we are looking at Mr. Hagan lets see what he has to say about the KKK in Toowoomba? It seems that he is an expert. Over the years he has sued a University in QLD for publishing his address so other Indigenous peoples may contact him. But shock horror Hagan claimed that KKK branches in Crows Nest, High Fields and Dalby sent him hate male saying “Don’t snigger nigger the Klan is getting Bigger”. Fearing a cross burning he sued the Uni for an undisclosed amount to relocate his family to protect them. White Law staff knows this was a scam on Hagan’s part. Using his Jewish lawyer that he bragged about on ABC Speaking Out in 2005 he won this case and another one against McDonalds for the Long Black Coffee.

Mr. Hagan’s own Racism knows no bounds. Last year he accused the RSL of being made up of nothing but Racists after his cousin burnt the Australian flag on Australia Day 2006.

In another story from Susan Searle of the Toowoomba Chronicle on the 6th of March Steven Hagan racially stereotypes White Africans who now live in Toowoomba and calls the entire white population of Toowoomba Hill Billies. Yes the only racist slurs over this past week have come from the Toowoomba Chronicle and Steven Hagan. And the people of Toowoomba know it.

As we have seen before the people of Toowoomba have resisted the propaganda of the Chronicle. Once again the letters to the Editor are empty of responses to the KKK story. On the other hand plenty of comment is flowing in about the disgust people feel towards Hagan and his Racist slurs.

So do the KKK really exist? Who knows? The hysteria created by this from Susan Searle looks to Whitelaw Staff like a great big honey pot to attract disillusioned white kids. It also comes at a time when it is very convenient for many on the other side of politics.

If they do exist have they broken any laws? The answer is NO. Is it illegal for a group made up of Staunch Christians to recruit like-minded people? No. Groups on the Left such as FDB and Rev Left who peddle drugs to minors and involve themselves in Terrorist activities recruit and prey on our youth. So why the big deal about a group of White People who believe in the Power of Prayer? I think readers here know the answer.

Stop the presses! Word just in from Susan Searle! Former Wizard warns against Klan.

Yep, Susan you have done it again. It would seem the one and only Johnny Lee Clary is on the way to Toowoomba. Maybe if the Klan does exist they will go along to the dinner planned for April and listen to what Johnny has to say.

Expect more crap from the Chronicle in April.

How exciting.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Not Drunk, just Dumb!

From the FDB Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

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Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 9:40 am

Or to put it another way, just because you are a social member of an RSL, does not mean you are entitled to join the sub-branch.

The ability to have an account on this forum is open to the Joe Public, and his dog. Got it you nazi (sic) boneheads?

Well considering you guys put it this way it makes me wonder why you couldnt (sic) all comphrend (sic) what i meant when i stated over 6 months ago that i was never a member of the old WPCA which i (sic) am certain even old peter must concur with.

Your above example applies in my association level with nutzis. Therefore you cant really put me in the some cesspit as them can you!. Yes the sydney (sic) nutzis (sic) do understand this auxillary (sic) association structure it seems to be the modus operendi (sic) of most secret societies and intelligence networks in history of espionage and org crime, but you already know this right!.

Infact (sic) this thread about FDBs pyramid degree structure reminded me very much of the WPCA ,you lot have far more incommon (sic) with them than you obviously realise!.

btw. Hows (sic) Bini brith (sic) going and Jeremy Jones are they funding scummy waspy (sic) Peter Campbell for BlacksOps (sic) these days as well as yourselfs!!.”(sic)

political tar baby
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Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 9:56 am

“dude, stop posting when you're drunk, OK?

Joined: 28 Jun 2005
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Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 9:48 am Post subject:
You don't need to have an activated acct on FDB to view posts- guests can view.

Well then you seem to have major security issue here then dont (sic) you!.

Enough leaks to put a dump truck through! Perhaps this explains why many of your efforts are in vain and seem to do very little at all except achieve nusiance (sic) value!.

political tar baby
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Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 10:01 am

machismo wrote:
You don't need to have an activated acct on FDB to view posts- guests can view.

Well then you seem to have major security issue here then dont you!.

“ummm... I don't even think I'll bother to 'splain (sic) why this is so stoooopid... (sic) other than to say only fools count their pay packet on a streetcorner- (sic) and there's not too many fools in the FDB core. Go sober up now, ok?”

This is WAY too funny folks, pure poofter pantomime. That sad old faggot, and part time stunt double for Elmer Fudd, Weezil is still trying to pretend that Darp’s illiterate little bum chum ‘machismo’ (bwahahaha!) has NOTHING to do with “core” FDB.

Give it up now girls, you’re not fooling anyone you know.

On one level it’s a little sad, after all, exploiting little Johnny Huff ‘n’ Puff, a drooling moron who still hasn’t mastered the art of breathing through his nose, as an FDB stooge could almost constitute ritual abuse of the intellectually challenged.

The staff at Whitelaw Towers is at a loss to explain what could possibly be going on over at the queer ranch they call FDB but you can bet your bottom (excuse the pun) dollar that the vertically challenged little Darpy boy will resurface soon with some sort of attack on decent White people.

In the meantime I suppose we’ll have to make do with the boring drivel that passes for intellectual jousting these days over at FDB. Bring back Darp we say. At least the poisonous little prat is mildly entertaining. Old Weezy needs to change his ‘confidence’ pads or clip on a fresh colostomy bag. He’s definitely showing distinct signs of fraying at the edges.

And here we were thinking the new rustic setting would ease his pain…