Friday, June 29, 2007

A Threat Too Far?

This is the latest septic sludge to ooze from Brian Stokes on the Fight Dem back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum. The hypocrisy is quite palpable:

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Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 8:54 pm Post subject:

“Yep, I've always considered being a nazi target to be a point of great pride.”

We expect there’s not too much else for you to be proud of…

“Well, that and I cause a shitload more trouble for them than they've even dreamed of causing for me... which I find mightily amusing.”

Oh Weezil, you’re SOOOOO butch!

“Case in point, some nazi recently made what they THOUGHT would be an anonymous complaint to a gov't agency about me. Trouble is, the complaint was utterly false and malicious.”

Oh, boo hoo! You mean like all the ones you and Darp have contrived against good and decent people over the years? Your Red Scum bum chums might cry for you but don’t fuckin’ bother fishing for sympathy with any real people.

“Did anyone think for a minute that the govt was going to protect malicious nazi complainants who think they'll remain anonymous?”

Well, so far they and the rest of the establishment seem to have protected FDB and other Red Scum pretty well. So fair’s fair, isn’t it? No?

“Lemme tell ya- it's AMAZING what ZOG can let slip in an answer to an FOI request....”

Now this is the really damning admission that not only has poor, widdle innocent Brian Stokes managed to convince a Government bureaucrat that he is simply some do-gooder ‘Anti-Fa’ performing sterling work for the good of the community (*retch!*) but that said official has violated the anonymity of the informant, a basic and crucial principle without which no whistleblower legislation or apparatus can function. Somebody’s arse needs to be reamed out for that one.

Put simply, that’s a CRIME Stokesy and since you are such a model citizen you are bound by your civic duty to report that official to the State Ombudsman or some other official complaints body, with the accompanying evidence, ASAP.

Comforting though, isn’t it folks, to know that should one ever put a piece of Red Scum into the authorities that the allegations will be summarily ignored and/or dismissed and that furthermore one’s own details will be furnished by the Government Official to the Red Filth so he/she/it might exact revenge. One also has to wonder if the complaint was ever even investigated at all, properly or not. Now THAT should be a concern to every decent, White Australian Citizen.

“...and it's game ON!”

Oh dear! More threats. Dirty old cripple boy Weezil’s hubris is going to get the better of him one of these days. One can only guess at who it might have been that put Stokesy in and for what particular offence but the Staff at Whitelaw Towers had a good chuckle as they pictured the Bureaucrat slinging him a copy of the Sydney Phone Book as a list of possible dobbers with a grudge against him.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Flogging a Dead Horse?

No this is not a piece of shameless self promotion, and its not exactly accurate but the staff here think that the man who wrote this should be a comedian. Borrowed from the ANN site.

(To the tune of "The Bloody Red Baron)

At the end of the last century
Whitemen fought for their nationality
Came a roar and a thunder men had never heard
Like the scream and the sound of a big brown turd
From over in Perth, came a man with no brain
Baron von Hund was the wanker's name
White men tried, as the Baron lied
Now they're spread out all over the countryside

Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty or more
The Baron Von Hund was rollin' out the score
White men tried to end that spree
Of Baron von Hund's insanity
In the nick of time, good men arose
The Whitelaws Tower Blog hit the Baron in the nose
They set the looney up to seek revenge
So the Baron resigned--"Curses, foiled again!"

Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty or more
The Baron Von Hund was rollin' out the score
White men tried to end that spree
Of Baron von Hund's insanity

Now, Whitelaw's blog had sworn that they'd get that man
So they soon worked out a new battle plan
They challenged the idiot to a real dogfight
While the Baron was laughing, they got him in their sight
Baron von Hund was in a fix
He'd tried everything, but he'd run out of tricks
Whitelaws fired once, and they fired twice
And Baron Bipolar went spinning out of sight

Thursday, June 28, 2007

For the Hard of Hearing!

Full Exposure. The Baron Revealed republished.
Yes folks White Law staff have stood silent on this subject long enough and have now decided to add another to the list of enemies on the Right, namely David Innes aka ‘Baron Von Hund’.

Over the last 5 years this man has been responsible for more people leaving the movement than Mathew Henderson-Hau and his left wing mates at FDB. In fact his continual attacks on Australian National Socialist and Skinhead groups in this country via Stormfront has finally gone too far. The sheer bravado he displays at Stormfront puts the Stormfront Forum under an immense black cloud.

So some may ask us why would we add a supposed ‘White Nationalist’, a term by the way he originally stole from the old WPCA, to our list of deviant criminals? To put it simply we see essentially no difference between Fight Dem Back and David Innes. What do they have in common? Let's see.

1/ They both hate National Socialists and Skinheads
2/ They both use online forums to promote their own specific and very selfish political agendas and silence critics with no right to reply.
3/ They both refuse to debate in a fair and open forum without resorting to censorship and suppression of the true facts.
4/ They both share information on prominent Right Wing Political Activists.
5/ They both are quite obviously insane.
6/ They both attack Australia First.
7/ They both con the public for money.
8/ They both claim majority support when at best they only attract the weak, the feeble minded and the easily led.
9/ They both split opinions within the various Right Wing groups.
10/ They both lie, distort and mislead the public.

It is debatable if time and effort should be spent on showing the Australian White Nationalist community the dangers of this man. The rank and file at Whitelaw are split on this issue. But we all agree that David Innes is considered a hostile element in the ranks of White Nationalism, a cancer that eats away at unity and brotherhood among the differing factions of our cause.

At a time when much work has gone into healing wounds of long time hatreds in the movement, Innes arrived at the scene to throw a spanner in the works. Yes readers, even David Innes himself has been approached many times, in fact at least 4 times in the past 5 years for the sake of unity. Innes’ only reaction was sheer arrogance and a total lack of understanding of the differing opinions among the White Nationalist community. A bull in a China shop would be an apt description.

A quick read of Innes’ hate filled replies at Stormfront and his continual threats against any one who is smart enough to question him must ring alarm bells at Stormfront? It is the act of a true scoundrel that he uses his position at Stormfront to have his detractors banned and silenced.

But what of Stormfront, and why do they not stand in and do something about this obvious problem? Is it that Don Black and others no longer need the support of the once core membership of National Socialist, Skinheads and other groups? Why is it that the systematic removal from Stormfront of the above groups goes on unabated?

How many guidelines has Innes himself broken attacking these groups and others?Is Stormfront turning its back on the people who supported this Forum from its very inception and is now only pandering to the likes of Innes? Is it that believers of National Socialism and followers of the Skinhead culture are no longer worthy? It would appear so.We must ask why it is not allowable to attack Mathew Henderson-Hau and the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang nor EVEN mention them and yet members of White Pride Groups are constantly attacked and vilified by the boofheaded W.A. Stormfronter and his manipulative moderator wife Lilith.

What little deal has been made between Innes and Henderson-Hau? Innes will claim that FDB have subjected him to criticism by listing him on the front page of FDB. But as staff at Whitelaw Towers have been made aware this is just a cover he uses. In his own twisted logic he would consider it an important part of his online image and the perfect cover.

Is Innes so far removed from the real world that he thinks his online attacks on various groups goes unnoticed? Is this Innes’ idea of Unity? Does he think that all those members from all those groups will forget how they have been treated? There are innumerable outstanding scores that will inevitably one day be settled with this imposter. White Nationalism never sleeps and it never forgets.

What groups has Innes attacked in the past 5 years?
2/ KKK
3/ Australia First
4/ New Zealand National Front
5/ Patriotic Youth League.
6/ ANM
7/ Australian New Nation

This does not include the lone wolfs at Stormfront who mistakenly made it public that they supported National Socialism or even that they merely sympathised with the plight of JVT. For some reason Innes has a particular hatred for JVT, the ANM and anyone honest enough to admit even a grudging admiration for them.

What groups does Innes support? It is obvious that he pretends to support Australia First but his actions prove otherwise. His support of NZNF was very short lived. The only group we can see that he supports is the same criminal gang that also attacks organisations he has taken a disliking to. That group is Fight Dem Back.

Innes has no problem using FDB to attack his detractors, and FDB has no problem using info supplied to them by Innes. When Innes was told of a direct leak from his circle of friends in WA what did he do. Did he thank the person for telling him. Did he promise he would look into it? No. Why should he upset the little cosy deal he has with FDB.

The Sydney Forum, a meeting place for all Patriots to get together and meet and exchange ideas, that time of year when many White Nationalists of all shades get together and create bonds that last for years. What do we hear from David Innes? Do we hear messages of brotherhood and unity? Nope. What we do get is threats and claims of his terrifying Martial Arts prowess. He even has the gall to tell people not to bother showing up because he will be there.

Sorry Baron, The Sydney Forum is bigger than you and your imaginary friends, even if you are actually the reason for many to go this year.Not to mention the pathetic attempt at getting the Patriots of Stormfront to PAY for his trip. Now that’s dedication folks? What an insult to the real patriots who attend every year for the sake of unity. To think that Stormfront members have been hoodwinked to bring this show pony to Sydney is a total disgrace.What will be Innes’ reaction to this? More of the same we would expect. “They threatened my family” total lie, “They are Nutzis” more lies They are just jealous and the list goes on. He will tug at the heart strings of his 15 year old supporters, he will lie and distort the truth. He will claim that staff at Whitelaw are nothing and do nothing, that we sit “behind computer screens in another state, spouting insults so vile and stupid.” That we are having an “emotional episode” or we should “Give it up - release you are one of those people that are no good for the movement in the public eye”, because folks this is what he really thinks “Christ, I am sick of the ego driven - paranoid and delusional - emotional handful that simply wont disappear and let the REAL white nationalists in this country do what needs to be done.” Well old Baron is the expert on delusions and emotions. Let’s see how calm he is in August.

As far back as 2004 when it was pointed out that Baron was nothing but a key board commando he has been playing catch up with the rest of the White Nationalist community. Claiming that he started the Stormfront BBQ’s when he knows that it was the WPCA who actively started arranging BBQ’s at Stormfront, he should remember this because he spent a long time attacking it. Not to mention the flyers that got handed out by the thousands by people who no longer belong to SF because Baron has deemed them as not worthy.

Many people read the post at Stormfront when a Forum member asked what happened to the Brisbane Stormfront BBQ. Well, truth be known, the BBQ still happens once a month but the people who organised it have been banned from SF Downunder along with many others from QLD.

The sheer amount of accounts disabled in the past 2 months alone is truly staggering. The ridiculous accusations from this fool along the lines that he is being held back” by the East Coast “Nutzis” are truly sad. What holds the Baron back more than anything is his own arrested intellectual development at the pubescent stage, a teenage thug mindset and a chronic lack of talent. He is a mentally ill retard and that is putting it kindly and if he wants to continue with his threats to warn off true White Nationalists from attending the Sydney Forum this year because he will be there with his awesome ‘legions’ of martial arts experts then he will merely ensure the turnout will be a spectacular attendance record.

There are MANY people over in the East who are very, very keen indeed to meet the baron.Too many good and genuine people have dedicated many years of hard work and personal sacrifice to the White Nationalist cause and the very survival of their Race to be intimidated and prevented from attending this or any other event by some puffed up, illiterate buffoon like David Innes.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More garbage from Stormfront Downunder:

Old Victor apologises for the inconvenience of having this post ACCIDENTALLY deleted and the need to RE-post it. The staff member responsible for this terrible oversight is currently undergoing intensive counseling to ensure this type of...erm...misunderstanding NEVER re-occurs.
This is NOT FDB. We are White Nationalists and do NOT delete posts.

Now, let’s hear it (again) from the retarded, inbred, slack jawed, mouth breathing, glazed eyed, shuffling, six fingered banjo playin’ ‘Dead Raven’…Yee Hargh!
Take it away shitforbrains...

"Friend of Stormfront"
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Re: Whitelaw towers causing disunity?
That is just bulls**t frankly and its(sic) just try hard wannabe's whom are separating the whole idea of white nationalism in the first place and people like this "white tower law" (sic) are just extreme skinhead losers who are stuck in the past and are trying to conquer all the new-age (?) real White Nationalists with their crap. It just makes me sick. And a majority (to prove my point) of listed ideas on Barron (sic) in that website are either wrong or made up, not fact at all just another opinion of another neo-nazi (sic) extremist, living in the past.

Sorry Peter Campball, (sic) the nazis (sic) are dead and so is Hitler and its (sic) time to grow up and face the new world, things have changed since 1945 but obiously (sic) your brain is stuck in the past.
It seems today, It only becomes "racist" when your white.
Everyone is equal, but some are more equal then others-Animal Farm
Victory can only be achieved through unity. Stand together comrades and we are strong.
Proud Member of the Australia First Party

This ‘Dead Raven’ creature is a new one on this writer who has no way of knowing who or what he/she/it is. The creature is most likely a Red sleeper or troll anyway, but just assuming it is a ‘White Nationalist’, then one wonders where all its awesome ‘wisdom’ came from. Particularly the oracle like pronouncements on who is ‘old’ and irrelevant and who is ‘New Age’ (Now there’s a curious term for Stormfront) ‘White Nationalist’ and its hysterical denouncements of disunity while promoting more of same in abusing a White Nationalist it has never met and knows nothing about apart from what its read on S.F. or FDB.


Strange also is this dead certain attitude about whom it is addressing and what their specific Political ideologies are. All this ‘Nutzi’, ‘Neo-Nazi’, ‘Skinhead’, ‘Extremist’ nonsense is not only chillingly familiar FDB rhetoric but it is also wearing a little bit thin. Where the Hell is this supposed theme or thread that runs through Victor Whitelaw or Whitelaw Towers that is obsessed with ‘1945’, Hitler, or the Third Reich? We believe that virtually Ninety Nine Percent of the posts on these sites are concerned with the Fight Dem Back Red Scum.

The bits about ‘Wannabes’ and ‘Losers’ we found particularly mirthful, and we all chuckled quietly to ourselves. It IS amusing when one considers not only the fact that Whitelaw Towers staff, by and large, have ten years plus involvement in White Nationalist politics but also the immense progress the Whitelaw Towers staff and their network of allies have made over the past twelve to eighteen months alone.

‘Dead Raven’ seems somewhat confused about these matters though, referring TWICE to Whitelaw Towers staff as being ‘Stuck in the past’ but then also as ‘wannabes’ as if they are young, ‘try hard’, wet behind the ears ‘Skinhead Losers’. How can he/she/it have it BOTH ways? Still, such confusion is not surprising when one observes his/hers/its standard of spelling and grammar. We still can’t decide whether he/she/it received English tuition from David Innes or John Humpherys. Either way it is sad as well as comical to observe someone struggling so pathetically with the written word.

Sadly for these ‘Keyboard Commando’ types, stuck in their bedrooms all day, sniffing their own farts, squeezing their pimples and waiting for mum to knock on the door (wouldn’t want to be caught masturbating, eh?) and bring them another pot noodle, they are in the habit of making broad sweeping statements and generalisations based on the tiny tip of the iceberg that is visible to them. What goes beneath the surface or under the radar might as well not exist. “Me can’t see it, it don’t be real” they gurgle as the drool drips from their slack jaws and splashes on their keyboard.

They also labour under the terrible misapprehension that the Internet is the real world. They live in, and waste away the years, in this ‘consensus reality’ where if their cyber friends tell them it’s real then it IS real.

But Old Victor and associates will not be drawn out by such cretins into giving anything away about numbers, assets, activities etc any more. The really hard lessons were all learned during the demise and fall of the old WPCA. Those mistakes will never, ever be made again. Count on it.

Even in regard to the very title of the thread itself, ‘Whitelaw Towers causing disunity?’ the real irony is that Victor Whitelaw and associates essentially don’t even regard the Baron and Lilith as White Nationalists, so where is the ‘disunity’? In effect they are misfits despised by both White Nationalists AND so-called Antifa. Nobody likes backstabbers, traitors and liars and this (un)dynamic duo are all these things.

They are a pair of tragically amateur political dilettantes, snake oil merchants, shysters, hucksters, carpet baggers, dodgy dealers, call them what you will, but they certainly AIN’T White Nationalists. NO true White Nationalist would ever share information with Red Scum to assist in the demise of another White Nationalist perceived as a rival no matter HOW much he despised his antagonist. It’s simply not done. Whitelaw Towers have never done it, that’s for sure.

Even outlaws and common criminals have their own codes of honour. Baron and Lilith are utterly bereft of any such quality. Their hubris and subsequent impotent rage at being humiliated by the old WPCA leadership, whom they had attacked and vilified, led them to commit an act as desperate as it was despicable. They indulged their spite through an evil alliance with FDB. We do not refer here to the latest revelations concerning covert activities. We refer to cosy projects like ‘Open Gauntlet’ and the spin-offs thereof including E-Mailing, MSNing and From that moment, if they had indeed really ever been, they ceased to be White Nationalists.

They continued to then indulge their sickening schadenfreude at the resultant misfortunes suffered by genuine White Nationalists at the hands of the FDB agents who exploited the information supplied to them by Baron/Lilith. Their blind, pathological hatred of people like JVT, Ben Weerheym, Kromlek etc meant their activities were conducted with no thoughts at all as to the consequences such as ‘collateral damage’ or ‘blowback’. They have only their own arrogance to blame for their awful reputations. They will doubtless one day be deemed total pariahs, untouchables condemned to political damnation.

They are simply self-indulgent, self-focused, self-promoting blowhards and the sooner the truth dawns on the few remaining decent people at Stormfront Downunder the better.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

What’s in a name?

U.S. President Roosevelt is quoted as stating that nothing happens in politics unless it is meant to. In other words, at least in politics, there is no such thing as coincidence. And, let’s face it, he would have known, being part of the Jewish-Masonic Cabal himself.

While it is certainly true that one can assign otherwise irrelevant significance to certain facts, objects or events, even being drawn down the rather esoteric paths of teleology, anthropomorphism or other essentially occult concepts, it is also true that often the obvious and outward appearance of something can indeed indicate what lies within.

The fa├žade can be merely the surface manifestation of inner forces. So what of the latest gossip reaching Whitelaw Towers’ ears concerning the possibility that the assumed names of the Dark King and Queen of Stormfront Downunder are quite clever and deliberate contrivances invested with far deeper meaning?

When one selects an online Internet name several factors may be taken into account. Does it already exist? What will others interpret about you, your personality and your intentions when they see your assumed name and perhaps accompanying avatar? Are you trying to impress anything in particular about yourself? Are you trying to convey aggression, passivity, authority, trustworthiness, relevance to the subject the site is concerned with or…perhaps mystery? Are you perhaps trying to be deliberately misleading?

When one studies the etymology of both ‘Baron von Hund’ and ‘Lilith’ one finds two extremely unusual, to say the least, choices of online handles, particularly for so-called ‘White Nationalists’. There is a school of thought which has existed for some time now among the true White Nationalists of the East Coast that The Baron and Lilith have ‘handlers’ further up the political food chain and are, perhaps though filtered through several seemingly unconnected contacts at various levels, being ‘bump steered’ in directions and into areas which ultimately benefit our eternal enemies.

The modus operandi of the Chosenites is mostly covert and insidious but sometimes they become emboldened and decide they’ll have ‘a bit of sport’ with the poor, dumb Goyim and ‘hide something out in the open’. We at Whitelaw Towers believe this is precisely what they have done with the Dark King and Queen of Stormfront Downunder.

The online ‘Encyclopaedia Mythica’ defines ‘Lilith’ thus:

A female demon of the night who supposedly flies around searching for newborn children either to kidnap or strangle them. Also, she sleeps with men to seduce them into propagating demon sons. Legends told about Lilith are ancient. The rabbinical myths of Lilith being Adam's first wife seem to relate to the Sumero-Babylonian Goddess Belit-ili, or Belili. To the Canaanites, Lilith was Baalat, the "Divine Lady." On a tablet from Ur, ca. 2000 BCE, she was addressed as Lillake. One story is that God created Adam and Lilith as twins joined together at the back. She demanded equality with Adam, failing to achieve it, she left him in anger. This is sometimes accompanied by a Muslim legend that after leaving Adam Lilith slept with Satan, thus creating the demonic Djinn.”

Scarcely what you’d call a lady…Now you have to ask yourself this, what sort of modern woman would choose to take on a name like this? Considering it’s so loaded with negative historical baggage. Okay, so our current day Lilith, like her cephalically challenged old man, is hardly what you’d term a scholar but surely she would have had some understanding of the name and its origins? Perhaps? Or did the Chosenites so carefully select their agents that they managed to find the two dumbest people in Australia?

According to the Masons themselves these are the known ‘facts’ about the original Baron:

September 1, 1722 - October 28, 1776
Karl Gotthelf Hund, Baron von Hund und Alten-Grotkau founded the Rite of Strict Observance in 1751, and promoted the idea of a Knights Templar lineage for Freemasonry. At the age of twenty he was chamberlain to the Elector of Cologne, and subsequently chamberlain to the Elector of Saxony, a Councilor of State and an adviser to the Habsburg Emperor.

To state that the original Baron had a rather unfortunate moniker is a gross understatement. It means, quite literally, dog or ‘of dog’. Observant readers may also note the year of the Baron’s death as ‘coincidentally’ the same year as another massive Masonic event, namely the establishment of the United States of America by some of the World’s most powerful and influential Freemasons.

As with any structured and formalised belief system, be it ancient or modern, symbols, icons and even key words can have tremendous significance and power. It is obvious, when one studies the structure and lore of Freemasonry, that its bizarre ceremonies and rites of initiation as well as its symbolism, fascinated as it is with geometry, mathematics and numerology, are taken directly from Kabbalism.

Some Whites might sneer and dismiss Kabbalah as mere ‘Jewish Voodoo’ but they miss the entire point. What we think about Kabbalism is utterly irrelevant. The intense belief and energy the practitioners (the real ones and not the trendy film stars etc) invest in this black art gives them great powers when it comes to focusing their energies, just as any meditation, positive thinking methods or even martial art would do.

On the East Coast for the past several years, the City of Sydney, due to its grotesque status as Queer Capital of the World, as well as its general decadency, has among White Nationalist circles, often been referred to as Sodom.

So how’s this for ‘wordplay’ folks? In August there is the real prospect that the Dark King and Queen of Kabbalah will visit Sodom to address a meeting of White Nationalists! The prospect is as fuckin’ hilarious as it is chilling. Throw into the mix the Baron’s delusional ravings about commanding ‘Legions’ of loyal followers who will (apparently) sweep all the unbelievers before them (*snigger*) like some golden horde and one has a heady recipe for megalomania. Perhaps he has, running about in his pointy head, an army of dark, Nephilim-like sprites who not only give him advice (he only does what the voices tell him) but convince him they have awesome powers to eliminate his adversaries.

In fact one might wonder if this is not perhaps conclusive proof that The Baron and Lilith were one almighty piss-take from the very beginning and that their ‘handlers’ have been laughing themselves silly at the fact the scam has gone on so long and largely, apart from WPCA and Whitelaw, unchallenged. The contempt this indicates for Whites generally, and White Nationalists in particular, and judging by the demonstrated stupidity, largely justified contempt at that, is breathtaking and should greatly concern all of us genuine Racial Patriots.

We must ensure this never happens again.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Brave Trooper 'BANA' boasts he'll be there!

It’s probably just the typical FDB piss and wind, bluff and bluster but “Trooper” BANA is still promising to show up at the Sydney Forum. Just be sure to wear yer slouch hat ‘BANA’ so we can spot you easily. We certainly wouldn’t want to miss you, you fuckin' pissant clown...

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Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2007 3:49 pm

“I'm with you. I'm not forking out money, to see BVH get verbally slammed by Salaem's (sic) crew, for it to be protested against.

I'm intending to listen to what BVH has to say, and whether he can back it up without Lilith as MC. I won't be there to argue with him. Enough of his WN "brothers" will be doing that.

I see this year as as (sic) being like the annual 'DEFCON" conventions the criminal hacker community puts on each year.”

Wank, wank, wank, (ZOG) money in the bank.
“Trooper” BANA desperately trying to sound cutting edge and hardcore with his casual references to ‘hackers’ etc. What a TRULY sad fucker.

“They invite the FBI, CIA, etc, and the Feds sit and listen to the speeches. Never any agro, disruptions nor arrests.”

Blah de blah de blah…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

“If Baron von Dog is worth his weight as an IT consultant, he'd know what DEFCONs are like.”

See ya there “Trooper”.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Main Event Pt II


Old Victor Whitelaw on one of his machines...


Sad old poofter Brian 'Weezil' Stokes with his best mate, the P.C. monitor he spends most of his waking hours in front of, furiously pounding his pud while bullshitting at an Olympic representative level.

He's a One percenter Outlaw dontchaknow...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Oh mercy!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

See ya at the Forum Weez...

Anzac Hero To Attend Sydney Forum?

This from the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

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Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2007 7:47 pm

“I wouldn't miss the Salami v Baron Hotdog main event for all the bratwurst in Munchen.

Is it BYO Stein?”

Oh boy, what a treat! We really, really, really hope this is true. PLEASE God, let it be so. There are several White Nationalists who would dearly love to meet ‘BANA’ the heroic Anzac warrior (*snigger*) even more than they would Baron Von Fuckstick. This year’s Forum is shaping up to be a bumper event. Let’s hope so.

After last year’s tragic no show by Darp ‘Hard Man’ Henderson, after months of promises, and his miserably failed attempt to have White Nationalists bashed outside of Saleam’s place on the Sunday afternoon when his Black Bloc Anarchist ‘crew’ of thugs guttoed out at the last second, we are truly looking forward to…erm…meeting up.

Of course, things will not be made too easy for the FDB Red Scum to locate the venue, you’re gunna have to work for it girls, but if they fail to that’s okay because the consolation prize will be the opportunity to harass and/or picket the ‘after party’ at Tempe.

Why not drag along Joe ‘The Jew Boy’ Hildebrand, Marnie ‘Ooh Darp, you’re SOOO hard’ O’Neill or even Greg ‘We’re the fuckin’ Press and we'll do what we want’ Roberts? They are guaranteed of a good story this year. Come on girls, don’t just tease us again, show us your ugly dials, we could do with a good laugh.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vengeance is mine sayeth Weezil...

Yes folks, it’s all ‘unity’ Anarchy style over at FDB, with the “core” members paying out on some character from Canada who just ain’t ‘hard’ enough. Seems those advocates of love, peace, sweetness and light don’t appreciate it a lot when one of their number won’t get with the program and go hard on those evil, wicked ‘nazis’.

Harry 20
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Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2007 10:38 pm
“Well, I think youre (sic) pretty damned lame Little Wolf. These pricks will see it as a win for their f-upped up ideals.
Good Luck to ya...”

For creatures who seek, on one level, to contrive an image of decency, compassion, forgiveness, unity and community they certainly have a nasty and sordid history of criminal conspiracy, fact suppression, intimidation and outright thuggish behaviour.

Joined: 02 Oct 2006
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Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 7:02 pm
Post subject: Lame or not
“i could give a fuck how lame you think it is
i'm confused about some of the people here on fight dem back
thought this was about stopping hate not promoting it
i don't want to hate them or anybody else
i spent to much time trying to hate them....
my people taught me different....
forgivness (sic) and move on with peace in my heart is my way of stepping
foward (sic) away from negativity
i pray for one day we can live with our differences
may good spirits guide you peoples
little wolf”

Oh dear, that won’t do at all coming from a Red activist. Where is that from the parapets, fire in the belly, make the bastards pay spirit? That psychotic old welfare leech Weezil weighs in with his two bob’s worth.

political tar baby
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Location: Born and bred in the briar patch
Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 7:45 pm
“Littlewolf, your decision not to testify IS a win for the nazis. I can see Harry's frustration. The nazis that attacked you are Harry's locals- and they get braver every time they get away with an atrocity. He has to live with these morons every day- you can just walk away and whistle.
The bastards must be held to account for the sake of the community- but oops- we're apparently not 'community' enough for you. That's why Harry's pissed off.”

As a radical political group the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang has long ago been totally discredited with clear links being exposed between them and several terrorist organisations including the violent and lunatic Black Bloc.

Fight Dem Back has never been about conciliation, problem solving, rehabilitation, unity or any of the other catchphrases they might use in their Red Fog of deception. They have always been, from their very conception, in the sick and fevered mind of social misfit and mongrel-bred sexual pervert Mathew Hendserson-Hau, all about spite, vindictiveness and revenge.

There is nothing warm, fuzzy and ‘New Testament’ about these thugs. It’s all ‘Talmud and Torah’ eye for an eye, slay thine enemy, vengeful Old God stuff with them. Not that this approach is without its merits, particularly in a life and death struggle for Racial survival, but what does irk is the blatant hypocrisy and two faced deception they perpetrate on society with their pretence of being ‘do-gooders’ with only everyone’s best interests at heart. Particularly with their bum chums in the Controlled Media they connive to come across as virtual hand wringing social workers or crisis counselors.


With Weezil filling his role as FDB’s ‘Ming the Merciless’ and Darp playing the ‘Evil Clown’ they have maintained a criminal vendetta against White Nationalists with all the hateful bloody mindedness that only the truly mentally twisted could sustain.

Really, it was only a matter of time before even some on their own side of politics were repelled by FDB’s extreme blind hatred and insatiable lust for revenge. Mr. Littlewolf obviously came to the realisation he was dealing with some very sick units and decided he was better off staying put in his homeland.

How long before more of these Reds discover FDB is an unneeded ‘cure’ that is worse than the (non-existent) ailment?