Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fight Dem Back Armed and Dangerous

Also a member of the Fight Dem Back Terrorism Team in New Zealand

Kaoos_AF and the RAAN

Yes we all remember Queensland's own member of Fight Dem Back old Kaoos_AF. He was heard to be heading down to Victoria to hook up with his Red Anarchist Action Network chums @ndy Moran AKA Slack Bastard.

What about his comrades in the US Chimx?

And lets not forget the girls scout group of the RAAN.

The RANK and VILE New Zealand

The RANK and VILE Sydney

Luke Bastard AKA Bull Shit Detector Victorian FDB

Yes folks say hello to Luke Bastard FDB’s Anarchist in Victoria. It has been noted of late that this guy and his friend @ndy Moran AKA Slack Bastard have decided it’s cool to name and shame White Nationalists. Hey they deserve it right. Well White Law Towers thought about this and have decided because of the posting of Australian WN pictures at FDB and at Slack Bastard we will do the same. This is the first of many you will see here. A few are older photos that once belonged to various Patriotic sites in Australia and New Zealand but have since gone down the memory hole.

It must also be noted that FDB and Slack Bastard have forced our hand with this so if you just happen to end up with your mug here please feel free to take it up with Mathew Henderson Hau and his mates at Fight Dem Back.

Bull Shit Detector Fight Dem Back

Luke Bastard and his Crusty Girl

Stay Tuned more to follow.