Saturday, March 15, 2008

There has recently been some sneering derision and even outright lies coming our way from the general direction of the so-called New Right. Perhaps certain people need to get their information from the horse’s mouth rather than the ‘Chinese Whispers ‘grapevine or from trolling Lefty sites such as Fight Dem Back and believing the lies of the dribbling Red Scum illiterates. Old Victor has always been contactable. Jeezuz! If the Loony Left can find him with such apparent ease then I can’t see why people (who claim to be) on the ‘Right’ cannot do the same.

Contrary to some of the lurid stories and disgraceful smear campaigns, Old Victor and his Comrades are somewhat more educated, complex and sophisticated than the Gympie gun nuts or the stereotypical Third Reich fetishists. We are also a lot more ‘inclusive’ and ‘tolerant’ of other ideas than our opposition within the so-called ‘White Nationalist Scene’. Another aspect which sets us apart from the rest, in OUR humble opinion, is that although we are very serious about our politics we are also famous for our sense of humour. We can’t help it if most of our detractors are about as funny and amusing as a burning plane crashing into an orphanage.

From the New Right Site:




Despite the negative image of Russia that is currently being portrayed in the media, it seems pretty feasible that Putin - possibly since his last meeting with Bush in 2007 - was eventually persuaded, albeit covertly, to capitulate to Western demands. That he's a loyal friend of Russia's capitalist ruling class is not even up for debate, even if some people in Right-wing circles do seem to respect him for ousting the Jewish oligarchs several years ago.

In reality, however, Russian capitalism is no better than its Jewish-dominated counterpart and Putin's so-called 'successor', Dmitry Medvedev, is little more than a puppet of the same socio-economic regime. But when you stop to think about the vilification of Russia over the last few months, especially with the well-publicised Litvinenko affair, the systematic construction of what many people are interpreting as a 'new Cold War' is, in a sense, rather Hegelian.

The reason being, that contradiction, of course, eventually leads to reconciliation and some commentators believe that the thesis-antithesis-synthesis formula is better expressed in the dictum: 'problem-alternative-solution'. Perhaps this potential return to a bi-polar world is a shift beyond Samuel Huntingdon's 'Clash of Civilisations' strategy in which there is merely one superpower (United States) fighting against an imagined or manufactured opponent (Islam)? Let's think seriously for a moment about the relationship between the West and Russia in both a Hegelian (after Fichte) and a geopolitical context:

* thesis or intellectual proposition (Western capitalism)
* antithesis or negation of the proposition (Soviet communism)
* synthesis or reconciliation (a gradual alliance, through perestroika, between the two)
* presentation of a new antithesis (Cold War 2, Russia as the 'new' bogeyman)

... and so it goes on ...

Russia has not exactly presented a new antithesis in an ideological sense as Soviet Communism claimed to do, of course, and it was Hegel's view that no new antithesis can ever arise due to the eventual disappearance of extreme ideological and philosophical positions, but this rather idealistic perspective does not seem to take into consideration the fact that convenience will often outweigh genuine revolutionary fervour. It remains to be seen where Islam will fit into all this.

Food for thought.

I have never actually met or spoken to Troy Southgate (if that is his real name), yet after reading his pompous, execrable twaddle entitled ‘Russia in 2008. Thoughts on Hegelian Geopolitics’ I feel I might just have a pretty good idea of what makes him tick. You see, in my opinion, he fits a certain ‘type’ I am, sadly, quite familiar with. This ‘type’ will often imply, or even state out loud, that one is not actually entitled to have an opinion unless one has a University Degree.

It has been said that if one is not a ‘Socialist’ by the time one is Eighteen then one has no heart but that if one is STILL a ‘Socialist’ by the time one is Thirty then one has no BRAINS! One has to wonder what age group the author of this particular claptrap falls into and at which stage of ‘enlightenment’ he is at.

Why do some pseudo-intellectuals persist in bringing irrelevant and, often times, totally incompatible, philosophical ideologies into contemporary political commentary and dialogue? Is this simply to impress the great unwashed with their university educated credentials and to put Working Class yobs like me in our place? Does this quoting of high ranking philosophers somehow endow the author with unassailable credibility or lend any greater strength to his argument?

The Soviet Union was NEVER a Workers Paradise despite what several million hand wringing middle class westerners claimed and possibly even believed. The mercifully short article smacks of the deadly worst form of bourgeois paternalism and political dilettantism. Of course, it has always been extremely easy to be a Marxist or a Trotskyist in the (relatively) free and privileged West. This mindset it is both sadly typical of the supercilious, self congratulatory Leftism of the baby boomer privileged class and is anathema to a true Working Class White Nationalist like me.

Are the New Right merely the New Reactionaries? It would appear that the new tyranny of (so-called) Democracy which the Western Libertarian do-gooders wish foisted upon the perennially persecuted common Russian is more of the same open bordered, permissive and destructive nonsense that has ruined OUR nations.

No National leader since Adolf Hitler has been so cruelly, viciously and unjustifiably maligned and slandered by the Jewish controlled Western Media as Vladimir Putin. The facts are that Putin is the leader of an elite group of strong and determined White Russian patriots known to many Russian Nationalists as ‘The Nordic Generals' and that he and this group have greatly angered the Jewish criminal cabal of Bankers and Industrialist gangsters, known euphemistically as ‘Oligarchs’ by bringing many of them to justice and seizing their ill gotten gains for the benefit of the Russian Folk.

The Khazars’ White Genocide Program of so-called ‘Multiculturalism’ is already entering its final phases in the West and the proof of its destruction is self evident, so why would anyone claiming to be a ‘Nationalist’ of ANY shade wish to visit this abject misery upon the long suffering Russians?

With a degree of arrogance that can only be born of either cynical contrivance and mendacity or gross ignorance, Southgate states;
“That he's (Putin) a loyal friend of Russia's capitalist ruling class is not even up for debate,”
Erm, Troy me old mate? I am sorry to have to inform you otherwise. It, as with most ludicrously ill informed sweeping statements, is eminently “up for debate”.

“even if some people in Right-wing circles do seem to respect him for ousting the Jewish oligarchs several years ago.”
Troy? You say “Right-wing” like it is a BAD thing! And, yes, we DO respect him for this action.

“In reality, however, Russian capitalism is no better than its Jewish-dominated counterpart”
Troy, even if it were true that Putin is merely endorsing some weird new form of “Russian capitalism” the very fact alone that it has expunged the Khazar from the equation is both commendable and worthy of bestowing upon him the order of ‘Hero of The White Race’.

“Let's think seriously for a moment about the relationship between the West and Russia in both a Hegelian (after Fichte) and a geopolitical context:
”Nah Troy, let’s NOT!
Let’s just cut the crap and tell the God’s honest TRUTH instead of playing hopscotch around it. Putin has culled the Oligarchs. Let’s simply rejoice at that mighty achievement and hope that some of OUR politicians similarly grow a spine.

Let’s have a look at some of the more prominent differences between classic Jew controlled Western Democratic Capitalism and Putin’s new Russian Capitalism. Putin’s ‘Capitalism’ will be based on reward for hard work and will be strictly controlled to ensure no gouging and extreme profiteering occurs. With the Usurers being absent, the Common Man will be able to borrow and invest in Russia’s future without being skinned alive and sold into multi-generational economic slavery.

Russia proper is one of the Whitest Nations on Earth and, under Comrade Putin’s guidance, will maintain this strict policy of Cultural/Racial integrity. Unlike the Western Anglosphere and its allies whose nations currently resemble something out of Caligua’s Rome.
There will be none of the continuing erosion of White European core values. There will be no more of the filthy degradation, permissive and nihilistic orgy of self indulgence that accompanies ‘Western Capitalism’. There will be NO so-called ‘Gay Rights’, NO rampant and divisive ‘Feminism’, NO so-called ‘Human Rights’, NO so-called ‘Anti-Racism’.

Russia will be STRONG and INDEPENDENT and ruled with AUTHORITY for the benefit of the gestalt entity of the greater Russian Folk and NOT to the benefit of selfish, self indulgent, individualistic so-called libertarian types who really just want to dodge taxes and do as they please.

If anyone believes there is currently any GREATER White Leader in the World today then I hereby challenge them to name him!

As for ‘National-Anarchism’ in general, the more I think about it, although it does have some merits on a local level it is ultimately unworkable on a large scale and the ‘Workers’ Collectives’, ‘Anarcho-Syndicalist Communes’ or ‘Soviets’ or whatever you want to call them will simply be easy prey to large Nation States who will view them as easily digested, bite sized chunks to be ‘assimilated’ into their larger and stronger entities. Viability is the key word and, sadly, in the long term, I see ‘National-Anarchism’ as unsustainable.

Oh, and Troy, you can stick your pretentious “dictum” right up your RECTUM!