Monday, May 12, 2008

"Anthony Main" King of the Burger Flippers

This individual Anthony Main, king of the burger flippers was last seen protesting outside the Victorian Football Federation in Thornbury, Victoria. On that day, he was there to display his intolerance for a group different from him in holding their own concert in another part of Melbourne. "Anti-racism campaigner Anthony Main said the concert included overseas white power and local skinhead music groups.
"It's racist music to the extreme, but it's also a way for those guys to network and to meet," Mr Main said."

This pig faced, curly headed individual is simply full of hate for those that do not follow his vision of the truth, namely Marxist socialism. As can be read from the Melbourne May Day '08 article on the New Right website his tolerance was again on display. Instructing people who came to put "people before profits" to Fuck OFF and threatening the violence of so called heavies. It is his way or the high way. No wonder, when you have friends like "Andy Slackbastard" whose blog advertised Main's protest outside the football federation.

Andy Slackbastard, whoʼs website was recently taken down due to libel before rising from the dead, has seen fit to upload images of many decent concerned Australians including those below 18. Sure he leaves the under-18's up for a short time and then takes them down however in the meantime he knows very well that hundreds of downloads of these youngster's has occurred.

No doubt these people periodically displayed on Andy's website will also be threatened with the Anthony Main construction 'heavies. Standard Fight Dem Back tactics.

It is too bad for your Mr Marxist Main, that nationalists respect the working man and are vastly represented by working people in our ranks. They are sick of being used as pawns for your utopian, radical egalitarian ends.