Wednesday, June 04, 2008

So it’s a fight they want? That can be arranged.

Oh the joy of it all. But first we must reprint those emails from “Mathew Henderson Hau”. You remember them they were (and we say were) on the Eternal Darp blog that has since been removed. Oh it will be back bigger and better. Just on another site from another country that cannot be blackmailed. Just give us a month.

Yes folks the emails that reveal that Mathew Henderson Hau not only stalked old Benny Boy but also entrapped him so they could blackmail him for info. Yep Blackmail. You will also see how Mathew Henderson Hau attempts to squirm away from his alter ego Agent Chinchilla. One minute AC is working for FDB the next he is saying that this fella works independent of them. Funny that. We shall also introduce you all to another anonymous thug Jason Giddyup. Yes folks we are dealing with a bunch of children with zero credibility.

But first from the start.

Darp Hau
Posted: Sun May 25, 2008 2:09 am Post subject: Old WPCA bumchums at it again

"Man we go again. Prepare for a whole new stellar webpage of old posts from my blog and some HULLARIOUS new pics from my facebook account."

Would that be the face book account that you invited a certain person to join? You know the guy the one you are blackmailing. "And they are HULLARIOUS, barely a week goes by at uni without a themed party or whatever."
The only problem with this is that Mathew is the only one who gets dressed up. I guess he likes looking like an idiot.
"Still, such japes and laughter are specially reserved for those to whom I deem the honour of labelling 'my friends', not old Nazi tosspots who have a homoerotic obsession regarding pics of me with my shirt off (of which there certainly is no fucking shortage, I tells ya)." I guess he is correct about one thing, sure as hell no shortage of poofy pics. It’s all about Mathew Henderson’s ego. Something that he is very fond of.

"I guess we'll have to pull Agent Chinchilla (Mathew Henderson)out from deep cover (interesting that he is claiming that this person is working for FDB)and run some HULLARIOUS pics of these blokes complete with some VERY dirty cybersex conversations." Well I guess he can do that. Who knows what photos of Benny Boy they have? We would not know. Nor do we care. Obvious Ben was not very happy about it. After all he was just doing what a lot of other Australian men do that is stuff around on the net with a woman. How was he to know it was some bloke from FDB. Who knows what they did with these pictures? Very sad indeed."Oh, there is also a fuckload of emails and PM's dealing with their plotting, scheming and gonad busting rage at not being able to work out who the fuck any of us are (except for me)." No Mathew we do know a few of you. But at Whitelaw its one at a time. It starts with you and it will finish with you. Once we all get in a court of law the whole bloody lot of you will be outed for public scrutiny. "Yes, final exams are three weeks off ...but I'm SO up for this one"

Oh good another worthless copy write lawyer. I guess that will help in preventing people from using your own words against you. Well in Australia anyway.

Moving along, lets allow Agent Chinchilla to take this story forward. We have no idea who this person is but our guess it’s probably @ndy or it could be Mathew Henderson. We can only assume. We do know this person is not from QLD. In fact nobody from FDB are in QLD.

Posted: Sun May 25, 2008 2:47 am Post subject:

"I need a shower. After the last seven months of dealing with dirty Nazi fantasies it relieves me greatly to know that my stint in deep cover is at an end. My thanks to ZOG for extracting me at this very fortuitous time (my fucking thesis is due!) Over the years, FDB has brought you some highly amusing insights into the inner workings of Aus/NZ's but what is about to follow will have you falling off your chairs in stark disbelief. You will hurt yourself laughing and you will burn your eyes from looking at some images that are DEFINITELY not safe for work! What's great about it all is that it has all come to us willingly, via me. It's amazing what a lonely and horny Nazi is prepared to share with a girl"

Well seven months working for FDB. Seven months of stalking someone using the Internet. Seven months of pretending to be a lonely woman so they could entrap him and Black mail him. Hell you guys are very sick. And I think you may have broken just a few laws on the way. But we are not lawyers so we will just pass this info onto the Police in NSW. Again we can only assume that Mathew Henderson Hau has had full knowledge of this illegal operation judging from his first comment.

And now behold the back down. Not like we have never seen this before. Once again Mathew Henderson Hau.

"Well ... there have been some backroom discussions going on with the staff at Whitelaw Towers and it seems they've had a change of heart:" Nope no change of heart at all. This was what we call an independent White Law operation. Once we had seen what was going on the senior partners got involved. Hence here we are.

"The lovely pics have come down and it seems all we're in for is YET ANOTHER massive cut/paste of old blog quotes (which is fine by me, I can never get enough of it and I know you guys are the same)." So why are you so persistent in having them removed? Did you inform bloger that you did not mind? Is it not FDB that actually publishes pictures of people they have illegally taken. Seeing as these are photos already on the net why have you contacted Bloger and had then removed? Because you bastards are nothing but hypocrites. Considering you started this it’s a bloody joke that you now complain about privacy and security issues.

"So I've asked Agent Chinchilla to chill for a bit ...though this was all her op and it pretty much began and took place independently of FDB so it will be her call." Total Bull shit Mathew. You have already stated that this is an FDB operation. Are you not the head of this group? Or have you retired? No matter all will be revealed one day.

Now those emails.

From: Mat Henderson-Hau <>Date: Tue, May 27, 2008 at 12:40 PMSubject: Re: alsoTo: Benedict W Ben,

"We're both coming at this from a similar angle.I certainly have better shit to do and possess no desire to waste even10 minutes in my busy days to fire off DMCA notices to Google to havecontent removed. As I stated previously, it doesn't really affect ME,it's more my friends that I care about. You'd understand that? Peoplethat have nothing to do with it having their pics posted up on a Nazisite?"

Nazi site? If you say it enough it will come true Mathew. Now friends you say. What like the ones of Mr. Perren's who have nothing do with his politics that FDB and Greg Roberts attempted to blackmail. Again it started with you."

How shit all came about from my end is that much of the East Coast FDBstuff is in the hands of the 'kids'. I generally have no fucking ideawhat is going on until I get a phone call that some idiot like Perrenis running pics of me or whatever. It is only then that I getbraindumped on what has been going on behind the scenes with variousintel gathering stuff."

The kids? That would be agent chinchilla? Mathew is once again attempting to distance himself from FDB criminal antics. We will say once again FDB have no one in QLD. And if they did it is obvious they are using a minor to break Australian Law.

"So mate, I truly feel for you. Having witnessed a number of mates overthe years get themselves off Zoloft, effexor and all those other nastypills I understand that this is a pretty fucking big achievement andit's not one I am keen to see pissed all over."

OK but did FDB stalk Ben over the last 7 months? Ben had got out as far as FDB were concerned so why did they persist in stalking him.

Your position is fairly clear from my perspective. Perren and co arenot your mates. Sure, neither am I but I never pretended to me. You'vebeen used by blokes like him as a 'useful idiot' from day one to doall the dirty work that they're too gutless to do. Your fearlessnesshas never been a weakpoint for you but the older guys have exploitedthat. So where are they now? What are they saying now? Do theyunderstand your position or are they just giving you more shit?

Um hello not our mates? Useful idiot? Fearless? Oh my god you have no idea. Lets be clear here. At no time was Ben forced into doing anything. In fact it was Ben who approached us. Ben is thirty that makes Mathew Henderson older than Ben. Exploited? We did not set him up with a fake MSN contact and collect pictures of him. And we do understand his position. He is moving on but we will fight for him and every other person you bastards have attacked over the years.

"As I stated previously, no skin off my nose to keep filing DCMA's andyanking pics but the blog has pissed off some friends of mine who arewell connected (we're talking retired QC's and shit). A subpoena hasbeen filed in accordance with Blogger's TOS which will force them todivulge the identity of the user posting on,

This comes back to Aussie law after that and FOI requests through therespective ISP's. From then, well whoever has been posting up stuffmay find themselves in the shit. anyway, making a positive ID at law as regards the blogs isprobably several weeks off as this shit takes time.I'm content to wait out that time."

Do it, drag me into court you smarmy bastard. I do not care if I win or lose. It wont cost me a cent and I will get to see all your mates. Yep just bloody well try it. I am willing to fight this until its over and Fascist Left Wing pricks like you are just a distant memory.

"Now, 'the kids' are getting antsy and can't quite seem to grasp thefact that it's not actually you running the blog and posting pics."
Ha like I said no bloody idea. Boy you lot are so stupid.

"Sure, you were the first one to stumble onto facebook and tipped offPerren and Campbell but after I called you up on it you pulled yourhead in."

Yes you did. Lets see how did that go? Hello Ben Mathew here um we have been stalking you for seven months and have a shit load of pictures of you that we will publish at FDB blah blah."So I'll try and talk to them about that." Yes and when we all end up in court you Mathew will have to reveal to all of us who they are. Then you guys will be on the other side of the dock.

"If you could explain whatexactly happened this time, I'd be much appreciative. ie, you'reminding your own business (well, atleast staying out of mine) and thena week ago the 'darp jew' pic goes up and I KNOW that one was yourdoing as neither of the two other idiots can use photoshop and theimage looked identical to shots you did of myself and Liz. Ok, so youDID have something to do with kicking off this latest round of shitdid you not? When I called you on it again, you appeared to haveenough influence to get it all pulled down."

Well no Mathew it was put up and then taken down with out my knowledge. It was me that put it back up. Why because we never take a backward step when it comes to showing the world that you and FDB are nothing but small time criminals.

"I'm not threatening or saying 'if you don't do this, I will do this'.I'm just asking you, man to man - what is going on. More for the pointthat we only want to go after the main perpetrator. Eg, if this is allPerren then there's no need to Campbell to cop any shit over it. Ifit's all Perren, then there's no need for people to keep pointing thefinger at you.If you'd prefer not to put anything in writing, my phone is on 0411 438 347."

My god have you ever read so much bullshit? It reminds me of the Afro American in American History X.


From: Mat Henderson-Hau <>Date: Mon, May 26, 2008 at 3:31 PMSubject: Re:To: Benedict W

"Fair call man.But look at the situation objectively. I pretty much have fuck all todo with FDB thesedays except for when bored cunts like Peter Campbelland Jim Perren (and YOU!) kick this shit off and drag me back in. Nowthis requires a minimal effort on my part to retaliate. One phone callto one of the guys/girls still running the show and and my inbox ischockablock full of the shit you guys have been scheming both on andoffline. Yes, we know you're posting as Ozziefella on ANN, we knowCampbell and Perren are as fucking crazy as ever and will probably goto their graves nursing an un-natural obsession regarding me and mypecs. I'm STILL waiting for this private eye they keep talking aboutevery few months."

Ok just like the FDB private investigator Tim Heggarty? Or is that also agent gerbil/agent chinchilla? My god this is so childish I have problems with even reporting on this. For us to shake you dirty little left wing fascists off our back we shall employ who ever we like. And then let the lawyers have a field day with this crap. If not lawyers certainly the Police in NSW and QLD.

"Dude ..just stop for a second and have a look at those two blokes inparticular. Look at the lives they lead. You've got a deranged Rooshooter living in the sticks whose only pleasure in life comes fromUDL premix tinnies. Hardworking? Bah ..that cunt and his missus havebeen committing welfare fraud on/off for god knows how long."

Ooops a slip up, this has been reported and we shall let the powers that be sort this out. We can say that the DSS have been informed about Mathews claims as far back as 2005.

"Campbell...mate want my honest opinion? Now, this is buttressed byformer 'kids' who he hung out with in the old WPCA days telling usthat the guy is pretty much a tortured closet homo. I can only pickthat from some of the twisted crap he writes and the luriddescriptions he provides of the male form but people have told usabout some very 'creeped out' evenings they've had driving around withhim."

Oh god is that all we get from Mathew? As you will see from other emails sent on to Whitelaw, Mathew is actively pushing the homo kiddy fiddler angle. Its not like we published naked pictures of a 13 year old like Brian Stokes of FDB has.

"So essentially you're dealing with two of life's classic losers. I'msure you don't want to follow in their footsteps. I'm glad you'recontinuing to get your shit together and I sincerely hope that thiswill be the FUCKING LAST time I have to deal with you in this context.Remember six months back? I yanked Liz Wise off your arse and let thisshit go away quietly without retaliating? How lenient do you expect meto be if this shit happens AGAIN?Mate, I've got nothing to lose. EVERYONE in my circle of friendssupports what FDB does, they KNOW I have lunatics like Perren andCampbell writing crap about me on the web and sending letters to theLegal Profession Admission Board and other bodies (that was Thommo'sfave trick). Importantly, some pretty fucking high up people ingovernment and business have written to all relevant authorities withglowing references on my behalf concerning the work of FDB with thewarning to expect letters and threats from the likes of Perren andCampbell. My life in the law is set, my graduate placement within oneof Australia's top commercial firms is secure after I clerked for themover the summer."

Well when we get to court or when the PI is finished what ever comes first we will test this theory of his circle of friends.

"So mate ...running facebook pics of me dressed up like a retard onharbour cruises or cavorting around pissed off my head with my shirtoff combined with old blog posts really achieves nothing. It may causea lot of hand-rubbing and satisfaction in Perren-Campbell world but inthe overall scheme of things, it achieves nothing other than pissingoff some powerful friends of mine and granting ME the right to hitback in a similar vein."

Nope I have spoken to Mr. Perren and he does not give a crap about pictures of you Mathew.It’s your circle of friends this writer is interested in now. Oh and emails such as this does nothing but piss us off.

"I need to mention the blog posts some more. One day it will dawn onthose two that 99% of people who read that shit actually find it funnyand understand the humorous context in which it was conceived. It willbe published one day, I've got no doubts there."

Mathew you just believe that. It sure as hell not the feedback we are getting. Published? We hope, in a court of law. \

"Obviously the consequences for you and Campbell in particular arequite dire if I so choose to do similar shit to you guys (ie run picsand convos). Naturally, there is media interest because of both ofyour pasts and mate ..I'm sorry ..but photos of you with your shirtoff, a builder's belt on and a hard hat doing a faggy dance are aFUCKLOAD more funny than any of the stupid shit I get up to on thepiss."

Media here we go again. We understand that your circle of friends includes people from the media. Your influence is also noted. I think we all get the picture now. So will the Attorney General.

"Societal rejects like Perren and Thommo are pretty much immune to thiskind of fight though seen as they already live a life that isbasically one rung above cockroach level.YOU have to keep your focus about where you wanna be in life and notlet rejects like that egg you on into doing stupid shit you know willfuck up in your face."

He was doing just fine until you and your media hounds attacked him. If Ben does do anything to harm himself you have yourself to blame. But that was the plan all along wasn’t it Mathew.

"So ...we understand eachother I'm sure. Understand that this round of'tit for tat' is shit started by you lot. If you and the dipshits wantto get along in life without having to worry about what Darpy has inhis bag of tricks, leave my facebook alone and don't piss me off.Simple."

Bag of tricks circle of friends media influence. Do it.

Now onto the threats from agent chinchilla. I know this is all getting very childish But from the looks of things it will end messy.

Agent Chinchilla wrote

"So the hiring of PI's is now fair game? Well. I have no shortage of funds so let's go boys!"

Now we all remember that in 2005 and 06 FDB claimed to have a PI investigating many of us. So once again FDB either are liars or have very bad memories.

"Not that we actually need to hire them of course ..."

No because they source all our info from the net. Because many of us have been very foolish in believing that words have no consequence. Also from trolls such as this person who join White Nationalist forums to collect info. Hell they are usually the biggest Nazis on the boards. If Mathew ever gets around to taking us all to court he will have to divulge the identity of these plants. Then we will see who the racists are.

"Sing it with me "ANN is leaking like a Siv doo-da, ANN is leaking like a siv oh-doo-dah-day." Well, ANN isn't actually leaking, it's just the gullible dicks who run the place who will do anything for MSN flirtation with a real live woman!"

Entrapment once again. Now who is agent chinchilla? Is he/she a minor working for FDB? Who is the useful idiot? Who is taking advantage of minors? Yes, Mathew Henderson Hau and FDB.

Agent Chinchilla

"Bloody hell, the master race isn't so good at spelling or grammar.It should be "why so QUIET" ..not "QUITE"Fuckin retard.Aaaah Jim. Just keep knocking off Australia's military relics from the Milne Bay Museum and trying to flog them off to collectors."

Here we once again see that Mathew Henderson Hau who defamed Jim Perren and the Milne bay Military Museum in 2006 and 05 is still spreading malicious lies about him. Once again agent chinchilla is reading from the Henderson script and using very old material. So much for up to date hard-hitting info from the QLD FDB “kids”.

We all get the idea. He has sent various other emails all harping on about how innocent FDB are and what evidence we have blah blah. Not to mention claims about Mr. Perren being part Native and or Arab. Very childish stuff. I will save the best till last. This is from one of Mathews innocent friends. Seems it only gets more childish by the minute. And the claims get more desperate. Sorry folks this isn’t high school stuff but from a Uni student. Our country is in big trouble with idiots like this at the helm.

Please note the threats and the usual Henderson mantra. Whitelaw take all threats seriously. We shall defend ourselves to the best of our abilities at all times. We shall not back down from left wing thugs and are ready for the day that they actually attempt violence against us. Spelling you say agent chinchilla, hell get a load of this.

Jason Giddyup

"Hi losers,What a sad, sad, sad pair of old twats you are. Stalking someone's facebook like a pair of old paedophiles and then hosting your own gay little website to toss off to. You'll find my picture on Hendo's facebook, you can steal that and post it up, I don't care because I don't fear sad old faggots like you who seem to have an obsession with younger, hotter men. Run this email on your blog, go on. Goes to show what you know about the law when you consider people emailing you and telling you off as a threat. This is not a threat, this is just a plain insult "YOU ARE TWISTED OLD BITTER RACIST COCKS WITH AN OBSESSION WITH YOUNG MEN."

Jason Giddyup

"Yes it is mate ...never seen a facebook account I suppose all those pictures just escaped from your arse. you wanna make sure they didn't give you brain damage on the way out.Seriously. I'm an anglo. Yeah I sometimes get the shits with the state of the world and yell at asian drivers. yet I have asian mates. i get the shits with how some lebs carry on, but i have leb mates who are good guys. i play footie with people of all nationalities and see redeeming features in most ethnicities.I look at your worldview and seriously question your sanity.

I see someone who is stuck in a victimhood frame of mind and felt they were never going to make anything of their life so they sat back and blamed others. Blame blame blame ..if you can't get a job, an immigrant took it, if your phone gets cut off, the jews are messin gwith your shit.40 is old and you're more of a dinosaur than most. and just so you know, you're pissing off plenty of people that you do not want to piss off. dont start a fight when you know the reinforcements on the other side will blow you away which is something may be likely to happen should everyone stop treating you and your stupid blog as the sad pathetic jokes that they ever read studies on how 90% of skinheads are closet homo's? I'm certain you've slurped on a few cocks in your time judging my your obsession with young boys.Print that in full you old paedo!"

And with that we now understand that this will end now. Bring it on girls we are ready. My advise to Mathews friends. Get a new idol and medical insurance. Oh and by the way this Jason guy sounds a tad racist and very gay. Must be one of those Sharpies he is talking about?