Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Anti Fa Ha Ha

Well folks the question we must all ask ourselves is do we take them seriously? If we believe this news story from the UK maybe we should.

27th July
Daily Star Weekend
By Rick Lyons.

AN anti-fascist organisation hell-bent on violence is targeting the British National Party’s summer festival.

The hardline group Antifa – who advocate the use of extreme violence against neo-Nazis – are calling on members to descend on the Red, White and Blue Festival next month. The organisation has members all over Europe and were responsible for the decapitation of the waxwork Adolf Hitler at Madame Tussauds in Berlin.

They are now targeting the BNP’s festival. Gerry Gable, of anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, said: “Antifa like getting stuck in basically. “They are related to groups in Germany and other parts of Europe. They will confront Nazis wherever they find them. They’re really quite intimidating and scary.”

Antifa is using left-wing message boards to rally support for direct action against the festival. Police were so concerned about the prospect of violence at the festival they advised councillors to refuse the BNP a licence to hold the two-day event in Denby, Derbyshire, from August 15.

They told a council meeting the BNP would need a 10ft fence, floodlights and up to 400 security staff to stave off a clash with the Antifa hardliners. But despite the warnings, the BNP has vowed to go ahead with the bash.

One chilling internet posting from Antifa read: “If you too are sick of the baffling success of these thick tw*ts, their lies and their hate, we urge you to join our mobilisation. “We will be descending on their farm and wish to encourage as many people as possible to join us. We at Antifa intend to shut it down.”

So are these people truly a threat? Has the Anti Fa movement in Australia got the balls to confront the Fascist menace? First of all we must look at the Anti Fa and then we must look at who the so-called Fascists are.

The Anti fa team in Australia consists of one main group Fight Dem Back. These sexually confused socially retarded people have claimed to be Australia’s leading Anti Fascist group. For this reason Australian Nationalists should be thankful
Sure FDB in the beginning seemed to be holding all the cards? But truly what did they ever achieve? As far as we can see all the people they attacked are still active. Many Pro white Groups have actually prospered since FDB turned up. And besides a few hiccups on the way the White Nationalist movement has stood together to confront FDB. They are the ones who now hide and cower from the limelight.

As time passed it has become apparent that the more militant members of FDB have gone back to what they do best, not much. In fact it would seem that besides Andrew Moran AKA Slack Bastard FDB is nothing more than a cut and paste web site.

It has been noticed that the only time Fight Dem Back get any traffic is when this blog writes an article. So besides the early attempts at violence that have been well documented on this site and at the Victor Whitelaw blog FDB for all intensive purposes are nothing but gutless maggots. This has also been well documented.

So who are the Fascists? Well if we read the above news story that would be anyone who belongs in the following categories.

1/ A person of White European Heritage

2/ A nationalist of White European Heritage

3/ Anyone who belongs to a group that supports White Europeans

4/ Anyone who is not Left Wing.

5/ Anyone who questions or thinks independent of the ruling class.

Of course we must also mention the handful of National Socialists that actually exist in this country who would number at least 10. Not forgetting the handful of pro National Socialist Skin Heads in Australia. By this author’s calculations the number of actual practicing Fascists in Australia would number about 50 with another 50 who will fall by the wayside sometime in the future. So we could easily say that at any one time Australia would have only 50 hard core National Socialists and or Fascists at any given time. Of this 50 only 1 or 2 of these would be classed as the uniform wearing type. Hardly a threat one would think?

But if we look at the categories listed above of non Fascist but pro European pro White pro Christian people or groups in Australia we can easily see that these numbers would be in the hundreds of thousands maybe in the millions. These are the people who are what the Anti Fa groups in Australia and other White Nations label Fascist.

Labels can be a useful tool. And groups such as Searchlight in the UK and FDB in Australia use this as a weapon and up till now very successfully. Hell it’s the main weapon in the arsenal of these social outcasts.

But is there a change in the wind? Should Australian Nationalists heed the warning of the above news story from the UK? Should they now prepare for violent confrontation with these more militant Anti Fa? Many are already ready. In fact many pray for the day that Anti Fa in Australia take the battle into the streets and off the net. The net is the domain of the eternal nerd. The anonymous keyboard commando. The streets are not safe for these types of people unless they are traveling in large numbers. And they know this.

Or is this a case of media hype? If we are to believe sites such as Slack Bastard the Fascists are winning the war on the streets. The amount of cut and paste news stories talking of evil fascists in Russia and Europe all claiming that the Anti Fa are being killed on a daily basis. The streets in Russia are red with the blood of Anti Fa supporters and Non Whites.

You and I know that this is media spin. We know that the chances are these people who are committing these crimes are just as likely to be supporters of Communism or some other ism. But a label is a label. And nothing is more shocking than being labeled a Fascist in the Western World. Evil White people are Fascists and Evil Non Whites are usually Militant Muslims. Fits the Zionist agenda perfectly.

But a funny thing happens when the media report the intentions of violence from Anti Fa groups. A strange thing indeed. The people who they disagree with, you know the ones listed from 1 to 5 ends up having their gatherings or demos shut down for the reason of public safety. Yes folks the police and or civil servants attack the victims not the perpetrators. This all works just fine for the Anti fa groups. Another weapon in the Anti fa inventory. Label and lie is the name of the game.

FDB still believe that if they shout louder than us and deny our right to free speech they shall overcome us. On the other hand Anti Fa in Europe have developed a strategy of not only denying our right to freedom of speech but now deny us the right to associate and assemble. They use our gatherings as a chance to riot or threaten a riot and cause civil disturbance on the streets.

You see folks we are not the haters, hell we are not even the Fascists. Many of us actually come from a Left Wing background. The difference is we didn’t stop asking questions. We have pride in who we are. We are the lucky ones the ones that are not from mixed race relationships we are the ones whose parents did not subscribe to the Melting pot of coffee colored people. That makes us Fascists? We are the ones who ask simple questions like why is it that all the White Western Nations must take on all the races of the world yet Japan, Thailand and many other Non White Nations including Israel do not? That makes us Fascists?

We are all that stops the Globalists and the traitor class from total victory. We have fallen into the gap. The Marxists and the Anarchists have lost their way. They are now useful tools for the Globalist. They are to busy reading about the past and its many different interpretations to understand the true state of the world. These new age Marxists hate the system as we do yet they preserve it, feed it and help it enslave the people of the world.

It’s not the 50 hard core National Socialists in this country that are the problem. It sure as hell isn’t the majority of the White Population of this country that is the problem. It isn’t even the majority of the Left that are the problem. It is the fascists who prevent others from speaking publicly on issues of race. It is the fascist Anti Fa network that discriminates against us because of our politics! They claim their reasoning is because we are violent Nazis. But we know as well as they that this is not true. They silence us because we stand in the way of the Globalists.

So what should we do? I will tell ya. Get out there get active! While they are running around chasing fascists phantoms and dreaming of Cuba spread our message of White Solidarity. Don’t let them take root in this country. If you hear of a pro white demo no matter what group is holding it, support it. Turn off the PC get out on the street and get active. Shut them down.

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