Monday, August 25, 2008

Mathew Henderson is Retiring.

Oh boy looks like a lot of drinking at FDB of late?

Seems little Henderson was trying to run away from his criminal antics. What a joke. Hell he knew from the get go that Whitelaw will never stop until we feel that the victims of FDB have tasted some type of Justice. All though some of us can take a bit away from this latest BS from Henderson it just doesn’t close the book on him by a long shot.

So it would seem that Henderson has made a few enemies. Hell that’s a surprise. But if he wishes to blame Whitelaw staff and its associates of making crank calls well I guess he puts himself back on the radar.

Not to mention his silly attempt to stop Whitelaw staff from raising funds via Pay Pal. Preventing the many victims of FDB from having access to information that may help them in future legal proceedings.

Looks to me that Henderson deserves all he gets. So much for his “boring world of lawyering”. The simple fact is that he will never be accepted so he may as well go back to being the bothersome spoilt little mummy’s boy we all know best.

So when will Whitelaw stop? Never. Henderson was and is just the first. He started this crap so of course it is our job to show the world what a fake and scum bag he is. When we finish with him I think we shall focus on Brian. Our third man on the list is dead so Cam you can take his place. Sadly @ndy is a little bit further down the track. But we figure his own people will bring him down soon enough.

You see we truly do not wish to shut down this group. They have just as much right as we do to believe what ever they like. Our guess is if FDB were a little more tolerant and left wing they would probably get a lot more support. Hell some of its members have shown a lot of dedication in the past. They would be the ones that no longer post or visit FDB anymore. Fact of the matter is that the traditional left does not support FDB as much as big business and Neo Conservatism support them. One look at the Let Them Eat Cake attitude at FDB is enough to show all who runs that show.

The sheer arrogance shown at FDB will be its own destruction. I would wager that many of these dedicated left wing peoples are busting at the sides to see the end of Mathew and his friends.

You see you cant be an Anti Fascist when your behavior is of a Fascist nature. Please Mathew leave the Fascism to us. Traditionally it is ours so go join the Labor party ASAP. Hang on you are already a member. Crickey what does that tell ya Asher? I think our Jewish friend from NZed is backing those big bad Zionists.

Reminds me of the DIY event held in Brisbane by the Anarchists from Rev Left. The sign out front said that any bad behavior would have the big bad Anarchists call the Police? Maybe @ndy was running it after all?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cut The Crap

Err ...ok, these retards can't seem to read without looking for subtext and subterfuge.

Gee! I wonder WHY that'd be?

‘s funny, dontcha reckon, how it’s always the White Nationalists and Racial Patriots who are the supposed ‘retards’ regardless of their eminently demonstrable pragmatic intelligence and practical life skills and despite the equally self evident fact that it is FDB which is the greatest ‘sheltered workshop’ on the Internet, peopled as it is by largely spoilt Middle Class brats and bored, self loathing directionless dilettantes. But, hey, what more would you expect from contemptuous, bourgeois elitists who’ve ‘been to Uni’ dontchaknow and quite clearly have the ‘right’ to deny the so-called ‘free speech’ they bleat about to any unfortunate enough to entertain a philosophy contrary to their own? And besides, what sort of morally superior campaigner for “social justice issues” goes about slagging people off as “retards”? Isn’t that a tad insensitive to genuine window lickers?

No deals, and I am not trying to set up a 'meeting' with anyone in particular.

The only “deal” you’re likely to be offered from your many victims, Darpy boy, is “Granite or Marble?”

The story is this, pure and simple.

Not HALF as ‘simple’ as YOU Darpy boy, you USEFUL IDIOT!

Over the last month a number of neo-Nazi toolbags have been sending me threatening SMS's and making threatening (and downright bizarre though non-threatening) phone calls.

Please feel free to entertain and ‘educate’ us with the details Darpy boy. I say elucidate, son!

I am not pointing the finger at anyone in particular, the Aussie neo-Nazi universe is a varied plethora of nutjobs.

If that WERE the case, Darpy boy, then the so-called “Neo-Nazi” scene would be a veritable facsimile of your own group…but…it ain’t!

It could be anyone.

Well, this inane statement begs the question…why blame the White Nationalists?

A number of these phone calls ended when I requested of the person anonymously ringing me to name a date and time and I will meet them in person to discuss whatever problems they have.

Well, whaddya expect Darpy boy, your fearsome reputation has obviously impressed people so much they fear your very words…

“Brave, brave, brave…brave Sir Robin!”

These anonymous people usually hung up when pressed.

Would that be like “pressed” ham or “pressed” trousers?

So...I've decided to put out a date and time where I will be (tentatively next Thursday night at 10pm at Revesby Workers) where ANY of these idiots who have been ringing me can say what they want to say to my face in safe secure environment. Of course, if Pete and Jim want to come along, fine.

Yes, well…that’d be just dandy woudn’t it Darpy boy?

Get a few justifiably hot headed White Nationalists into a club bristling with video surveillance and teeming with brutal Pacific Islander security guards. So…let’s see…

The entire show is a win, win for you Darpy boy. At the very least you get to see what the W.N’s all look like and get some very handy ‘happy snaps’ to post up on the ‘net. You also get to record their voices. At the very worst, you get what you’ve always wanted and that is a violent ‘incident’ to cement your self constructed image as a martyr to the cause of so-called ‘Anti-Racism’… Perhaps even the hired, no-necked goons get to bust the W.N.’s up a treat…

Let’s extrapolate this a little further. YOU have a contact or two at that club, perhaps it’s one or more of the mouth breathing knuckle draggers or maybe it’s even someone at a management level. All of whom you give your sob story to prior to that arranged time about how you’ve been ‘victimised’ for your noble stand against hate ... blah…blah…blah…
You then get a Media whore or two and perhaps even some of your legal mates to be ‘innocent bystanders’ and ‘key witnesses’ to you copping an absolutely guaranteed floggin’ from one of the W.N. lads. Because, let’s face it, no White Nationalist with a heart and a genuine belief in his Race could breathe the same air as a filthy mongrel like you for more than a few seconds before being overcome with rage at your crimes against White Humanity. You have it all on the club’s security surveillance files, beautifully rendered in high definition digital colour…and…voila!

So, you see, Darpy boy? There is absolutely N.O.T.H.I.N.G. in it for the W.N.’s…nil, zippo, zilch…but…EVERYTHING for YOU to gain…so…GO TO HELL! The White Nationalists will deal with you on their OWN terms and in their own time.


Back Down once again.

From our strange and demented funny man Mathew Henderson.

"Err ...ok, these retards can't seem to read without looking for subtext and subterfuge. No deals, and I am not trying to set up a 'meeting' with anyone in particular. The story is this, pure and simple. Over the last month a number of neo-Nazi toolbags have been sending me threatening SMS's and making threatening (and downright bizarre though non-threatening) phone calls. I am not pointing the finger at anyone in particular, the Aussie neo-Nazi universe is a varied plethora of nutjobs. It could be anyone. A number of these phone calls ended when I requested of the person anonymously ringing me to name a date and time and I will meet them in person to discuss whatever problems they have. These anonymous people usually hung up when pressed. So...I've decided to put out a date and time where I will be (tentatively next Thursday night at 10pm at Revesby Workers) where ANY of these idiots who have been ringing me can say what they want to say to my face in safe secure environment. Of course, if Pete and Jim want to come along, fine."

Looks like Mathew is about to stage his own death. Unreal. Yet another FDB stunt that has backfired. Can anyone take these clowns serious? We apologise for the childish nature of the last few topics here we shall try and remedy this as soon as possible. If you wish to watch what the next step is please feel free to visit FDB.

But hey if you are a WN and feel like catching up with Mathew and most probably a SBS film crew drop us a line and tell us how it goes.
I guess our QLD man isn’t gunna get that call after all.

Childish Behavior.

More from that zany crazy humane rights lawyer Mathew Henderson.

"Ok. I shall set a tentative date for next Thursday night at Revesby Workers at 10pm (at that hour ZOG pays overtime). Of course the time can be negotiated. Perhaps Friday night if ZOG lets me out for Shabbat."

Looks like Mathew Henderson wants to do a deal? Or could it be something more sinister? Who cares? Henderson if you want to set up a meeting to sort this out you can ring the QLD Whitelaw Correspondent. You know his number. You handed it out enough times.

Or do you prefer to pretend to be the tuff guy on the net? You Henderson have put the ball in motion you are the one who is asking for a meeting. So you can give us a call.
I guess he thinks we should be impressed at his newfound keyboard commando tactics. What support at FDB not as good as it used to be? No bloody wonder.

Mathew Henderson Hau has been drinking again.

Seems to me that someone has been drinking and now believes his own PR. Lets rip into it.

From the one and only Mathew Henderson Hau.

“Why don't I simply state a place and time over the next couple of weeks for Pete and his bum chums to meet me face to face and they can discuss whatever they want with me to my face? I mean they're down with random creepiness like this:”

Yes Mathew why not? You have done this before need we remind you? It was a tad embarrassing last time you know.
Mathew the gutless leader. Bum chums you say? Hell I don’t think we need to point out here who the Sodomite is do we? Random creepiness you say. Hell isn’t that what has got you into so much trouble. Need we remind you of what you have said in the past? The Enemy Mathew Henderson

”Surely "staunch white men" wouldn't have a problem sitting down with me in say ...Revesby Workers and expressing their disastisfaction at my conduct. Hell, they can name the venue as long as it's a reasonably public place. I don't mind. Any takers?”

Yes Mathew no problems. Is this like the challenge you put out on the 7th of June? You recall two days after Perren had returned to QLD from Sydney?

“ Perhaps you'd like to do what Marcus from Newcastle did a few years back and challenge me to a fully supervised boxing match or something? Would an open ended UFC style mixed-martial arts match-up suit you better? Ie where pretty much everything goes except for eye-gouging or attacking the nutsack? Come on, I know you're an 'armed and dangerous' man but I'm sure you can put the guns away for a bit or have you forgotten how to throw one?” ”Coming down again for the forum this year? That should give you a few months to remind yourself you're not made of glass.”

I think if you check with your arse bandit mate Jason Giddyup who was emailing Perren you will find that this question was answered back in June. Now what was that about crickets chirping?

“Oh and we might as well start taking bets on their response to this. Whaddya reckon? A) HAH!

We won't fall for your machinations Darp - you only want to attract White Nationalists into your honey trap.

B) We will only come if you wear a singlet or tight-fitting clothing, photos just don't do you justice Darp.

C) HAH! Name a time and a place, we'll be there (so this is done yet none of the fuckers turn up)

D) Dead silence, crickets chirping. E) Lots of tough talk and posturing but NO TAKERS.”

Taking bets. Is this the behavior of someone who gets raving reviews from the Financial Review? Is this the behavior of a respected Social justice/ Criminal lawyer? Veiled threats of violence from a community based group such as FDB. Don’t ya just love it folks how they seem to be cracking under the pressure. What a bunch of hypocrites.

“And after a flurry of "are you mad" PM's and emails, I feel I need to clarify my intentions.”

No Mathew your friends at FDB know that you will never show. We all know that you have been shown to be nothing but a spoilt little rich boy who in fact has nothing at all in common with the majority of your members at FDB. All seven of them. Hell you are not even working class. You have shown time and time again that you stand for nothing but your own ego. I would go as far as to say that if anyone has been the biggest failure at FDB it is you the founding member.

”After three weeks of prank calls, threatening calls and SMS's and now the usual shit from Jim & Pete wanting to get a PI (like THAT hasn't been an ongoing project for four years now) ...why not just cut to the chase?”

Are you saying that Perren and Pete are making prank calls? Wrong again little Mathew. You know when they call you they always state it is them making the call. Cutting to chase. What an interesting term. Hell we have been asking this question for 4 years now. Yes lets do Mathew. How about you get all the FDB founding members together especially @ndy and we get the Whitelaw staff together and we cut to the chase. Imagine that Folks.

”If people have anything to say to me, they can que up and say it to my face.”

Yes Mathew, Perren attempted this remember. After he and his family had been harassed by your friends in the media. After he had his daughter’s ph number passed around Australian Anarchists circles. Yes Mathew after he received threats of having his personal water supply poisoned you recall don’t ya? Oh yeah Mathew not to mention all those other people you and FDB have attempted to destroy with lies and slander.

What satisfaction did Perren get? You ran out the back door and showed the world how dedicated you are to the Anti fa cause. You are an embarrassment to FDB and a coward.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sniveling wimp award goes to

Mathew Henderson Hau Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 10:42 am Post subject:

"Well, it looks like Campbell & Perren will have to find another way to configure their fighting fund. I met with PayPal Australia a couple days back and had my people speak to their people and I BELIEVE that their Whitelaw PayPal account has been canned. The button isn't showing up on the blog anymore. I could be wrong, it could be a glitch and if it is, I of course retract anything I say when working to the assumption that it IS in fact, zapped. So why zap it? Because I can. "

And the crowd goes .... mild. Boy my people their people? Fairdinkum bucket anyone? I do believe Mathew has been doing a bit of this again?? Mathew WANKER

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Letter to the White Race

White Man!

We regret to inform you that your kind has been slated for termination. We, the various Third World majorities of Africa, Asia, India, South America, and the Middle East assert that your long history of success at building civilizations, developing new technologies, creating stable governments, fostering good will, feeding much of the world, and increasing peace and prosperity even amongst the riotous hordes of our own homelands, has made us envious and resentful of you. We, who make up 92% of the global population, feel that we can no longer accept the great disparity between your success and our abject failure. The solution to this inequality should be obvious to all concerned.

We are planning to invade your ancestral homelands, little by little, and to facilitate this, we have the full cooperation of your controlled media and government, academia, and law enforcement organizations. While we, personally, do not control any of these entities ourselves, we are profiting endlessly from the crypto-Marxist system put in place many decades ago by an ethnic “fifth column” which operates with complete impunity at all levels of your political, academic, and media culture. Their interference in the natural development of your constitutional republics has been indispensable to our efforts to wrest from you the control of everything that you’ve struggled to build and maintain over the last century. Indeed, were it not for them, none of our present plans would have even been possible.

By carefully controlling and managing the schools, universities, media, and press, this “out group” has managed to convince the great bulk of your racial kinsmen that not only is resistance futile, but that it is immoral, barbaric, depraved, and unworthy of a “thinking” individual. By promoting the stereotype of a “racist redneck resistance”, they have made the idea of a struggle for White Identity a veritable sin in the minds of nearly every White person. In short: they have convinced European-derived peoples that a prolonged suicide is preferable to the unmitigated evil of “racism”.

While doing this, they have pushed, inch by inch, to open the borders of ALL White nations to our own sullen masses, throwing open the gates to invasion while assuring the public that “race doesn’t matter”. Since race, in fact, DOES matter (and no one knows it better than We), they have likewise put into place a totalitarian system of “hate speech” and “hate crime” laws, to further alienate and penalize those few Whites who might harbor some simmering resentments at the increasing decay of their society and culture. All of this is in keeping with the far-reaching plans of this particular ethnic “out group”, and has been sometimes referred to as the “Long March”.

The Out Group, who maintains a sense of racial cohesiveness hitherto unknown among even the most tightly-knit of all dispersed human peoples, maintains a grip on the press and electronic media that is nearly monopolistic in its all-encompassing reach. Since they are so thoroughly in control of these organs for the dissemination of propaganda, they are in the best position to spread hostility against the White peoples of Europe and America, inciting the minority against the majority in these lands: Black against White, Latino against White, Asian against White, Arab against White, Indian against White, and so on, and so forth.

This is facilitated by decades of brainwashing, beginning in early school years, portraying Whites not as the builders of a great civilization, or the admirable leaders of the Free World, but in a lopsided, entirely slanted way as oppressors, enslavers, genocidal “Nazis”, southern Klansmen, imperialistic Colonials, and toothless hillbillies just itching for a chance to lynch the first colored individual that comes along. This brainwashing not only inflames the minorities in these now racially-mixed “schools”, but also inculcates a sense of “White guilt” that the Out Group finds particularly useful in maintaining control.

Hence, you Whites have become a neutered, egoless herd of cattle, easily manipulated and posing no threat to the Out Group, who live in perpetual terror of your ever waking up to their plans. The Out Group has a long-running resentment and fear of White civilization, and thus have worked within that civilization to undermine its cohesion and sense of purpose. The promotion of homosexuality, pornography, drugs, divorce, illicit sex, moral relativism, atheism, communism, gun control, “anti-racism”, and “civil rights”, has been the greatest boon to this subversive faction, who are but a tiny minority among you, but who wield awesome, incomparable power.

Thus, in light of the fact that you are socially, morally, mentally, intellectually, and even legally castrated, We, the teeming masses of the Third World who thirst for what you have and what we can never obtain, are going to finally swamp your once noble and advanced societies, your pristine cities and unsullied neighborhoods, and rape your countries for everything they are worth.

We are going to move in, right under your noses, and set our churches, mosques, synagogues, and strange gods up in place of your own. We will ensure that OUR celebrations and festivities and holidays are observed, while YOURS are erased from the pages of history.

We will drain the public coffers of welfare, food stamps, and all forms of social aid available. We will swamp your children’s schools, change the language in which lessons are taught, form street gangs to terrorize and torment your family, steal, vandalize, harass, threaten, and cajole you until we get what WE want.

That it will be entirely at your expense is irrelevant to us.

We will beat and murder your sons;

we will rape your wives and daughters.

We kill twelve Americans every day; your government could care less.

We have shut down hospitals with our teeming numbers. We have flooded the streets, demanding “special rights” for those millions of us that are here illegally.

We nearly had your major politicians ready to grant all of us an “amnesty” in the name of “diversity” and “equal rights”. We are filling up the ranks for unskilled labor. We are raping pre-teens. We are doing the jobs Americans won’t do.

As your global economy crumbles, and it gets harder and harder to feed your families, as your birthrate plummets and you face the eventual dispossession of the country your forefathers founded for YOU and YOUR posterity, just remember: there is nothing you can do to stop us. The Out Group has made sure that the law is on OUR side, not yours. No matter how piffling your criticism of us is, the Out Group will use their media to label you with shocking epithets and broad smears: racist, hater, bigot, neo-Nazi, nativist, White supremacist, domestic terrorist, etc.

If we want to, we can assault and kill you with near impunity. The media will not report it, and if they do, they will place the blame for the assault squarely on YOUR shoulders, not ours. In Jena, Louisiana, a White boy was beaten mercilessly by six black criminals. The media made the criminals into the victims.

We watch these developments carefully, and we like what we see. Soon, you will be a minority even in your own homelands (you are already a minority worldwide), and we will continue to squeeze and squeeze until there is nothing left of you. We will crush your countries, your cultures, and eventually, we will snuffle out your lives.

Beethoven, Mozart, Shakespeare, and all other bourgeois manifestations of your high culture will be vanquished forever. All of your legends and heroes will be spat upon, purged, and finally forgotten. Your cultural folkways will be transgressions; your identity will become a crime.

We come for your JOBS, your MONEY, your WOMEN, and eventually your LIVES. It will not be much longer now.

In closing, We, the huddled masses of the Third World yearning to “breathe free”, would like to thank the Out Group, the media monopolists and political plunderers who made all of this possible. We wish them well, and we know they wish us well, just as long as we don’t trespass upon their own homeland, which they stole fair and square several decades ago.

Adios, White man! You had a good, long run, but your day is over, and ours is just beginning. Your empire is at an end, and your race is no longer wanted here. We’ll have our fun with you while you still hang on by a thread, but soon, the thread will be cut, and the abyss yawns beneath you and the civilization your kind spawned.

Besides, many of you are even anticipating this with something akin to sick glee. After all, that’s how the TV set told them to feel. The brainwashing is almost complete, and the sheep are in line to shear.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Darp's Promising Career In The Law?

Darp came back after our last post with a link to a Fin Review article in which he was named. What? We're supposed to be impressed? He thought he was clever in not posting the entire text and thought we'd be out of pocket for the three bucks to purchase a copy. No problem. Whitelaw Towers staff rescued a copy from the local pet shop moments prior to it being shredded to line the bird cages. That valuable three bucks will be going to our P.I.

The full article is to be found on page 34 of the ‘Education’ section of the Monday the 18th August edition of the Australian Financial Review. The short story was concocted by an entity calling itself ‘Erica Cervini’ but with (so called) ‘journalists’ one can never be certain it is not simply a pseudonym permitting the hack in question to bastardise the English language, advance their own peculiar political agenda through outrageous spin and basically tell huge porkies with impunity, the non person of ‘Greg Roberts’ being a case in point.

The accompanying colour photograph of an horizon gazing Darp desperately contriving his best ‘thoughtful’ look, replete with German Army jacket over a pink faggot tee shirt is simply more (unneeded) proof of this oily flim flam man’s sense of perversity and seemingly limitless ability to con yet another reporter with his lies.


Erica Cervini

Mat Henderson has a strong interest in social justice for Non-Whites and extreme Left Wingers that is. All the rest can get fucked and make their own arrangements and believes that a law degree can help him make more positive changes in the world.”

“Positive changes”? For whom, we might ask.

He wants to work in criminal law Now THERE’S a rather unfortunate term and eventually go to the Bar. Yeah! The GAY Bar, that is and order a fluffy duck or a Cock Sucking Cowboy!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! So what ever happened to his first love and magnificent obsession of copyright litigation?

But at one stage Henderson who used to work WORK? in advertising and wasn’t happy with his career choice, thought he would never become a lawyer.
HEY! He was RIGHT!

“I wasn’t aware that graduate law degrees existed and that there would be a chance effectively to garner a law qualification,” he says.

A friend told Henderson, aged 32, that universities did offer graduate law programs, and he is now studying the juris doctor (JD) at the University of Technology, Sydney.

The program, which was introduce this year, supersedes the university’s master of law and legal practise, which Henderson began doing.

He’s happy to be studying a JD because It’s easier? he says it is known in the United States and becoming more widely known in Canada and New Zealand.

Blah! Blah! Blah!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Two Bob's Worth...

Darp Hau
Posted: Sun May 25, 2008 2:09 am Post subject: Old WPCA bumchums I’d suggest DARP would be the totally unchallenged expert in THAT area at it again

"Man we go again. Prepare for a whole new stellar webpage of old posts from my blog and some HULLARIOUS new pics from my facebook account."

It really BURNS him don’t it? Ha! Ha! Ha! And HERE’S the proof!

"And they are HULLARIOUS, barely a week goes by at uni without a themed party or whatever."

Good excuse to camp it up BIG time, eh Matty boy? Now, please explain…WHO is the TRULY“repressed homosexual”? It's just a COINCIDENCE that you are ALWAYS dressed as a total drag artist or queer boy, eh?

"Still, such japes and laughter are specially reserved for those to whom I deem the honour of labelling 'my friends', not old Nazi tosspots who have a homoerotic obsession You WISH regarding pics of me with my shirt off (of which there certainly is no fucking shortage, I tells ya).

Is that NEGROID for “I will tell you”?

"I guess we'll have to pull Agent Chinchilla out from deep cover and run some HULLARIOUS pics of these blokes complete with some VERY dirty cybersex conversations."

Hey! Isn't that extortion or blackmail or something? It's just GOT to be criminal.

Well I guess he can do that. Who knows what photos of Benny Boy they have? We would not know. Nor do we care. Obvious Ben was not very happy about it. After all he was just doing what a lot of other Australian men do that is stuff around on the net with a woman. How was he to know it was some bloke from FDB. Who knows what they did with these pictures? Very sad indeed."Oh, there is also a fuckload
Oh, Matty’s a smooth talking wordsmith alright
of emails and PM's dealing with their plotting, scheming and gonad busting rage
Oh, you mean like your Kevlar ripping Maori berserker rage? Bwahahahahahahah!!!
at not being able to work out who the fuck any of us are (except for me).
Oh dear! Didn’t you know? That’s changing…by the day…Gotta stay up with the game Matty boy…

"Yes, final exams are three weeks off ...but I'm SO up for this one"

Yeah, but is the MISSUS and some of your “powerful friends” who actually have reasonable reputations to protect? Can anyone else here smell the acrid stench of panic and fear? My guess is ol' Darpy boy will rue the day he and his FDB cohorts targeted the friends, family and workplaces of White Nationalists because now THEY have learned the technique of this stategy and will be fighting fire with fire...

"As I stated previously, no skin off my nose to keep filing DCMA's and yanking pics but the blog has pissed off some friends of mine who are well connected (we're talking retired QC's and shit).

Erm, no Matty boy “we’re” just talking “shit” there aren’t we? You are and WILL be simply a Godawful EMBARRASSMENT to your “friends” when the poo really strikes the propeller…
A subpoena has been filed in accordance with Blogger's TOS which will force them to divulge the identity of the user posting
Wank, wank! Money in the bank…for US…in the long run…

"Campbell...mate want my honest opinion? Now, this is buttressed by former 'kids' Names please who he hung out with in the old WPCA days telling us that the guy is pretty much a tortured closet homo. Hahahahahahha.......I can only pick that from some of the twisted crap he writes and the lurid descriptions he provides of the male form but people have told us about some very 'creeped out' evenings Hmmm... strange days indeed...they've had driving around with him."

But where ARE all these accusers? Waiting in the wings for their day of perjury on the witness stand in Darpy's big civil lawsuit? Hahahahahahahhahahaa!!!!!!!!

"So essentially you're dealing with two of life's classic losers.

This is absolutely HYSTERICAL stuff coming from an ambisexual, child abusing, drug using poseur, political dilettante, pathological liar, narcissistic egoist, professional “student” and mummy’s boy who was still living at home at the age of THIRTY whereas Campbell had paid off his mortgage, had three kids, an investment property and REAL money in the bank by that age. ALL of it through honest means and hard work. NOT to mention a REAL job!

It is HE who is, by any reasonable judgment, the all time, five star, Gold plated LOOOOSER... If it weren't for AIJAC and The Mossad keeping him on miserable retainers and his mum spoon feeding him, the dumb, useless fuck would've starved to death or O.D.'d by now.

WHO is the REAL “loser” Henderson? You utter FUCKSTICK!

‘fess up shitdick.

You despise Campbell and Perren because they are everything you and your limpdick faggot mates can NEVER be. Traditional, honest, hard working, straight up regular blokes with real values, morals and ethics whereas YOU are an effete, metrosexual opportunistic mongrel with the pedigree of a gutter rat. You are genetic junk and no more than a chronic DISEASE tottering about on two legs. A social sepsis slated for sterilisation. You fucking GERM!!!
I'm sure you don't want to follow in their footsteps. I'm glad you're continuing to get your shit together and I sincerely hope that this will be the FUCKING LAST time I have to deal with you in this context. Remember six months back? I yanked Liz Wise off your arse and let this shit go away quietly without retaliating? How lenient do you expect me to be if this shit happens AGAIN? Mate, I've got nothing to lose. Oh, REALLY?EVERYONE in my circle of friends

And, of course, they’d ALL be really NORMAL people would they Matty Boy? Totally representative of the average Australian community? Personally I have NEVER met ANY of these people or their type of which you speak and I meet more people in a day than you meet in a year! Do you reside permanently in a Middle Class ghetto populated exclusively by school teachers, Lesbians, Homos, Labor Party apparatchiks, retired Jewish Lawyers and Commos? supports what FDB does, So they support Computer hacking, illegal accessing of people’s Taxation and Social Security files, stalking, harassment, blackmail, libel, slander, vexatious and resource wasting reports to Police and security agencies…? they KNOW I have lunatics like Perren and Campbell writing crap about me But it’s almost ALL in your OWN words Hendo! Why whine about it? Aren’t you PROUD of your own words? Don’t you OWN them? Why would you run away from them like a craven coward? on the web and sending letters to the Legal Profession Admission Board and other bodies (that was Thommo's fave trick). Importantly, some pretty fucking high up people You know what they say don’t you Matty boy? The higher up you are the farther it is to fall. I mean to say, what about your old mate Milton the Monster? One day he’s fronting a rally at post “riot” Cronulla, full of outrage and indignation at the terror of the Aussie Nationalists, calling for the “full weight of the Law” to come crashing down on the evil, wicked ‘Racists’ and the next….well… you know the story. NOT much sympathy for rock spiders is there? I wonder how many of YOUR “high up friends” have similar skeletons in the closet, eh? Perhaps they might NOT want to be so forthcoming with their support for YOU if it means THEY will come under the close scrutiny of OUR researchers, eh? And hey, the money’s rolling in BIG TIME Matty boy. Seems we are NOT alone in our crusade to see your Legal career severely truncated. You’ve made an incredible amount of long term and totally dedicated enemies over the years and now many of them are throwing some shekels into the hat. GOOD STUFF!

in government and business have written to all relevant authorities with glowing references

GLOWING REFERENCES! Bwahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!! Oh PLEASE!!!

on my behalf concerning the work of FDB with the warning to expect letters and threats from the likes of Perren and Campbell.

Shit! You really ARE scared shitless by the TRUTH ain’t you?

My life in the law is set, my graduate placement within one of Australia's top commercial firms is secure after I clerked for them over the summer."

What? You think we’re impressed, let alone intimidated, by some half arsed photoshopped pic of you in a cheap Lowes suit and a Two Dollar polyester tie looking like some greasy Leb faggot trying to play the suave Lawyer about town and grinning like David Koch's love child? You will never be anything more than a low rent, snotty nosed, speech impaired, jumped up little mongrel wog kid who’s been played out WAY too much slack. You’re about to be reeled in though. The big smack down’s comin’ for you Henderson. You better believe it and it’s gunna be all the more satisfying for the waiting.
Here’s a PROMISE. Your legal career will be one of the shortest ever recorded in Australia’s history.

Take THAT to the bank.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Anti-Racist Action Boston Exposed!

From our comrads in the United States. posted by 131488WOLF

Anti-Racist-Action are a pack of Commie vandals posing as heroes.They claim to oppose racism, but their real purpose is to disrupt any legal gathering, protest, or any objection to Leftist or Israeli parades, marches, and events by instigating riots. They function on a passive aggressive principle. When unable to provoke their targetted opponents they throw things at the police, hoping to instigate mass arrests and event-disrupting tear gassings. Then they do an Indymedia reportback because they are, of course, friends and acquaintances of IMC.

They pose as an unrelated and objective third party. This is laughably incompatible with their profile and organizational beliefs

ARA Profile and Beliefs

:ARA began as an antiracist skinhead organization but became a gay-transformist race marxist club much like the Dead Kennedys. They use the specter of racism as a hype to exert social control on various public and private institutions and to excuse their idiotic and destructive behavior. Like 1960's panhandling gone awry, this is protest gone awry.ARA hypocritically organize as anarcho-communists yet (like Scientology) threaten lawsuits when described unfavorably by outsiders or when their relationships to local communist bookstores are reported. In this and in membership criteria and action they are censorious

When they are not stalking, they base their planning on information or brokerage provided by racial defense groups such as Hatewatch, SWC, ADL, SPLC, or Political Research Associates -- groups with an intelligence agency dual function. ARA is affiliated with the Revolutionary groups, ABCF, NEFAC, FRAC, FNB, SPUSA, WWPand also the individuals Rory McGowan (FRAC) and Mark Laskey (NEFAC).

Boston ARA's address was listed on the

h****://**********as Sabate Anarchist CollectiveP.O. Box 23**** Boston, MA02123, USA Sabate36@juno.comSAC (extinct) is comprised of its founder: Mark Laskey who runs NEFAC, operates The Lucy Parsons Center, and has proprietary coverage by Boston IMC's editorial collective.

ARA Structure:

ARA's structure is a campus-fed anarcho-communist club organized in cells. These cells organize and start riots and author content claiming to be an oppressed dissent group if not a minority group by reason of their beliefs and ideals. They alternately bill themselves as an "anti-fascist" organization, which means they are like Spartacus or any militant communist group. They are communitarian in the gang sense of the word, organizing mobs to flyer various towns in response to perceived offenses which may -- but rarely do -- include the random posting of a lone racist photocopy in town of no consequence.

The average ARA member and cell is anonymous, autonomous, cowardly (brave only in a group), internationalist and anti-nationalist youth oriented, violent, dependent upon Indymedia and on racist gatherings for venue. They are not only reactive but preemptive. They label events as racist or fascist whenever it is convenient or necessary to generate an event or add themselves to the protest rider. Their cells are secretive, paranoid, and exclusive. Here is an example of a letter to a new prospective member:

Subject: Request to mailing list Ara-support rejectedFrom: ara-support-bounces@lists.******org To: XXXXXX@XXXXXXX.comDate: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Your request to the Ara-support mailing listSubscription request has been rejected by the list moderator. The moderator gave thefollowing reason for rejecting your request:

"this is a closed list that is used for communicating informationabout or pertaining to anti-fascist political prisoners and prisonersof war. If you can prove who you are, and what A.R.A. collective thatyou are affililiated with, then you can be added. sorry for the"assholeish" nature of this, but sometime our work dictates a bit moresecurity consciousness."

Any questions or comments should be directed to the list administrator at: ara-support-owner@lists*******.org

ARA are:
--Confrontational and vigilantist.
--Communists who add homophobia, sexism, classism, McCarthyism and capitalism to the ever-growing list of race crimes

ARAs like:
--books by Noel Ignatiev, Tim Wise, Ward Churchill

ARA do:
--Wear pretentious clothing and cry wolf like the Guardian Angels.
--Wear black masks to escape punishment for illegal activity.
--Disbelieve in privacy or freedom of speech for others.
--Engage in physical assault.
--Disturb legally held gatherings, thereby violating the First Amendment.
--Make money selling rebellious stickers and hokey trinkets.

ARA have advocated:
--homosexual marriage
--illegally shutting down through physical interference all family planning clinics that do not provide abortions
--banning "hate speech" by use of force and intimidation
--brainwashing university instructors by using ARA training and screening programs

ARA have said things like:
--"We will be organizing in several different contingents with various risk levels and levels of political and tactical unity."
(Michigan ARA) ARA have engaged in:
--bogus lawsuit threats
--picketing peoples' homes

In conclusion, here is presented a description of ARA by a troll. His joke is not wide of the mark:

What the ARA really is by MTBB Thursday September 18, 2003 at 07:45 AM

The ARA is basically a group of cowardly, masked, unemployed, uneducated, drug addicted street scumoid miscreants. They panhandle for spare change so they can afford more drugs or alcohol for consumption to help them forget of how useless they really are. If they do not make enough money from begging that day, they dig through BFI garbage dumpsters to search for leftovers of rats, mice, feces, and half eaten fly infested food. They sleep in garbage bins also as its good to have a food source close to where they live. They are against soap and water and do not take baths as standing next to one of them can easily tell this from the stink they give off. They wear many layers of clothing even in the hot summer to hide their skinny bodies and needle marked chicken bone arms. They only act tough in person when they outnumber their opponents 10-1, and even then they run when confronted. The everyday working person looks at them in digust and laughs at the very sight of these pathetic losers.

Anti-racism is a cancerous creed. It's spiritual syphilis: It rots the brain, and infects and decays the bones and organs of a thinking, creative, healthy society. In the name of "tolerance" and "diversity", all questioning, debate or dissent are gagged in an orgy of intolerance. They smear what they fear!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Asher "Ash" Goldman.

Asher Daniel Goldman was born in Wellington on March 3rd in 1985, the 3rd child of Alan and Gaila Goldman of Haitaitai. Asher has two older siblings, a brother Aaron and sister Gaila. The Goldman family moved to 1** Der**** Street Island Bay in the late eighties.

Asher’s mother,Gaila was diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly thereafter and died in 1992 and is entered at Makara.Asher's father Alan is a Chartered Accountant and was made a bankrupt back in 1995. Nowadays he has a huge interest in Real Estate in the plush suburb of Thorndon in Wellington, and lives in a private Jewish gated community in the exclusive suburb of Roseneath above Oriental Bay.

Asher was educated at the Wellington Jewish primary school located at 80 We** St, then at Wellington Boys College from 13-16 years when he dropped out, without any qualifications.
The death of his mother really affected him sending him into the realms of insanity.

Asher was diagnosed with depression at age 14 and was treated for his disorder with drugs. Asher thought that he knew better and stopped taking his medication, which made him even worse. It caused untold problems at home and at school.Asher, in his insanity got involved with the local Anarchist collective, adopting the Anarchist and leftist ideology.
Guided and influenced by the likes of Mark Eden, Barrie Sargeant and the criminal,
Valerie Morse, he also became a Communist, so now he is a Communist Anarchist.

At age 18 Asher went to Israel to receive his Zionist training to be a good patriotic Jew. However, after seeing what Zionism meant and what Israel was doing to the Palestinians and how they were corrupting the world, he became anti Zionist, anti Israel and anti God. Someone call FDB! Hang on he is FDB. Strange don’t you think?

After coming home Asher became more heavily involved in Anarchist activities and was one of the primary movers in forming the anti fascist group FDB in New Zealand. He is now the NZ spokesperson and considers himself general manager of FDB in NZ. In this role he has proved highly effective and has become public enemy no 1 to the Nationalist community and revels in that notoriety.

In recent times his main theme has become insanity and mental illness in the Anarchist community. This line has overtaken his thoughts and writings lately. Because of his own mental defects and lack of family and community support, it has almost tipped him over the edge, so he has become obsessed with this subject to the point it annoys his associates. Thanks to his mental illness he isolates himself away for days on end, not opening the door to anyone {except his cat} and refuses to answer the phone.

At present he's on an overseas lecture tour, and has given lectures on this subject at numerous venues in the UK.

Soon he will be starting the European leg of his tour taking in the so called Nazi death camps, Auschwitz {Asherwitz} Belson and so on, where no doubt he will be sifting through the ash piles looking for his long lost relatives and ancestors. We can only hope that he views the film by a fellow Jew David Cole before he goes. Just in case he needs some help finding it

Asher condones the use of violence against Fascists, Nazis etc where necessary. He tried this tactic himself on March 18th 2006 at an anti war rally in Wellington. He picked on a 50-year-old Nationalist in busy down town Willis St and got a good hiding for his troubles. He ran away with his tail between his legs and left a trail of blood from his bloodied nose and fat lip. His big tough Anarchist mates didn’t lift a finger to help him. The look of fear on his face was a picture worth framing.
Nowadays he always stays in the background with his rear clear so he can quickly run away should the going get to tough for him.Asher started recreationally smoking dope when he joined the Anarchist collective and also used it as a means of escaping his mental depression. The truth be known it has made him more paranoid. He also took to drinking very heavily and is a forever trying to give up his use of cigarettes. Now he is a drug addict and alcoholic so he is a dangerous person.

Asher’s sexual background is a bit suspect. He has been seen associating with the rainbow boys and seen entering and exiting known gay haunts in Wellington. This could be an innocent coincidence because the no border crowd that he hangs with has many gay members.