Saturday, August 09, 2008

Anti-Racist Action Boston Exposed!

From our comrads in the United States. posted by 131488WOLF

Anti-Racist-Action are a pack of Commie vandals posing as heroes.They claim to oppose racism, but their real purpose is to disrupt any legal gathering, protest, or any objection to Leftist or Israeli parades, marches, and events by instigating riots. They function on a passive aggressive principle. When unable to provoke their targetted opponents they throw things at the police, hoping to instigate mass arrests and event-disrupting tear gassings. Then they do an Indymedia reportback because they are, of course, friends and acquaintances of IMC.

They pose as an unrelated and objective third party. This is laughably incompatible with their profile and organizational beliefs

ARA Profile and Beliefs

:ARA began as an antiracist skinhead organization but became a gay-transformist race marxist club much like the Dead Kennedys. They use the specter of racism as a hype to exert social control on various public and private institutions and to excuse their idiotic and destructive behavior. Like 1960's panhandling gone awry, this is protest gone awry.ARA hypocritically organize as anarcho-communists yet (like Scientology) threaten lawsuits when described unfavorably by outsiders or when their relationships to local communist bookstores are reported. In this and in membership criteria and action they are censorious

When they are not stalking, they base their planning on information or brokerage provided by racial defense groups such as Hatewatch, SWC, ADL, SPLC, or Political Research Associates -- groups with an intelligence agency dual function. ARA is affiliated with the Revolutionary groups, ABCF, NEFAC, FRAC, FNB, SPUSA, WWPand also the individuals Rory McGowan (FRAC) and Mark Laskey (NEFAC).

Boston ARA's address was listed on the

h****://**********as Sabate Anarchist CollectiveP.O. Box 23**** Boston, MA02123, USA Sabate36@juno.comSAC (extinct) is comprised of its founder: Mark Laskey who runs NEFAC, operates The Lucy Parsons Center, and has proprietary coverage by Boston IMC's editorial collective.

ARA Structure:

ARA's structure is a campus-fed anarcho-communist club organized in cells. These cells organize and start riots and author content claiming to be an oppressed dissent group if not a minority group by reason of their beliefs and ideals. They alternately bill themselves as an "anti-fascist" organization, which means they are like Spartacus or any militant communist group. They are communitarian in the gang sense of the word, organizing mobs to flyer various towns in response to perceived offenses which may -- but rarely do -- include the random posting of a lone racist photocopy in town of no consequence.

The average ARA member and cell is anonymous, autonomous, cowardly (brave only in a group), internationalist and anti-nationalist youth oriented, violent, dependent upon Indymedia and on racist gatherings for venue. They are not only reactive but preemptive. They label events as racist or fascist whenever it is convenient or necessary to generate an event or add themselves to the protest rider. Their cells are secretive, paranoid, and exclusive. Here is an example of a letter to a new prospective member:

Subject: Request to mailing list Ara-support rejectedFrom: ara-support-bounces@lists.******org To: XXXXXX@XXXXXXX.comDate: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Your request to the Ara-support mailing listSubscription request has been rejected by the list moderator. The moderator gave thefollowing reason for rejecting your request:

"this is a closed list that is used for communicating informationabout or pertaining to anti-fascist political prisoners and prisonersof war. If you can prove who you are, and what A.R.A. collective thatyou are affililiated with, then you can be added. sorry for the"assholeish" nature of this, but sometime our work dictates a bit moresecurity consciousness."

Any questions or comments should be directed to the list administrator at: ara-support-owner@lists*******.org

ARA are:
--Confrontational and vigilantist.
--Communists who add homophobia, sexism, classism, McCarthyism and capitalism to the ever-growing list of race crimes

ARAs like:
--books by Noel Ignatiev, Tim Wise, Ward Churchill

ARA do:
--Wear pretentious clothing and cry wolf like the Guardian Angels.
--Wear black masks to escape punishment for illegal activity.
--Disbelieve in privacy or freedom of speech for others.
--Engage in physical assault.
--Disturb legally held gatherings, thereby violating the First Amendment.
--Make money selling rebellious stickers and hokey trinkets.

ARA have advocated:
--homosexual marriage
--illegally shutting down through physical interference all family planning clinics that do not provide abortions
--banning "hate speech" by use of force and intimidation
--brainwashing university instructors by using ARA training and screening programs

ARA have said things like:
--"We will be organizing in several different contingents with various risk levels and levels of political and tactical unity."
(Michigan ARA) ARA have engaged in:
--bogus lawsuit threats
--picketing peoples' homes

In conclusion, here is presented a description of ARA by a troll. His joke is not wide of the mark:

What the ARA really is by MTBB Thursday September 18, 2003 at 07:45 AM

The ARA is basically a group of cowardly, masked, unemployed, uneducated, drug addicted street scumoid miscreants. They panhandle for spare change so they can afford more drugs or alcohol for consumption to help them forget of how useless they really are. If they do not make enough money from begging that day, they dig through BFI garbage dumpsters to search for leftovers of rats, mice, feces, and half eaten fly infested food. They sleep in garbage bins also as its good to have a food source close to where they live. They are against soap and water and do not take baths as standing next to one of them can easily tell this from the stink they give off. They wear many layers of clothing even in the hot summer to hide their skinny bodies and needle marked chicken bone arms. They only act tough in person when they outnumber their opponents 10-1, and even then they run when confronted. The everyday working person looks at them in digust and laughs at the very sight of these pathetic losers.

Anti-racism is a cancerous creed. It's spiritual syphilis: It rots the brain, and infects and decays the bones and organs of a thinking, creative, healthy society. In the name of "tolerance" and "diversity", all questioning, debate or dissent are gagged in an orgy of intolerance. They smear what they fear!