Friday, August 08, 2008

Asher "Ash" Goldman.

Asher Daniel Goldman was born in Wellington on March 3rd in 1985, the 3rd child of Alan and Gaila Goldman of Haitaitai. Asher has two older siblings, a brother Aaron and sister Gaila. The Goldman family moved to 1** Der**** Street Island Bay in the late eighties.

Asher’s mother,Gaila was diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly thereafter and died in 1992 and is entered at Makara.Asher's father Alan is a Chartered Accountant and was made a bankrupt back in 1995. Nowadays he has a huge interest in Real Estate in the plush suburb of Thorndon in Wellington, and lives in a private Jewish gated community in the exclusive suburb of Roseneath above Oriental Bay.

Asher was educated at the Wellington Jewish primary school located at 80 We** St, then at Wellington Boys College from 13-16 years when he dropped out, without any qualifications.
The death of his mother really affected him sending him into the realms of insanity.

Asher was diagnosed with depression at age 14 and was treated for his disorder with drugs. Asher thought that he knew better and stopped taking his medication, which made him even worse. It caused untold problems at home and at school.Asher, in his insanity got involved with the local Anarchist collective, adopting the Anarchist and leftist ideology.
Guided and influenced by the likes of Mark Eden, Barrie Sargeant and the criminal,
Valerie Morse, he also became a Communist, so now he is a Communist Anarchist.

At age 18 Asher went to Israel to receive his Zionist training to be a good patriotic Jew. However, after seeing what Zionism meant and what Israel was doing to the Palestinians and how they were corrupting the world, he became anti Zionist, anti Israel and anti God. Someone call FDB! Hang on he is FDB. Strange don’t you think?

After coming home Asher became more heavily involved in Anarchist activities and was one of the primary movers in forming the anti fascist group FDB in New Zealand. He is now the NZ spokesperson and considers himself general manager of FDB in NZ. In this role he has proved highly effective and has become public enemy no 1 to the Nationalist community and revels in that notoriety.

In recent times his main theme has become insanity and mental illness in the Anarchist community. This line has overtaken his thoughts and writings lately. Because of his own mental defects and lack of family and community support, it has almost tipped him over the edge, so he has become obsessed with this subject to the point it annoys his associates. Thanks to his mental illness he isolates himself away for days on end, not opening the door to anyone {except his cat} and refuses to answer the phone.

At present he's on an overseas lecture tour, and has given lectures on this subject at numerous venues in the UK.

Soon he will be starting the European leg of his tour taking in the so called Nazi death camps, Auschwitz {Asherwitz} Belson and so on, where no doubt he will be sifting through the ash piles looking for his long lost relatives and ancestors. We can only hope that he views the film by a fellow Jew David Cole before he goes. Just in case he needs some help finding it

Asher condones the use of violence against Fascists, Nazis etc where necessary. He tried this tactic himself on March 18th 2006 at an anti war rally in Wellington. He picked on a 50-year-old Nationalist in busy down town Willis St and got a good hiding for his troubles. He ran away with his tail between his legs and left a trail of blood from his bloodied nose and fat lip. His big tough Anarchist mates didn’t lift a finger to help him. The look of fear on his face was a picture worth framing.
Nowadays he always stays in the background with his rear clear so he can quickly run away should the going get to tough for him.Asher started recreationally smoking dope when he joined the Anarchist collective and also used it as a means of escaping his mental depression. The truth be known it has made him more paranoid. He also took to drinking very heavily and is a forever trying to give up his use of cigarettes. Now he is a drug addict and alcoholic so he is a dangerous person.

Asher’s sexual background is a bit suspect. He has been seen associating with the rainbow boys and seen entering and exiting known gay haunts in Wellington. This could be an innocent coincidence because the no border crowd that he hangs with has many gay members.