Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back Down once again.

From our strange and demented funny man Mathew Henderson.

"Err ...ok, these retards can't seem to read without looking for subtext and subterfuge. No deals, and I am not trying to set up a 'meeting' with anyone in particular. The story is this, pure and simple. Over the last month a number of neo-Nazi toolbags have been sending me threatening SMS's and making threatening (and downright bizarre though non-threatening) phone calls. I am not pointing the finger at anyone in particular, the Aussie neo-Nazi universe is a varied plethora of nutjobs. It could be anyone. A number of these phone calls ended when I requested of the person anonymously ringing me to name a date and time and I will meet them in person to discuss whatever problems they have. These anonymous people usually hung up when pressed. So...I've decided to put out a date and time where I will be (tentatively next Thursday night at 10pm at Revesby Workers) where ANY of these idiots who have been ringing me can say what they want to say to my face in safe secure environment. Of course, if Pete and Jim want to come along, fine."

Looks like Mathew is about to stage his own death. Unreal. Yet another FDB stunt that has backfired. Can anyone take these clowns serious? We apologise for the childish nature of the last few topics here we shall try and remedy this as soon as possible. If you wish to watch what the next step is please feel free to visit FDB.

But hey if you are a WN and feel like catching up with Mathew and most probably a SBS film crew drop us a line and tell us how it goes.
I guess our QLD man isn’t gunna get that call after all.

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