Sunday, August 24, 2008

Childish Behavior.

More from that zany crazy humane rights lawyer Mathew Henderson.

"Ok. I shall set a tentative date for next Thursday night at Revesby Workers at 10pm (at that hour ZOG pays overtime). Of course the time can be negotiated. Perhaps Friday night if ZOG lets me out for Shabbat."

Looks like Mathew Henderson wants to do a deal? Or could it be something more sinister? Who cares? Henderson if you want to set up a meeting to sort this out you can ring the QLD Whitelaw Correspondent. You know his number. You handed it out enough times.

Or do you prefer to pretend to be the tuff guy on the net? You Henderson have put the ball in motion you are the one who is asking for a meeting. So you can give us a call.
I guess he thinks we should be impressed at his newfound keyboard commando tactics. What support at FDB not as good as it used to be? No bloody wonder.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Geez is this the best Australian Anti Fa can do?? I think a coup at Fight Dem Back is in order. Keep up the good work @ndy.