Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cut The Crap

Err ...ok, these retards can't seem to read without looking for subtext and subterfuge.

Gee! I wonder WHY that'd be?

‘s funny, dontcha reckon, how it’s always the White Nationalists and Racial Patriots who are the supposed ‘retards’ regardless of their eminently demonstrable pragmatic intelligence and practical life skills and despite the equally self evident fact that it is FDB which is the greatest ‘sheltered workshop’ on the Internet, peopled as it is by largely spoilt Middle Class brats and bored, self loathing directionless dilettantes. But, hey, what more would you expect from contemptuous, bourgeois elitists who’ve ‘been to Uni’ dontchaknow and quite clearly have the ‘right’ to deny the so-called ‘free speech’ they bleat about to any unfortunate enough to entertain a philosophy contrary to their own? And besides, what sort of morally superior campaigner for “social justice issues” goes about slagging people off as “retards”? Isn’t that a tad insensitive to genuine window lickers?

No deals, and I am not trying to set up a 'meeting' with anyone in particular.

The only “deal” you’re likely to be offered from your many victims, Darpy boy, is “Granite or Marble?”

The story is this, pure and simple.

Not HALF as ‘simple’ as YOU Darpy boy, you USEFUL IDIOT!

Over the last month a number of neo-Nazi toolbags have been sending me threatening SMS's and making threatening (and downright bizarre though non-threatening) phone calls.

Please feel free to entertain and ‘educate’ us with the details Darpy boy. I say elucidate, son!

I am not pointing the finger at anyone in particular, the Aussie neo-Nazi universe is a varied plethora of nutjobs.

If that WERE the case, Darpy boy, then the so-called “Neo-Nazi” scene would be a veritable facsimile of your own group…but…it ain’t!

It could be anyone.

Well, this inane statement begs the question…why blame the White Nationalists?

A number of these phone calls ended when I requested of the person anonymously ringing me to name a date and time and I will meet them in person to discuss whatever problems they have.

Well, whaddya expect Darpy boy, your fearsome reputation has obviously impressed people so much they fear your very words…

“Brave, brave, brave…brave Sir Robin!”

These anonymous people usually hung up when pressed.

Would that be like “pressed” ham or “pressed” trousers?

So...I've decided to put out a date and time where I will be (tentatively next Thursday night at 10pm at Revesby Workers) where ANY of these idiots who have been ringing me can say what they want to say to my face in safe secure environment. Of course, if Pete and Jim want to come along, fine.

Yes, well…that’d be just dandy woudn’t it Darpy boy?

Get a few justifiably hot headed White Nationalists into a club bristling with video surveillance and teeming with brutal Pacific Islander security guards. So…let’s see…

The entire show is a win, win for you Darpy boy. At the very least you get to see what the W.N’s all look like and get some very handy ‘happy snaps’ to post up on the ‘net. You also get to record their voices. At the very worst, you get what you’ve always wanted and that is a violent ‘incident’ to cement your self constructed image as a martyr to the cause of so-called ‘Anti-Racism’… Perhaps even the hired, no-necked goons get to bust the W.N.’s up a treat…

Let’s extrapolate this a little further. YOU have a contact or two at that club, perhaps it’s one or more of the mouth breathing knuckle draggers or maybe it’s even someone at a management level. All of whom you give your sob story to prior to that arranged time about how you’ve been ‘victimised’ for your noble stand against hate ... blah…blah…blah…
You then get a Media whore or two and perhaps even some of your legal mates to be ‘innocent bystanders’ and ‘key witnesses’ to you copping an absolutely guaranteed floggin’ from one of the W.N. lads. Because, let’s face it, no White Nationalist with a heart and a genuine belief in his Race could breathe the same air as a filthy mongrel like you for more than a few seconds before being overcome with rage at your crimes against White Humanity. You have it all on the club’s security surveillance files, beautifully rendered in high definition digital colour…and…voila!

So, you see, Darpy boy? There is absolutely N.O.T.H.I.N.G. in it for the W.N.’s…nil, zippo, zilch…but…EVERYTHING for YOU to gain…so…GO TO HELL! The White Nationalists will deal with you on their OWN terms and in their own time.


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