Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Darp's Promising Career In The Law?

Darp came back after our last post with a link to a Fin Review article in which he was named. What? We're supposed to be impressed? He thought he was clever in not posting the entire text and thought we'd be out of pocket for the three bucks to purchase a copy. No problem. Whitelaw Towers staff rescued a copy from the local pet shop moments prior to it being shredded to line the bird cages. That valuable three bucks will be going to our P.I.

The full article is to be found on page 34 of the ‘Education’ section of the Monday the 18th August edition of the Australian Financial Review. The short story was concocted by an entity calling itself ‘Erica Cervini’ but with (so called) ‘journalists’ one can never be certain it is not simply a pseudonym permitting the hack in question to bastardise the English language, advance their own peculiar political agenda through outrageous spin and basically tell huge porkies with impunity, the non person of ‘Greg Roberts’ being a case in point.

The accompanying colour photograph of an horizon gazing Darp desperately contriving his best ‘thoughtful’ look, replete with German Army jacket over a pink faggot tee shirt is simply more (unneeded) proof of this oily flim flam man’s sense of perversity and seemingly limitless ability to con yet another reporter with his lies.


Erica Cervini

Mat Henderson has a strong interest in social justice for Non-Whites and extreme Left Wingers that is. All the rest can get fucked and make their own arrangements and believes that a law degree can help him make more positive changes in the world.”

“Positive changes”? For whom, we might ask.

He wants to work in criminal law Now THERE’S a rather unfortunate term and eventually go to the Bar. Yeah! The GAY Bar, that is and order a fluffy duck or a Cock Sucking Cowboy!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! So what ever happened to his first love and magnificent obsession of copyright litigation?

But at one stage Henderson who used to work WORK? in advertising and wasn’t happy with his career choice, thought he would never become a lawyer.
HEY! He was RIGHT!

“I wasn’t aware that graduate law degrees existed and that there would be a chance effectively to garner a law qualification,” he says.

A friend told Henderson, aged 32, that universities did offer graduate law programs, and he is now studying the juris doctor (JD) at the University of Technology, Sydney.

The program, which was introduce this year, supersedes the university’s master of law and legal practise, which Henderson began doing.

He’s happy to be studying a JD because It’s easier? he says it is known in the United States and becoming more widely known in Canada and New Zealand.

Blah! Blah! Blah!

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