Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mathew Henderson Hau has been drinking again.

Seems to me that someone has been drinking and now believes his own PR. Lets rip into it.

From the one and only Mathew Henderson Hau.

“Why don't I simply state a place and time over the next couple of weeks for Pete and his bum chums to meet me face to face and they can discuss whatever they want with me to my face? I mean they're down with random creepiness like this:”

Yes Mathew why not? You have done this before need we remind you? It was a tad embarrassing last time you know.
Mathew the gutless leader. Bum chums you say? Hell I don’t think we need to point out here who the Sodomite is do we? Random creepiness you say. Hell isn’t that what has got you into so much trouble. Need we remind you of what you have said in the past? The Enemy Mathew Henderson

”Surely "staunch white men" wouldn't have a problem sitting down with me in say ...Revesby Workers and expressing their disastisfaction at my conduct. Hell, they can name the venue as long as it's a reasonably public place. I don't mind. Any takers?”

Yes Mathew no problems. Is this like the challenge you put out on the 7th of June? You recall two days after Perren had returned to QLD from Sydney?

“ Perhaps you'd like to do what Marcus from Newcastle did a few years back and challenge me to a fully supervised boxing match or something? Would an open ended UFC style mixed-martial arts match-up suit you better? Ie where pretty much everything goes except for eye-gouging or attacking the nutsack? Come on, I know you're an 'armed and dangerous' man but I'm sure you can put the guns away for a bit or have you forgotten how to throw one?” ”Coming down again for the forum this year? That should give you a few months to remind yourself you're not made of glass.”

I think if you check with your arse bandit mate Jason Giddyup who was emailing Perren you will find that this question was answered back in June. Now what was that about crickets chirping?

“Oh and we might as well start taking bets on their response to this. Whaddya reckon? A) HAH!

We won't fall for your machinations Darp - you only want to attract White Nationalists into your honey trap.

B) We will only come if you wear a singlet or tight-fitting clothing, photos just don't do you justice Darp.

C) HAH! Name a time and a place, we'll be there (so this is done yet none of the fuckers turn up)

D) Dead silence, crickets chirping. E) Lots of tough talk and posturing but NO TAKERS.”

Taking bets. Is this the behavior of someone who gets raving reviews from the Financial Review? Is this the behavior of a respected Social justice/ Criminal lawyer? Veiled threats of violence from a community based group such as FDB. Don’t ya just love it folks how they seem to be cracking under the pressure. What a bunch of hypocrites.

“And after a flurry of "are you mad" PM's and emails, I feel I need to clarify my intentions.”

No Mathew your friends at FDB know that you will never show. We all know that you have been shown to be nothing but a spoilt little rich boy who in fact has nothing at all in common with the majority of your members at FDB. All seven of them. Hell you are not even working class. You have shown time and time again that you stand for nothing but your own ego. I would go as far as to say that if anyone has been the biggest failure at FDB it is you the founding member.

”After three weeks of prank calls, threatening calls and SMS's and now the usual shit from Jim & Pete wanting to get a PI (like THAT hasn't been an ongoing project for four years now) ...why not just cut to the chase?”

Are you saying that Perren and Pete are making prank calls? Wrong again little Mathew. You know when they call you they always state it is them making the call. Cutting to chase. What an interesting term. Hell we have been asking this question for 4 years now. Yes lets do Mathew. How about you get all the FDB founding members together especially @ndy and we get the Whitelaw staff together and we cut to the chase. Imagine that Folks.

”If people have anything to say to me, they can que up and say it to my face.”

Yes Mathew, Perren attempted this remember. After he and his family had been harassed by your friends in the media. After he had his daughter’s ph number passed around Australian Anarchists circles. Yes Mathew after he received threats of having his personal water supply poisoned you recall don’t ya? Oh yeah Mathew not to mention all those other people you and FDB have attempted to destroy with lies and slander.

What satisfaction did Perren get? You ran out the back door and showed the world how dedicated you are to the Anti fa cause. You are an embarrassment to FDB and a coward.

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Zeb said...

It seems to me that fdb are basically statist in their approach to the antifa mission . Its all about smashing the system guys. Altho I find this Whitelaw crews take on racial matters aborrent I am also greatly disturbed by darps eagerness to play lapdog to the state. He is the one to keep an eye on guys. He may very well prove to be an agent for the capitalists. I personally don’t trust him
look to what has gone on the uk with searchlight etc