Monday, August 25, 2008

Mathew Henderson is Retiring.

Oh boy looks like a lot of drinking at FDB of late?

Seems little Henderson was trying to run away from his criminal antics. What a joke. Hell he knew from the get go that Whitelaw will never stop until we feel that the victims of FDB have tasted some type of Justice. All though some of us can take a bit away from this latest BS from Henderson it just doesn’t close the book on him by a long shot.

So it would seem that Henderson has made a few enemies. Hell that’s a surprise. But if he wishes to blame Whitelaw staff and its associates of making crank calls well I guess he puts himself back on the radar.

Not to mention his silly attempt to stop Whitelaw staff from raising funds via Pay Pal. Preventing the many victims of FDB from having access to information that may help them in future legal proceedings.

Looks to me that Henderson deserves all he gets. So much for his “boring world of lawyering”. The simple fact is that he will never be accepted so he may as well go back to being the bothersome spoilt little mummy’s boy we all know best.

So when will Whitelaw stop? Never. Henderson was and is just the first. He started this crap so of course it is our job to show the world what a fake and scum bag he is. When we finish with him I think we shall focus on Brian. Our third man on the list is dead so Cam you can take his place. Sadly @ndy is a little bit further down the track. But we figure his own people will bring him down soon enough.

You see we truly do not wish to shut down this group. They have just as much right as we do to believe what ever they like. Our guess is if FDB were a little more tolerant and left wing they would probably get a lot more support. Hell some of its members have shown a lot of dedication in the past. They would be the ones that no longer post or visit FDB anymore. Fact of the matter is that the traditional left does not support FDB as much as big business and Neo Conservatism support them. One look at the Let Them Eat Cake attitude at FDB is enough to show all who runs that show.

The sheer arrogance shown at FDB will be its own destruction. I would wager that many of these dedicated left wing peoples are busting at the sides to see the end of Mathew and his friends.

You see you cant be an Anti Fascist when your behavior is of a Fascist nature. Please Mathew leave the Fascism to us. Traditionally it is ours so go join the Labor party ASAP. Hang on you are already a member. Crickey what does that tell ya Asher? I think our Jewish friend from NZed is backing those big bad Zionists.

Reminds me of the DIY event held in Brisbane by the Anarchists from Rev Left. The sign out front said that any bad behavior would have the big bad Anarchists call the Police? Maybe @ndy was running it after all?

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