Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Two Bob's Worth...

Darp Hau
Posted: Sun May 25, 2008 2:09 am Post subject: Old WPCA bumchums I’d suggest DARP would be the totally unchallenged expert in THAT area at it again

"Man we go again. Prepare for a whole new stellar webpage of old posts from my blog and some HULLARIOUS new pics from my facebook account."

It really BURNS him don’t it? Ha! Ha! Ha! And HERE’S the proof!

"And they are HULLARIOUS, barely a week goes by at uni without a themed party or whatever."

Good excuse to camp it up BIG time, eh Matty boy? Now, please explain…WHO is the TRULY“repressed homosexual”? It's just a COINCIDENCE that you are ALWAYS dressed as a total drag artist or queer boy, eh?

"Still, such japes and laughter are specially reserved for those to whom I deem the honour of labelling 'my friends', not old Nazi tosspots who have a homoerotic obsession You WISH regarding pics of me with my shirt off (of which there certainly is no fucking shortage, I tells ya).

Is that NEGROID for “I will tell you”?

"I guess we'll have to pull Agent Chinchilla out from deep cover and run some HULLARIOUS pics of these blokes complete with some VERY dirty cybersex conversations."

Hey! Isn't that extortion or blackmail or something? It's just GOT to be criminal.

Well I guess he can do that. Who knows what photos of Benny Boy they have? We would not know. Nor do we care. Obvious Ben was not very happy about it. After all he was just doing what a lot of other Australian men do that is stuff around on the net with a woman. How was he to know it was some bloke from FDB. Who knows what they did with these pictures? Very sad indeed."Oh, there is also a fuckload
Oh, Matty’s a smooth talking wordsmith alright
of emails and PM's dealing with their plotting, scheming and gonad busting rage
Oh, you mean like your Kevlar ripping Maori berserker rage? Bwahahahahahahah!!!
at not being able to work out who the fuck any of us are (except for me).
Oh dear! Didn’t you know? That’s changing…by the day…Gotta stay up with the game Matty boy…

"Yes, final exams are three weeks off ...but I'm SO up for this one"

Yeah, but is the MISSUS and some of your “powerful friends” who actually have reasonable reputations to protect? Can anyone else here smell the acrid stench of panic and fear? My guess is ol' Darpy boy will rue the day he and his FDB cohorts targeted the friends, family and workplaces of White Nationalists because now THEY have learned the technique of this stategy and will be fighting fire with fire...

"As I stated previously, no skin off my nose to keep filing DCMA's and yanking pics but the blog has pissed off some friends of mine who are well connected (we're talking retired QC's and shit).

Erm, no Matty boy “we’re” just talking “shit” there aren’t we? You are and WILL be simply a Godawful EMBARRASSMENT to your “friends” when the poo really strikes the propeller…
A subpoena has been filed in accordance with Blogger's TOS which will force them to divulge the identity of the user posting
Wank, wank! Money in the bank…for US…in the long run…

"Campbell...mate want my honest opinion? Now, this is buttressed by former 'kids' Names please who he hung out with in the old WPCA days telling us that the guy is pretty much a tortured closet homo. Hahahahahahha.......I can only pick that from some of the twisted crap he writes and the lurid descriptions he provides of the male form but people have told us about some very 'creeped out' evenings Hmmm... strange days indeed...they've had driving around with him."

But where ARE all these accusers? Waiting in the wings for their day of perjury on the witness stand in Darpy's big civil lawsuit? Hahahahahahahhahahaa!!!!!!!!

"So essentially you're dealing with two of life's classic losers.

This is absolutely HYSTERICAL stuff coming from an ambisexual, child abusing, drug using poseur, political dilettante, pathological liar, narcissistic egoist, professional “student” and mummy’s boy who was still living at home at the age of THIRTY whereas Campbell had paid off his mortgage, had three kids, an investment property and REAL money in the bank by that age. ALL of it through honest means and hard work. NOT to mention a REAL job!

It is HE who is, by any reasonable judgment, the all time, five star, Gold plated LOOOOSER... If it weren't for AIJAC and The Mossad keeping him on miserable retainers and his mum spoon feeding him, the dumb, useless fuck would've starved to death or O.D.'d by now.

WHO is the REAL “loser” Henderson? You utter FUCKSTICK!

‘fess up shitdick.

You despise Campbell and Perren because they are everything you and your limpdick faggot mates can NEVER be. Traditional, honest, hard working, straight up regular blokes with real values, morals and ethics whereas YOU are an effete, metrosexual opportunistic mongrel with the pedigree of a gutter rat. You are genetic junk and no more than a chronic DISEASE tottering about on two legs. A social sepsis slated for sterilisation. You fucking GERM!!!
I'm sure you don't want to follow in their footsteps. I'm glad you're continuing to get your shit together and I sincerely hope that this will be the FUCKING LAST time I have to deal with you in this context. Remember six months back? I yanked Liz Wise off your arse and let this shit go away quietly without retaliating? How lenient do you expect me to be if this shit happens AGAIN? Mate, I've got nothing to lose. Oh, REALLY?EVERYONE in my circle of friends

And, of course, they’d ALL be really NORMAL people would they Matty Boy? Totally representative of the average Australian community? Personally I have NEVER met ANY of these people or their type of which you speak and I meet more people in a day than you meet in a year! Do you reside permanently in a Middle Class ghetto populated exclusively by school teachers, Lesbians, Homos, Labor Party apparatchiks, retired Jewish Lawyers and Commos? supports what FDB does, So they support Computer hacking, illegal accessing of people’s Taxation and Social Security files, stalking, harassment, blackmail, libel, slander, vexatious and resource wasting reports to Police and security agencies…? they KNOW I have lunatics like Perren and Campbell writing crap about me But it’s almost ALL in your OWN words Hendo! Why whine about it? Aren’t you PROUD of your own words? Don’t you OWN them? Why would you run away from them like a craven coward? on the web and sending letters to the Legal Profession Admission Board and other bodies (that was Thommo's fave trick). Importantly, some pretty fucking high up people You know what they say don’t you Matty boy? The higher up you are the farther it is to fall. I mean to say, what about your old mate Milton the Monster? One day he’s fronting a rally at post “riot” Cronulla, full of outrage and indignation at the terror of the Aussie Nationalists, calling for the “full weight of the Law” to come crashing down on the evil, wicked ‘Racists’ and the next….well… you know the story. NOT much sympathy for rock spiders is there? I wonder how many of YOUR “high up friends” have similar skeletons in the closet, eh? Perhaps they might NOT want to be so forthcoming with their support for YOU if it means THEY will come under the close scrutiny of OUR researchers, eh? And hey, the money’s rolling in BIG TIME Matty boy. Seems we are NOT alone in our crusade to see your Legal career severely truncated. You’ve made an incredible amount of long term and totally dedicated enemies over the years and now many of them are throwing some shekels into the hat. GOOD STUFF!

in government and business have written to all relevant authorities with glowing references

GLOWING REFERENCES! Bwahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!! Oh PLEASE!!!

on my behalf concerning the work of FDB with the warning to expect letters and threats from the likes of Perren and Campbell.

Shit! You really ARE scared shitless by the TRUTH ain’t you?

My life in the law is set, my graduate placement within one of Australia's top commercial firms is secure after I clerked for them over the summer."

What? You think we’re impressed, let alone intimidated, by some half arsed photoshopped pic of you in a cheap Lowes suit and a Two Dollar polyester tie looking like some greasy Leb faggot trying to play the suave Lawyer about town and grinning like David Koch's love child? You will never be anything more than a low rent, snotty nosed, speech impaired, jumped up little mongrel wog kid who’s been played out WAY too much slack. You’re about to be reeled in though. The big smack down’s comin’ for you Henderson. You better believe it and it’s gunna be all the more satisfying for the waiting.
Here’s a PROMISE. Your legal career will be one of the shortest ever recorded in Australia’s history.

Take THAT to the bank.

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