Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Big Whitelaw Hello to Denise Garside

Yes folks say hello to the Fight Dem Back European correspondent Denise Garside. Take it away Denise.
It might come as a surprise to find a dedicated anti-racist who does not hail from the political Left, but I am a fairly down the line middle-aged, middle-class woman, with fairly traditional Conservative views (in most matters). In fact for some time I actively supported the Conservative Party.
Um no surprise Denise all of FDB are made up of spoilt little rich boys with mental disorders. But hold the phone? Another anti who loves the system? Seems strange don’t it? Next they will say they are anti Zionist Jews. Ooops already have.
I’m Denise Garside and I live in a village close to Great Yarmouth, Norfolk - though I’m a true Bloater, born and bred.
Only one thing marks me out as “different”, and that is that I am openly and quite happily gay. I have a wonderful partner who I love very dearly, and we have contentedly shared our lives for some time. If you have a problem with that, deal with it - because I won’t.Surprised?
No not at all.
In the mid-80s I knew very little of the British National Party or the National Front . At that time I was still at university, buried in the depths of my degree thesis, and took very little notice of all the little political groups that proliferated on campus.
Ok then she was brain washed at uni, nothing strange here.
These were also the dog-days of the extreme-Right. Mrs Thatcher’s 1979 General Election success had taken the wind out of their sails. They were in serious decline, fragmented and fractious, so desperate for members that they were happy to take on almost anybody.
Including right wing Lesbians.
Without going into details (at least, not without the knowledge and consent of those others who were involved), myself and a group of gay friends - two very young men and two other young women - one night left a gay wine bar. We had no idea that we were being followed by a larger group of booze-sodden extremist thugs, who waylaid us when we turned into an alley to take a short-cut.
In walk evil “poofter bashers”
What happened was extremely violent, and completely cowardly. None of us knew who these hate-filled people were, and weren’t to be any the wiser until the police told us
Lucky they weren’t Muslims who bashed them or she would be a member of the BNP. Funny how one experience can lead to this? Oh Stop the hate please.
Ever since then I have opposed racism and any manifestation of extreme-Right hate politics. Not always actively (the business of life does sometimes get in the way), but I have rarely failed to contribute where I could in the fight against this creed of hate and bigotry, and this website is my small way of extending and building upon that contribution.
Welcome to Whitelaw Denise.

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