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Direct From New Zealand

Amidst accusations of terrorism and military training, an important factor that requires explanation is the irresponsible role of the news media in parroting the anarchist line. The news media has been negligent by notinforming the public as to the nature of the so-called"environmentalists" and "peace" activists implicated with Tame Iti and Tuhoe separatists. In conjunction with the Wellington arrests police raided a house in Abel Smith Street.
The Dominion Post (Oct. 16)described the house as a "community house and bike repairshop", with TV news running similar accounts.

A focus of the news media has been long-time anarchist Sam Buchanan, a trustee of the anarchist Abel Smith St HQ who has been serving as a spokesman for the four arrested in Wellington. The Dominion Post suppressed information on Buchanan's violent beliefs. The article instead quoted Buchanan as saying he doesn't believe violence is necessaryin NZ. The Post suppressed his 2004 quote advocating violent protest here. (See below). Oct 22, The Post had another article about the Abel Smith St. "bike shop", with a picture of Buchanan repairing a bike, to allay readers' doubtspresumably.
Oct. 21 Sunday Star Times had a good article on Tame Iti citing police evidence indicating the serious nature of the arms charges. Yet editor Cate Brett off handedly down plays this as just "tough talk" from Maori radicals and"anti-globalists". But if some misguided skinhead kid writes some "tough talk" on some obscure website, the Sunday Star Times goes into a frenzy about the danger from "whitesupremacists".

The Star Times ran a column describing in positive termsthe so-called "peace and activist" groups "associated with some of those caught up" in the raids, providing their website addresses, and offering an "anarchist's view" on theStar Times' own website. The groups listed are:Radical Youth, which organised the children's riot in Auckland last year that stopped an ambulance. Global Peace & Justice, whose main spokesmen are John Minto (Of HART fame, and thus no stranger no urban terrorism) and veteran Trotskyite communist Mike Treen. Peace Action Wellington, the main front of the anarchists headquartered at Abel Smith St. Anarchist Asher Goldman stated that PAW "is now mostly (though not entirely)anarchist in composition". It was PAW, led by Val Morse,which disrupted the ANZAC Day Dawn Service this year, to the disgust of most New Zealanders. PAW is provided web space onthe community directory of the Wellington City Council as a"human rights group".

The Times article says nothing of the anarchist and communist affiliations of these groups.The above-mentioned Goldman is a spokesman for Save HappyValley, which shares a postal address with the Wildcat Anarchists. The Wildcat Anarchist group, headquartered at Abel Smith St., is the axis around which these various fronts revolve. Yet the group has not even been mentioned by the media.
Last year Goldman accompanied by two other adolescents enroute to a "peace march", tried his hand at "direct action" by attempting to assault a middle-aged man handing out anti-war leaflets. It's quite typical of the anarchists'street antics.

2004 RIOT

In 2004 the anarchists organised a front called Multicultural Aotearoa to disrupt a rally at the Cenotaph celebrating National Flag Day. The Post for months promoted this group, despite knowing the anarchist associations and violent intentions of the group.The result was a riot during which a lone individual was mobbed and beaten by dozens of hysterical thugs, with "peace activists" Val Morse and John Anderson in the forefront. Buchanan stated several days later that MCA was indeed "an anarchist initiative", and that violence had been the intent, as peaceful protest was ineffectual.

These pacifists, environmentalists, bike repairers, organic gardeners' act like gang thugs jealous of their street turf when seeing anyone not to their liking. We could elaborate a great deal further on their thuggery, smear-mongering,harassment, vandalism, and on their scabbing efforts to getworkers fired from their jobs.

The role of these extreme Left creeps with Tame Iti must be wondered at. Here's a hypothetical answer: The Post mentions(Oct. 16) that Tame Iti joined the Communist Party during the 70s and visited China. It seems plausible that he is versed in Maoist guerrilla tactics. The strategy could have been for an uprising in Tuhoe country, with the use of the communists and anarchists to disrupt the urban peripheries.Whatever the facts regarding the arms charges, the media has been shoddy in its reporting. This has allowed the extreme Left to posture indignantly about denial of humanrights, rights they seek to deny others by violence when possible, while continuing to pursue their anti-police agenda.


"Mr Buchanan said he was not a pacifist, but he believed violence was unnecessary in NZ". (We're no terrorists say capital radicals, Dominion Post, Oct. 17, 2007)."Strangely, lots of people seem to be opposed to violence today, but think its OK in the past. Without the directaction of the black blocs [violent masked anarchists in Europe] and others, the anti-globalisation protests would have disappeared from memory, just like many large, peaceful protests I've helped organise over many years have".(Buchanan, Indymedia 24 Oct. 2004).

"Unfortunately, we are (generally speaking, although there are exceptions) not in a situation where physically smashing[opponents] on the streets would be productive" (AsherGoldman, Left & Lefter, Nov. 30 2005. (Emphasis added)."I have never advocated opposition to violence in the absolutist way pacifists do". (Barrie Sargeant, Wellington Wildcat Anarchist Alliance, 30 Nov. 2006).

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