Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sudanese Gangs on the War Path Toowoomba

Lifted from the Australian New Nation Forum.

After countless warnings from the now defunct WPCA and the Australia First Party Toowoomba is now enjoying the benefits of Multiculturalism.Many may recall the media spin back in 2005 about White Nationalists who attempted to warn the people of the Darling Downs. Hell they even had a minister from the Government Fly in to ease race tensions.

All though the media has purposely ignored the majority of crimes perpetrated by the Sudanese community in Toowoomba the people have seen the truth. Every now and then a story slips by the Multicultural minders this one from last year. “Man, 20, refused bail in rape case”

And the latest from our dysfunctional Sudanese community Another assault at 'house of horrors” Now keep in mind that editors in the past from Toowoomba have purposely ignored news stories concerning Sudanese crime.

The sheer amount of spin protecting Multiculturalism on the Darling Downs borders on criminal. Mean while one of the greatest supporters for Sudanese refugees Diane Thorley ex Mayor of Toowoomba has buggered off and moved to Tasmania.

The news headlines on Win Television didn’t muck about. Claims of Sudanese gangs torture and rape seem to be the running theme in Toowoomba. Maybe the victims of this forced integration program should sue the arse off groups like the Catholic Social Justice commission. Or may be they should fill out a racist Incident report?

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