Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anarchism / Antifa On The Run In NZ: Are Some Lefties Waking Up To Asher Goldman?

The NZ Flag Day demo in Wellington on October 25 proved pretty much conclusively that anarchism, indeed antifa generally, is on the run in Kiwi land. The nationalists from NZ National Front and other patriotic groups outnumbered the scum: 68 to 34.

The nationalists (with the exception of the local NF branch) were actually delegates to special meetings from all over the country to get the NZ show back on track. The anarchists were mainly locals with some South Island recruits drawn in. So why so few, considering that back in 2004 about 200 broke off from an anti-racist rally to offer the patriots some violence? The anarchists had been advertising their ‘No To Fascism No To Racism’ demo for weeks. Anarchist/Zionist leader, Asher/Ash Goldman, had been promising that the “fascists” would be directly challenged. But when the big day comes, all he’s got is the freak show hard core: “ice” users (methamphetamines), hippie chicks with bare breasts and fags in masks. (See Good bye Anarchism Hello Zionism)

The arrests of many anarchist type contacts on weapons charges earlier this year took a bit of the fight out of the far-left, but Whitelaw thinks it goes a lot further than that.

There has been an unfolding crisis on the NZ left over the last year. We have noticed that very disturbing trend where the far-left gets obsessed with “racism” and “fascism” so much that they actually lose the bigger picture. After all, lefties are supposed to be against the State and against capitalism. Yet, they spend most of their time challenging – well, the nationalists. Whom does that serve? It actually serves the very forces that the lefties claim they are fighting! Antifa is therefore a disease that corrodes the brain and we are certain some lefties have started to feel it! Is it that some lefties would prefer to get on with their mission-statement rather than fight only the nationalists?

From our point of view at Whitelaw, we don’t mind a fight with the left, if in fact it is them we are fighting. The trouble with antifa is that it serves someone else and we are fairly sure the hand of this ‘someone else’ is well and truly in motion.

Look at Asher, the main actor here. We see that he was a member of a Zionist, socialist, youth movement. Without long trowelling searches through the internet or the uni library, we think this movement was part of something called “Labour Zionism”, a trend that went right back to the “Bund” in Tsarist Russia, but hey, we at Whitelaw are just supposed to be red-necked fascist know-nothings, so we won’t push the history too far. (We will let @ndy do that.)

One thing we can say: Labour Zionism had that Trotskyite flavour to it and Trots have shown themselves on the wrong side of so much internal leftie crap to make one wonder whether Stalin was right about them after all. Were they people who sprouted ultra left words but who served the capitalists anyway by what they actually – did!?? And inevitably, with the antifa comes the usual Jewish persons who steer things in a certain direction. Again, any self-respecting-leftie would say he was against Zionism and for Palestine and against those Zionists here who seek to distort local politics to serve their agenda. But we haven’t seen too much of that in the NZ left scene for a while and despite a few noises from Asher, obviously well played songs, he’s rather quiet too.

Ok, Asher is Jewish. He had a very Jewish upbringing. He obviously embraced one of the types of Zionism. He has written for the Jewish newspaper in NZ. Thanks to good intelligence, NZ nationalists were able to intrude right into Asher’s life. They gained access to even his baby-books. They have several of them. They even got hold of his toddler toys. The NZ nats even obtained his kiddy cash register, a toy Kyle Chapman, prominent NZ nationalist leader, is photographed with. Kyle was delighted to look into Asher’s soul but all he could see was smoke?

The NZ nats have been thorough, finding people who knew Asher in his earlier life, to tell what they know. One nationalist, a psychologist, has now offered a ‘profile’ of Asher which should make good reading and this could guide future activities. We know that Asher suffers from Depression and that it’s stuffed his life. He admits to that. The lifestyle of anarchism and a double agent wouldn’t help much either. Is he the personality type who is open to manipulation? Would he really understand what was happening to him? Is he a victim of Zionism instead of the hated Fascism?

Whitelaw asks: what did Asher say at the rally last weekend in Wellington? He went on about someone at the nationalist demo as being in jail for violence. Whatever the truth about that – why the bloody hell would an anarchist care? Shouldn’t he be happy about that? And then try to recruit the bloke for the Anarchist Revolution? Get real. Asher sounded like a bourgeois goody-boy.

Not to be outdone on the sympathy stakes Asher/Ash also claimed during a New Zealand Television interview that his “family had been burnt to death”. One has to wonder at the way the Zionists always play the sympathy card for attention. Does he feel the same sympathy for the victims he set up recently while collecting information on Pro Palestinian supporters in Israel?

Before we take the anarchists in NZ and or in Australia seriously, they should purge this snivelling secret-Zionist from the ranks. Next, he’ll start talking to “anti fascist” security police. Yes, it’s time for a purge! Let’s get some real anarchists in charge of the anarchist scene. At least we’ll really know what we’re dealing with.

Kyle Chapman puts some real currency in Asher/Ash child hood toy cash register. Mmm I wonder if his parents were trying to say something in getting him a cash register?

Australia First spokesperson Jim Saleam checks out Asher/Ash Goldman’s child hood favorite Book (obtained by Nzed Nationalists) hopefully to get some insight into the twisted mind of a Zionist. The inscription reads To our darling Asher on your third birthday love mummy and dady.

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you all think you are hard a..we would have you for breakfast down here.have told the cops about kyles little girls stealing a nazi flag from raglan,but think i might just take it out of him instead.see you soon