Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Australia First’s reaction to the Death of Jorge Haider.

Whitelaw staff has been busy gauging the reaction of different groups to the recent tragic death of Jorge Haider. Of course by now we have seen the comments from the Zionist groups such as Fight Dem back and the Anarchist traitor and FDB founder @ndy at Slackbastard.

This morning one of our NSW staff contacted the Spokesperson for Australia First Dr Jim Saleam and asked if he would care to comment on these tragic events. Below is a copy of the fax received from Australia First today. We have been lead to believe an official statement will be made public very soon.

The Death of Jorge Haider.

Australia First Party directs its condolences to the Alliance for the Future of Austria on the death of its founding leader, Jorge Haider.

Our party notes the firm stand taken by Mr. Haider against immigration into Austria, against the loss of his country’s identity and freedom in the Euro-Super-State and for the preservation of Austrian sovereignty.

The matter of Mr. Haider’s death in a car accident last weekend has raised many questions. Mr. Haiders death came right at the moment of the current crisis of globalising capitalism. If any Austrian politician was placed to take advantage of this moment, it would have been him. The death of Mr. Haider was convenient to the Austrian elite and to the Euro-crats who manage and profit from corporate and banking power. Austrian nationalists will undoubtedly pursue the truth, whatever that may be.

As with the death of any person important to any freedom movement, we are sure the Austrian nationalists will only say: the struggle continues.

Dr Jim Saleam Australia First Party.
Well-said Australia First.

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