Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Australian Protectionists reaction to the Death of Jorge Haider.

What of the Neo Conservative Right the Australian Protectionist Party? After the tragic news had been passed onto the APP from a member of the London BNP what was the reaction? Sadness and a sense of loss as in the message posted by Greenwich of the London BNP? Nope it would seem the reaction from these Neo Cons isn’t that much different than that of the Zionists at FDB. Its all a bit of a joke to them.


London BNP

"I am sad to bring you this news from Europe.....Jorg Haider, leader of one of Austria’s main nationalist parties, has died in a car crash just after winning a stunning victory in Austria’s general election.”

Now from a member of the APP forum.


Quote from: jaxxen on October 12, 2008, 04:53:07 PM 1
Quote from: Casapound on October 12, 2008, 02:08:43 PM 2
1/The conspiracy theorists are going nuts all over the net.
2/Can you blame them? My immediate thought was "hmmm... someone's been tinkering with his car."

"Yes! It was The Brotherhood of Jewish Mechanics!"

And the APP spokesperson Darrin Hodges.
1/Yes! It was The Brotherhood of Jewish Mechanics!
"Really? I thought it was the Jewish Mechanics Front!"

And his sidekick and founder of Down Under News Links

1/Yes! It was The Brotherhood of Jewish Mechanics!
"That made me lol"

Whitelaw staff is disgusted at the reaction but not surprised. And hope that others are as disgusted as we are.
Please note because of claims by Darrin Hodges about staff sourcing his picture from Zionist sources we are forced to explain. It was a Google search you idiot. It was also the only one we found that did not show your face. Please feel free to send us another.

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