Monday, October 13, 2008

Hate Speech from the Anti Racists on the Death of Jorg Haider

Founding Member of Fight Dem Back Mathew Henderson Hau
Yes folks the heroes at Australia’s only Anti Racist web site Fight Dem Back, what do they have to say about the tragic death of Jorg Haider?

In a thread on the Fight Dem Back forum named “Haider is now in hell” we have this rubbish.

Founding Member Donald Oorst

“Lol. Burn in hell Joerg. God is an antifascist.”

Denise the UK correspondent of FDB and member of Unity News / Lancaster Unity / Unity forum.

“We're all going to the funeral. Why don't you come along to pay your respects - but bring your own beer, crisps and party hats”

Lets keep in mind that Fight Dem Back is a community minded organization that has been touted as being a respectable and professional group.

Shocked? How about Anarchist @ndy and we use that term jokingly. @ndy another founding member of Fight Dem Back as we have shown is just another Zionist. Of course he is happy. Haider had only just spoken about breaking the strangle hold the banks have on his native people. As @ndy knows anyone saying evil things like this must go.

From Slackbastard. Comments section.

Ultimate Hater
“Hey Stefan if alive I would have put a boot in his head and now dead I would cheerfully piss on his fucking grave and smash his tombstone. How do you feel about that Stefan? Oh you are not impressed? Probably because you are a fool who thinks that bad people dying ‘accidentally’ is more tragic than when they die on purpose.

So in summary burn in the pits of hell Joerg Haider I hope your friends and followers are with you soon”.



"I just wish he’d lost control into a crowd of his supporters."

What a lovely bunch of people these Zionist puppets are. I bet they make the IDF proud? They are truly the scourge of mankind. These people have zero credibility.

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