Friday, October 31, 2008

A Tissue for Mathew Henderson Hau and FDB.

We offer up here a tissue so that Mathew Henderson Hau can wipe away the tears. Oh the anger and outrage he is displaying. What a load of BS. These guys have zero credibility and absolutely no sympathy from anyone who has taken the time to investigate the truth about the members of Fight Dem Back and Anarchi$t @ndy from slackbastard.

Take it away scumbag.

Darp (Mathew Henderson hau)Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2008 11:52 am Post subject:

It appears that the booty of Asher's childhood toys garnered from a Nazi raid on a garage sale has given them sufficient whacking off material to last until their Teutonic fuhrer rises from the dead. You gotta worry about the inner workings of minds like that...

A Nazi raid? Vivid images of evil SS officers storming the sleepy neighborhoods of New Zealand on a Sunday morning wow you gotta wonder what drugs this guy is on. But hey after reading the reports from FDB and Asher/Ash Goldman on NZ Flag Day I would guess drugs are a bit of a problem with these double agents. Reality just does not have any meaning what so ever to these frauds.

But hey it sounds good?

And need we remind FDB members about who is harassing activists family members? In fact no one from White Law has ever spoken to or even seen a FDB members relatives. In fact it’s near on impossible to even see the activists. They all hide like gut less toads. Hey @ndy and Mathew you sure as hell know about that.

Fact is that since 2005 Fight dem back and its members have endangered the children and spouses of White Nationalists they have harassed Whitelaw staffs family via email they have used explosives in an attempt to harm or maim a QLD Nationalists elderly mother.

So folks don’t feel sorry for these double agents just feel happy knowing that they have just about outlived their usefulness.

Further Reading No Quarter

A real Garage Sale raid in Palestine carried out not long after Asher Goldman returned from Israel. More than a dozen Palestinians were murdered in this raid alone, nice work FDB.

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