Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Funny Interlude with Australia’s silliest Double Agent Mathew Henderson Hau.

Posted: Darp/Mathew Henderson Hau/Carp Tue Nov 04, 2008 11:12 am Post subject:
"Oh ..and note that every time I poke my head up on this forum, I get atleast ONE Whitelaw towers post in reply ....don't let me down lads, this is two posts, I expect two 'frothing at the mouth' entries."

Back Ground

During the nineteenth century, the common darp was introduced to some areas of south-eastern Australian . Mathew Henderson Hau often referred to as the Darp/Carp, had a disastrous effect on the Australian Mainland.
Darp are native to many non white regions, and are closely related to monkey fish hence the big lips.

At least three strains of Darp/Carp have been introduced to Australia, including the most common an ornamental strain near Sydney (1850–60) pictured above
Darp/Carp compete with all life forms for habitat and food resources, and contribute to the moral decay of society.
A number of attempts to control the carp population in eastern Australia have been made. Simple measures rely on the cooperation of White Nationalists and National Socialists.


Posted: Darp/Mathew Henderson Hau/Carp Wed Nov 05, 2008 1:23 am Post subject:
"Ok, so he's done one entry ...still waiting for the second one. Should I make some new pics available? The more revealing the better it seems."
I wonder who Mathew is talking to? Himself maybe? The only people at FDB are readers from here. You truly don’t have much to do nowadays do ya Darpy? It is a sad day isnt it champ? Well for some anyway.

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