Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Good Bye FDB!

Darpism "
Yes. I have sold out. Oh the shame of it. The things that poor students do"
Much has been said on the left side of politics about the turn out for the New Zealand National Flag Day. In fact it would seem that the lunatics on the left have even attempted to claim some type of victory. Go figure, who would have thought.

The truth of the matter is drastically different. Fact is that it was a total disaster for the left and a stunning victory for New Zealand and Australian Patriots. So how did this stunning victory come about? Hard work is what.

If we take a minute to look at the people and groups behind this type of operation we will see a common thread. Yes folks they have all been attacked and maligned by the Government Sponsored Anti Racist group Fight Dem Back. Yes it would seem that for all the time spent on falsely accusing White Nationals here and in New Zealand FDB would have been better saying nothing at all.

It has been a long road for White Nationals in both our great countries. Thanks to Fight Dem Back we have all had to focus and learn to just get along.

But what will we do with the demise of Fight Dem Back? It is now fairly obvious to all including the real Anarchists and Marxist in Aussie and NZed that FDB was and is a honey pot for the Government. The left has duly noted that FDB has worked very closely with intelligence groups here and in New Zealand. Causing an exodus from FDB that has been something to behold.

So what did they achieve? Now we won’t play this down, FDB did cause some very minor disruption in the WN/NS movement. But we must say that of all the people persecuted by FDB only one individual turned his back on his Race and Nation. And he was the very reason why so many of us got involved in the first place. Not discounting the mental defects that worked for FDB out of hatred for other WN/NS to strengthen their own egos.

All the others have been battle hardened after their run-ins with FDB. Fact is we are all still here more organized than ever.

What of the Left? Well hell they haven’t faired very well at all. In fact after all has been said and done they are the ones who have prominent members in gaol and are under constant surveillance. All thanks to the Government Honey Pot at Fight Dem Back and Anarchi$t @ndy at $lackbastard.

Meanwhile the intended victims that are the Lads from New Zealand and Australia have walked free. We stand vindicated. You see chasing us was just a sideline to get at the membership and structure of the Anarchist/Black Bloc types. And it was a stunning success.

I almost feel sorry for them. Nahhh. Maybe the left will now do what it should have done a long time ago focus on the real enemy. But after seeing the way that the guys at Rev Left pumped out the drugs at the DIY gig in Brisbane in 2006, I would say that it is going to be a long and difficult journey. Especially for the hapless kids that fall for the BS that is feed to them with a lethal cocktail of illegal drugs mind you.

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