Thursday, November 20, 2008


Yes Mathew LOSER.

Oh lordy how the big tuff anti racist anarchist types go to water when the pressure is on. Just recently the Australian New Nation Forum found that it had a certain Mathew Henderson Hau posing as he does as an Australian White Nationalist.

So it was decided that our good friend from ANN Defend This would set little Mathew up. Hell we all know that as soon as the pressure is on old Darp he squeals like a stuck pig. And he did.

The plan was for Defend This to post a thread that would have little Mattie boy running for cover and with out any hesitation posting it on FDB. Now a few of the trusted members were made aware of this and they all sat back and watched. Once the bait was taken it was only a matter of time for them to figure out whom the FDB plant is.

Once we get our final report from ANN be sure that we will reproduce all the threads ever written by this creep. Lets see how racist an anti racist is shall we?

Oh we will also produce a few threads from Defend This that shows that this was all just a little sting operation. Boy it does all sound a bit childish doesn’t it.
The good people at ANN have notified me that registration for the forum will be closed while they spring clean. So if you would like to join Australia’s Number One Patriotic Forum just stay tuned.

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