Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Let the games begin.
Click Here and listen.

But if you think we are worried spare a thought for the Zionists over at the Jewish Task Force Forum Here. That will cheer everyone up.
Sure as hell is gunna be fun seeing this all panout.
My favorite Jewish quote from the JTF
"First, I think we have to do in Israel what JDL did for the Soviet Jews. We have to get Jews in Israel to stop working and rally and protest and sit down on Dizengoff Street and block traffic and demand the bombing of Iran. That has got to be the first step. There is no point in even doing anything else until Iran's nuclear facilities are bombed.Once this happens, there will be plenty of other things to keep us busy, but this has got to be the first thing. We might want to arrange some sort of protest in America, while Bush is still in office. This is the last, best, chance we have to convince either the US or Israeli Airforce to take action."
Not withstanding the fact that they are very worried about the growth of Pro White Groups around the world. Oh happy times. I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad. I will take happy for now.

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