Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Meanwhile those crazy kids at Rev Left are all about cooking up some trouble. You recall Rev Left? Yep the same forum that anarchi$t @ndy hangs out at. Not to mention our favorite double act from FDB Rollo and Kaoos AF.

I think the authorities better get involved and real quick. Seeing as the Reds are talking about using the BNP list as a hit list. I would guess it wont be long before a few people are hurt. I only hope that this is going to backfire on groups like FDB who have actively supported the spreading of this list. And by the looks of it had direct involvement in it.

Rev Left…

Comrade Joe
Stealing your shoes 24/7
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Location: Kent,England
“Iv been searching round for teachers take this guy for example. All we need is for some internet warriors to find out his school and there goes his job!”

And from the same turd

“My,my we have quite alot of work to do.

Anyone feel like setting up a closed invite only group so we can discuss information on these bastards.
Atchuly the first one gave away his school adress in his email adress. Il go and sent an email to the school tommrow”

Rentboy for hire
“It'll be quite risky if we were to be planning militant actions against them on an internet board though, you can always be traced by the authorities.”

Fair dinkum you watching FDB? See what you have done! Still think its funny? Probably.

Comrade Joe
Stealing your shoes 24/7
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Kent,England
“Nah Its a crime for a teacher to be in the BNP as it is for pigs. Also we can fuck up some peoples crediblity if they have other jobs.”

Oh what about the Children of these BNP people? Can anyone imagine what would happen if a list of Zionists was put on the net with addresses? Along with the children of the same? Anyway..

Fidel Follower
Junior Revolutionary
“Turns out a couple near me are both on the list, and his son is at school with me......”

This is typical from these bastards. Staff at Whitelaw has had their children attacked at schools after groups such as FDB published details of their parents.

And from this guy below. He also posted a series of pictures (above)from some film about Stalin that depicts the execution of a man. Implying that this is how the list should be used.

Revolutionary in Learning
“I am sure all those people knew the risk when they gave their details to a far right party, they were literally asking for it”

And Whitelaw staff no exactly what happens when a WN is exposed in a small rural town. One WN from an Australian Small Town outed by FDB had to deal with these idiots at Rev Left. See Rollo
here after they threatened to POISON HIS WATER SUPPLY. Yes folks a man with a wife and two children.

Read on..

Must! Sell! Newspapers!
Commie Club Member
“There are two members from my home town, a small place in rural ***********. This pisses me off no end.”

And don’t think they are not seriously contemplating violence or vandalism

Kid A
Junior Revolutionary
“I don't think some of the comments I have read on urban75, indymedia etc from keyboard warriors are jokes - OK they might be said with a tongue in the cheek but that idea permeates into their real world politics.

Christ, I can't beleive I am saying this... I got arrested in Fratton, Portsmouth a few years ago for errr, doing something to someone's property because they had a BNP poster in the window!”

We are sure that what is being said behind the scenes is nothing to what is being said in public. If anyone has any info or read something on the net that is of a threatening nature please send it to us at

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