Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Take Note!

Oh how the real haters come rolling out. I just wonder what so called community-based groups like “Mathew Henderson Hau” Fight Dem Back will do when someone is killed? We note Denise Garside FDB member in the UK is up to her hairy armpits with this one. What do you think she will say about about this sort of stuff being displayed on open forums in the UK?

Originally Posted by duckapluck

"Found two women who live near me"
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"I found a man who lives only a few streets away."

Or what about this…

Yesterday, 18:01
Eli Cody
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"I hope they all get shot."

Lets just say that if anyone gets hurt it opens up a Pandora’s Box. Brian Stokes Co Founder of Fight Dem Back we have noted how you have assisted Denise Garside. You just moved up the list. Mathew will be happy.

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