Thursday, November 13, 2008

Three River Greens “Owen Jones” and Fight Dem Back!

" Owen Jones" odge FDB member from NSW.

Ah yes remember the days when the Greens party was just that an environmental Party. You know promised to look out for our environment so that our children may have a future. Well it would seem that Greens Party member “Owen Jones” aka “odge” along with his mate Founder of Fight Dem Back “Mathew Henderson Hau” have added terrorism to the Greens Portfolio.

But it would seem that Owen has been a little concerned about what he may have said on the FDB forum? “Owen Jones” aka “odge” Greens Party Member of “Three River Greens” take it away…

“I've just removed content of this post. It was written in the heat of the moment in response to a threat. I don't want potential employers etc to google me and find this. Sorry.”

Crikey what type of threats did he make that forced him to remove his posts? Well what ever it was it must have been bloody shocking. Hell I reckon he should have removed these also.

Owen Jones proud Homo Sexual and great neighbor.

"I'm gay and so's my wife!
I got hit on a while back last year by a middle aged married guy. When I confronted him he got so worked up he started yelling "Faggot" across the neibourhood. He thought it would offend me and get me to lay off. I just laughed so hard. lord knows what the neighbours think of him now. His wife backed him up even though she was a witness. He was that shitfaced pissed and stoned.

We made up a few months ago (although I don;t trust him as far as I can kick him). He was into quoting ACA about Cronulla, immigration etc last I saw him.”

Owen Jones great neighbor and student of boxing (student of being punched around the ring)

”He's the kind of guy who'd **** anything that moved, or at least had a pulse. What offended us was the abuse of trust we are neighbours, his wife was present, and my wife was not. They deny everything of course. I've been totally cool and honest about the whole thing. I've received threats but not responded. He asked me why I didn't just punch him out. I had to explain that while I'm younger, bigger, fitter and stronger (and irresistable) I'm still a pacifist.

From past experience it takes a few punches to the head for me to loose it, then when I do.... look out. I'm not real fond of myself after.”

Well Owen my guess the Greens are not exactly fond of being associated with a known Left Wing sting operation such as FDB and or @ndy $lackbastard. And if FDB is not a honey trap it sure as hell is a criminal terrorist organization.

Any way Whitelaw may just have to open up the old vault and drag some rather embarrassing home truths out about “Owen Jones”. You know the sort of stuff he may have said about the elderly local residents of Port Macquarie.

Not to mention the threats he has made against Port Macquarie White Nationalists. Put that in your joint and smoke it odge.

Drop the Three River Greens a line and tell them we said hello.

Susie Russell
Candidate for Lyne
Ph: 0429 655 044

Jaci Cartwright, Treasurer
Phone: 6582 1009 (evenings/weekends only)

Owen Jones, Webmaster/ringmaster
Phone: 0417266439


Owen Jones said...

Nice piece of out of context Google assassination from someone who has to defend being white supremacist. Whitelaw Towers Credibility = 0

Whitelaw Towers said...

Mr Jones. I think it is very funny that a scum bag FDB member would even dare to accuse the staff here of character assassination.

Blow it out your arse you lefty maggot. Thanks for reminding us about you. I think I will contact our friend down your way and dig up some more dirt.

Owen Jones FDB member=lying left wing scum bag. PS no we didn't use Google we spoke to a local.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Hey Owen does work know you are visiting Neo Nazi sites from your work PC instead of teaching? AU AUSTRALIA NEW SOUTH WALES SYDNEY NSW DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING


Port Macquarie Preservationists are said...

Oh, yes Owen Jones; actually he is not a TAFE teacher but works in marketing and business management department at Port Macquarie TAFE. Well known to us, one of the wankers that turned up at the opening of the new Vocational College, screaming and spitting at John Howard about the climate change myth, and generally embarrassing locals. A shit drummer and try hard surfer as well.

I think TAFE management will have to be informed about his online activities at work. Typical of a TAFE employee to be doing anything apart from actually working at his workplace, but viewing Nazi sites from a NSW Department of Education computer? Tsk, tsk, Mr. Jones.

I'm sure that your boss will be interested in your work PC internet usage; you might be able to delete your visits from your work PC but your in house server won't lie.

Owen Jones said...

Good on ya!

Your threats and intimidation tactics have no effect. It is surprising this site isn't blocked at the firewall like SF was very soon after the original threats were made against me.

No problem, I stumbled across this site while doing a search during my lunch break, hardly...ILLEGAL!!!

You're right, I will report this blog to the DET administrators. It will be interesting to see what they turn up.

Port Macquarie is Coalition free :-), my work here is done. Enjoy Kev's visit. I hope Australia Farce turns up in strength to give him a warm welcome. Personally I've moved on...Auf Wiedersehen Suckers!

Whitelaw Towers said...

I was just thinking Owen maybe we should tell your neighbor about what you have said? PMP hint hint.

Owen said "Your threats and intimidation tactics have no effect" and we say "Our wings are like shields of steel your bullets will not effect me."

Please come back Owen you are good for a laugh.

Owen Jones said...

Want me back eh?

You found the ip of the NSW DET/TAFE reverse proxy server. Good for you. Do your little ip log trick now. Whats that you were saying about arabs?

Yes I'm baaa-aack, as you requested.

You can tell my EX neighbour what you and PMP like Jim. He knows where we stand. You'll probably find him down and Miners beach with his buddies, that is, if you and PMP are game to head down there. Take some sunscreen for your doodle. Hate to get the lil fella burn't. Take some happy snaps while you are there.

Next election I'm planing on being somewhere in Toowoomba South. Perhaps we could have a friendly chat and share election day anecdotes.

Now don't take that as a threat (I know you get touchy and start calling names, swearing, talking bullets and stuff), because despite your claims I have not made a single threat to anyone. I've mearly re enforced that I have the capability to defend myself should the need arrise from those that have made threats towards me. You guys have sooo much hate bottled up.

Oh yeah, the FDB stuff, purile. Haven't posted there since 2006 just after Cronulla. Your guys probably boosted their membership hugely.

Owen Jones said...

You racists are sooo paranoid :-)

Owen Jones said...

The Tamils are comming for you...

Owen Jones said...

Even the Chinese are mooooving in...

Owen Jones said...

Some 300 million + Indons living on your doorstep????

But no, you don't want to be friends. You'd rather go out in a blaze of glory?

Owen Jones said...

You know less about how the internet works than the average kenyan ;-)

Owen Jones said...

so please, don't fuck with me!