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What we need is radical thought not radical action at this stage. For White Nationalism to survive we cant afford wasting precious time on outdated Mainstream tactics. Every second we waste on Mainstream tactics the more ground we surrender to the enemy.

Whitelaw would like to thank our good friends over in NZed for the valuable help they have given us in the past. Cheers Lads.

Special Report from our comrades in New Zealand.

Nationalist Alliance
Flag Day and Nationalist Meetings Report

For obvious reasons we don’t give out exact details of all events and

Travel Sponsorship

Organising this event was months long. We pre booked accommodation and travel for as many people as we could way before the event. This meant that when the late committers got on board we had already stamped a good number of people on all the needed plans. This in turn encouraged other people to get on board. We set up sponsorship for those who were in financial hardship. This allowed more people that would like to go but were held back by situations out of their control to be there anyway. We raised hundreds of dollars for this project. It mainly paid for accommodation and helped some people with their travel tickets and fuel.

Flag Day Protest

There are already a few reports of this part of the event, so I won’t dwell on it. I would like to say though that it was a pathetic turn out from the reds and their anarchist flunkies. I was actually sad for them. To see their passion and their struggle to try and make us change our minds and go away was really moving. They were in such small numbers we outnumbered them by 2 to 1. We had hoped they would have their punk fest sorted out and they would have hundreds to appose us. But they stuffed up their concerts and their plans. So this tiny little group of misfits came out to meet us. They report that they stopped us from going to the Cenotaph, but we had already agreed to go to parliament instead. It’s like they were blind to all the police lines and barricade set up at parliament. Maybe they were too stoned to see it all set up. Or just as likely they just like to tell big stories to make themselves feel better and try to get some people to think they are heroes.

It was a great event. We had a good time making fun of the lefties, and we bonded as a movement. We needed that a lot. The fact the lefties tried to attack 2 17year olds who wanted to go home early showed their desperate and uncontrolled position on the day. They need to try and make themselves look like they did something. But it just resulted in two of their rejects getting arrested and an even stronger bond of brotherhood for our people.

These are things that people miss when they find reasons not to come. It’s the union of people, the flowing ideas, the comradeship, the peace of being around a whole group of strong-minded right wing individuals who have found a way to work together. We have built a warrior class again.

Flag Day Meetings

The General explanation of each meeting is as follows:

General Meeting Facilitated by Nationalist Alliance Chairman Kyle Chapman.
Recognition and thanks was given for the great effort Vince and the Wellington National Front had done to organise the weekend’s events:

• Fund raising for food on the BBQ.
• They organising safe transport for the social activities.
• Set up the legal paperwork for the march to parliament.
• Organised the train ride into Wellington.
• And much more!

Thanks were given to Jim Saleam for his support and for his attendance. He spoke and thanked all those in attendance.

Collin Ansell and Vince from the National Front Also spoke to those in attendance.

Kyle Chapman commented on how the Right had matured as a movement, where we had now been able to out number the left, stand united as one force, that we had a whole week end with no infighting or major disruption. He also explained about the purpose of the Nationalist Alliance to support Nationalist Organisations in finding the people they need to achieve their goals and to help anyone who wants to be active to find the organisation most suited to them. The Nationalist Alliance is about activity and encouraging everyone to help our movement grow and be more accepted by the public.

National Front AGM
It’s not my place to comment on this. So any information would be best asked from their representatives.

Evening Officers Meeting

After Dinner all the key people from different orgs and locations gathered for a grounded and heartfelt meeting. Old disagreements were herd and settled, plans to work together were formed, and the Alliance was sealed with commitment from all present.

Jim Saleam gave his feed back on the events and gave support and information on how the Australian First Party is doing. This greatly encouraged us to seek the National Fronts plan to be a registered party so our movement could stand along side organisations such as the European National Front in Europe and David Duke and his people in the USA.

Sunday Night De Brief

On Sunday night we went to a prominent Nationalists house in Wellington and talked with Jim about the possibilities and how we could work together. We built ideas of how to help the NF grow and how to bring the movement to the next level. We planned some activities, reviewed literature and all gave our opinions on what we can do next to help each country achieve our goals.

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