Thursday, November 06, 2008

Zionist Jews Recruiting White Nationalists From Storm Front.

Jewish Task Force Forum...

"there are 100,000s of young whites out there... who are uneducated and reactionary.... and one visit to StørmFrønt can DESTROY them.We NEED THEM TO COME HERE... NOT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to be ANTI-BLACK!!!!"

Sorry we aint joking!

This may come as surprise to our International followers but it is something we have already seen here in Australia. White Nationals or Good Time National Socialists going over to the Zionists.

It would seem that the Jewish Task Force are on a recruitment drive. They already influence one
Right Wing Group in Australia. Now they want Storm Front!
These sure as hell are strange times we are living in. I guess now that we have exposed these Racist Zionist the Anti Racist groups who visit this blog will be shutting them down? By this time tomorrow they will have front-page stories on these clowns? Pay Pal will immediately close the JTF Pay Pal account?

Of course not that only happens to White Folk.

Check it out HERE

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