Sunday, December 14, 2008

Act Like us or be Shot!

Well folks that’s the line the Government, FDB, @ndy $lackbastard and media are taking after the tragic shooting of a 15 year old boy in Victoria this week. Yes they are saying that these are the consequences of being a Nationalist. Yes being shot by our own Police Force.

We have much to say on this subject especially the role the media and anti racist groups have played in this tragic shooting. But unlike others we will respect the victim’s family and friends and make further comment in a day or so.

What we will do is publish a press release from a real Right Wing Nationalist Group that seeks to represent WHITE AUSTRALIA. Take it away

If The Victorian Police Wrongfully Shot A Boy, Why Does The Media Now Wish To Dig A Latrine As His Grave? Statement By The Australia First Party, December 14

The shooting of 15 year old Tyler Cassidy by three Victorian Police has raised serious issues concerning police training, responses, weapons and so forth and the quality of intelligence held on people, particularly youth. It causes concern over the quality of psychological services offered to some young people.

But what does the media do? It has launched a campaign of hate against the dead boy. The media has opted for the slippery-slope of untruth, building up a shadowy Internet discussion board, the Southern Cross Soldiers, into a racist, extremist, activist and criminal circle. Before too long too, the group will become "white supremacists", "fascists" and maybe "neo-nazis". The demonisation of Tyler Cassidy will distort the processes of investigation into his death. The death will then become propaganda to attack groups and persons well removed from the central matters.

Australia First Party denounces the media line that the Southern Cross Soldiers, an ostensible "nationalist" group, existed outside of the Internet site - MySpace.

Dr. Jim Saleam, on behalf of the management committee of the Australia First Party, said today:

"The portrayal of the youth, Tyler Cassidy, as a member of a nationalist organization, and certainly media information 'trade ups' that cause the characterisation of this group as some sort of extremist, racist movement - goes over the top and into fantasy land. In so far as the Internet group had any existence at all, it was a social network which included a troubled youth. It may or may not have reflected some of the ideas held by very ordinary kids about their lack of identity in the multicultural bazaar that Australia has become."

Australia First Party has grievous doubts that the media can ever treat the subject of nationalist politics (of any sort) fairly, let alone anything even most remotely related to something as sensational as a police shooting.

Dr. Saleam concluded:

"The media likes to dig latrines for any expression of nationalist politics by anyone. In this case, they have centred on a child to weave conspiracy propaganda. Was the youth a racist? Was Southern Cross Soldiers a gang? What did the gang do? Was this gang connected to nationalist politics? All this sums to questions without substance. However, I am very concerned that Tyler Cassidy may have become known to the secretive world of police intelligence and that references on a police database recorded him as something he was not. Is that why he was shot?"

In the civilian world, it is the media that creates profile. The matter can also go cart-before-horse and the media can create prejudice against ideas and people based on distortions and hearsay.This falsehood can become the justification for things done against people by state authorities. In crime intelligence, the same principle can turn deadly. Have two worlds of hearsay now joined together? Is the media now covering over this deadly mistake?

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In the following days readers we ask that you keep an eye on the media and the anti racist groups. Watch carefully how they work and scheme together. Take note how they treat the victims family. Then imagine what you would do if this was your son or daughter they are talking about?

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