Wednesday, December 10, 2008

“Australia” the film, BOYCOT IT!

Yes folks what a typical self hating White our very own Hugh Jackman turned out to be. If you are an Australian and foolishly believed like me that this film was going to promote the beauty of our country and the ruggedness of our Pioneers. Forget going to see this film. May I suggest you instead go and hire from the video shop “The Overlanders” starring Chips Rafferty.

The "Overlanders" is set in 1943 outback Australia and is based on the true story of a cattle drive in 1942 organized by the government to vacate the land of people and supplies in the threat of a Japanese invasion. Depicting a 'realistic' view of Australian culture and landscape, the Overlanders gave an insight into the nature of rural Australia and it's people to the international market and the rest of the country.

How things have changed since Chips Rafferty. All I can see that is being promoted by "Australia" an obvious rip off of a great Aussie Film is more BLOODY WHITE GUILT. For the love of God when will we ever see the end of Reconciliation?

I will let Hugh take it from here. At about 1.40 you will see what we are talking about.

Now how about the truth?

The truth about the 'stolen generation'
by Peter Howson
(with assistance by Des Moore)
The Age on 14/4/00

"The Howard governments denial of any generation of "stolen" Aboriginal children has produced highly emotive reactions from those who have accepted without question the report by Sir Roland Wilson, Bringing Them Home.

Moreover, evidence submitted in compensation test cases against the Commonwealth indicates that, at least for 1937-70 in the Northern Territory, there can be no serious suggestion that the aim the policy was anything other than the welfare of half-caste children. The principal reason for the policy, rarely mentioned by supporters of Sir Ronald's report, was that many half-caste children were culturally rejected by traditional Aboriginal communities. By encouraging their removal, the Commonwealth could be said to have been pursuing a policy of protection against discrimination.

But what about the factual basis, including the 535 personal and 1000 written accounts given to him alleging forcible removal and/or poor after-care?

The evidence does not support either proposition. The judge in a New South Wales compensation test case found that the claimant was not "stolen" and concluded that "At all points, the whole of the evidence seems to be against the plaintiff's claim." Judgement in the cases against the Commonwealth is pending but, on the evidence, a similar conclusion seems warranted

For example, evidence that was unchallenged by the claimants shows that, during 1946-62 in the territory, half-caste children numbered between 500 and 1000. Only 129 such children were placed in hostels by the Government and all except three were placed with the mother's consent. Such consent was obtained from discussions that typically extended over 18 months to 2 years.

By contrast, about 450 children were placed in hostels by parents at their own expense, reflecting the general enthusiasm shown by Aboriginal parents to obtain western education for their children. Some have been unaware that their parents sent them to hostels."

So folks boycott this anti white anti Australian Film. Scream it from the roof tops that Hugh Jackman is just another University brain washed Lemming. Go to the link provided above copy the truth and head on down to the local Cinema. As your fellow countrymen leave the cinema give them a copy of what really happened.

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