Monday, December 29, 2008

The AWB Return In South Africa

The White Folk of South Africa have had enough and are now preparing to Fight Back.

And if they fail and we pray they don’t. Expect more of the same from the Anti White Anti Christian Communists the ANC.

Warning Graphic pictures 18+

And a tribal sing song

And another..

Nelson Mandela is a Nobel Peace Price winner, but he sings about killing white South Africans.

After Mandela sings about killing whites, he talks about the fear of whites & democracy to reporters.

The "white" male standing next to Mandela is the South African National Intelligence Minister Ronnie Kasrils. He is a Jew, and not a European.

Nelson Mandela never publicly renounced violence & he did not condemn this ceremony. Nelson Mandela does not publicly condemn killing of white people. This is proof of his hidden & racist agenda to support genocide of white people in South Africa.

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