Friday, December 19, 2008

Fascists attempt to Reclaim Fascism from the Anarchists?

Nah I doubt it but it rings true in certain circles. The Modern Day Anarchists seem to be more Fascist than the people they claim are the real Fascist. But hey these NA guys act more Anarchists than the Australian Anarchist. Kinda weird that many are saying just that. These NA folks are not held back by politics and can call a spade a spade. They are the real Anarchists. Unlike the State Sponsored ones that feed intelligence to their MASTERS.

Nice vid by the way. Ever wonder how Israel manages to fill those 20 story underground bunkers with their own weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION? 3 Billion Dollars a year not including what the Christian Zionists hand over can go a long way.

This is why people like @ndy and FDB hate these NA guys so much. They try so hard to force WN and NS followers to attack them in the hope that us EVIL NAZIS will do their bidding. Sorry not this Evil Nazi @ndy

Oh by the way these guys are most defiantly not NAZIS like @ndy and FDB have claimed. As any WN or NS viewing this will see. I predict that the NA people will be the death of State Sponsored Anarchists and Anti Racists groups. For that reason this WN is very happy to put up this clip. Up yours Australian Anarchist FRAUDS.

WN is looking to be in a better state of health than the self claimed Moral Crusaders at FDB. Is that because the world is slowly waking up to these frauds? We think so.


Skippy14 said...

I agree with you 100% on this one, im not NA myself but its good to see them getting these bastards all bent out of shape.

Anonymous said...

The only people who are aginst NA are the people who do not understand it.

Go NA......