Monday, December 08, 2008

A Greek Tragedy?

With the recent shooting of a youth in Greece and the constant ranting from Andrew Moran aka @ndy to stir up the Anarchist movement. I thought we should see what others are saying?

Considering the Zionist involvement within the Australian Anarchist and Anti Racist Groups it certainly makes for interesting reading. I think if I was an Anarchist I would be starting to ask a few questions?

Adamantios- 01-15-2008

"They are anarchists, as stated previously, not liberals. When I say they are "agents of the West" I mean that they are organized, funded, and directed to do the West's bidding.

The majority of these individuals are misguided and confused reactionary extremists of the leftist persuasion who believe they are somehow fighting against capitalism, imperialism, or "the system" by attacking anything remotely nationalistic or religious. In reality, however, they are fighting for capitalism, imperialism, and the political establishment without realizing it.

It is precisely religion and nationalism that defends the nation from these things and, therefore, by attacking them the anarchist groups are attempting to weaken the only true defense that exists against globalization.

If one examines how ultra-liberals like>George Soros operate, one will quickly see that, despite their economic-ideological differences with the left, that the left is a very useful ally to their globalization agenda: leftists, who have shed national and religious loyalties, make the grea-*test*-('") converts to the capitalist cause when communism collapses as they quickly become steadfast materialists.

In the case of Greece, communism never rose to power so the strategy is a little bit different: instead of recruiting former communists into the liberal/capitalist camp, they finance anti-national and anti-religious far-leftist groups. After all, they understand that, like the communist experience has shown, the far-left collapses easily, often without even a fight. Nationalism and religion don't and require ceaseless violent persecution for the smallest effect to be gained -- something a liberal democratic political establishment can't freely do but a far-left fringe is more than willing to do.

That's where anarchists come in. Controlling them is easy and there is evidence that the Greek political establishment has infiltrated their ranks with police officers and possibly with intelligence agents who influence the group's actions. Regarding this incident, don't you think it odd that an anarchist group made up of individuals who don't work could somehow have the resources to create and print thousands of professional-quality fliers and plaster them all over major cities? "

Now may I make a suggestion to those Anarchists who have read this? Yes the few out there who can actually understand what is being said here. Do yourself a favor get rid of the Double Agents or join these guys. National Anarchists – The quest to confusion.

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