Saturday, December 06, 2008


So what does this Video mean? From an Australian perspective it means that Americans that is White America are very concerned. Exactly how this video clip should be interpreted in Australia is up to the viewer.

My target audience in Australia fit into two categories. My first and most important one are my fellow travelers in our struggle for White Civil Rights. The other to a much lesser extent the Socialist Left. Yeah I know what you are saying but just think for a minute.

I will not go on about our people who may watch this film. What is there to say? Plenty just not here. I want to point out that as much as we see our movement being infiltrated and or being entrapped the Left are no better off. They are walking blindly into the hands of the New World Order.

You see White Law staff has snuck into a few Anti Racist/Left wing gigs in the past. We have seen and listened to the left do a fair bit of Saber Rattling here and in the US. And you know the few things that always stick in our mind are.

1/ They are always white (not including the Sayanim like Mathew Henderson and Asher Goldman FDB)
2/ They are all drug users/abusers
3/ They are usually well educated/brain washed middle class
4/ They follow blindly.

Now in Australia the Nationalist movement is in its infancy. (this time around anyway) Sure the majority of White Australians agrees and sympathizes with our beliefs. They are just too afraid to say it publicly. They effectively are flying below the radar. The left on the other hand are well know to the authorities and well documented.

My warning to these people is that you are all puppets. Your leaders are constantly working with the Authorities and collecting information on you. Especially the Anarchist/Black Bloc guys.

You think credibility is won by attacking the few Patriots in this country who have the balls to speak out? This is just a scam to win over your trust. How much information have you divulge to these double agents? A fair bit by now I would presume.

The Government will be coming for you guys first. And you can thank your double agent leaders who you all so foolishly trusted.

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