Friday, December 19, 2008

Press Release Australia First

Our contacts at Australia First have sent us the latest press release below.

Press Release
Corrupt Political Police ‘Intelligence’ Killed Tyler Cassidy
December 19

The shooting of 15 year old Tyler Cassidy by Victorian Police highlights the quality of political and criminal intelligence held on Victorian citizens, particularly youth. Public concern over intelligence held by a police unit in the 1990’s was justified; but rather than be reformed, the processes of intelligence collection and dissemination have been increasingly corrupted by ‘terrorism’ considerations.

Australia First Party will demonstrate at the Coroner’s Court when an investigation is held into Tyler’s Cassidy’s death.

Australia First Party will campaign publicly on issues of political police surveillance and intelligence gathering. A submission to the Coroner will state that the police who attempted to arrest Tyler Cassidy were undermined in their duty of care by inflammatory and inaccurate intelligence contained ‘on line’ for use by police. This false information directly contributed to his death. This information must be revealed in full to the public.

Australia First Party states that a shadowy Internet discussion board, the Southern Cross Soldiers, with whom Tyler Cassidy had an association, was built up by political police intelligence, before and after the killing, into a racist, extremist, activist and criminal circle. Some media has assisted political police disinformation with lurid references to “white supremacists” and "neo-nazis”. Australia First Party denounces the political police line that the Southern Cross Soldiers, an ostensible "nationalist" group, substantively existed outside of the Internet sites – Facebook and MySpace.

The demonisation of Tyler Cassidy will distort the investigation into his death. The death will then become propaganda to attack groups and persons well removed from the central matters.
Dr. Jim Saleam, on behalf of the management committee of the Australia First Party, said today: "The Victorian Police intelligence groups are conditioned by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) definition of terrorism which is simply – and erroneously – any violence wrought for a political reason. The next corrupt process is to locate youth or political groups that challenge in any way multiculturalist orthodoxy and suggest they engage or could engage in violence. That makes them terrorists. The next step is to attribute to them a ‘gang’ or closed mentality which makes them dangerous anti-socials or – de facto terrorists."

Australia First Party states youth structures of any sort are particular political police targets as they “could” provide recruitment pools for activist organizations.

Dr. Saleam concluded:
“We are very concerned that Tyler Cassidy may have become known to the secretive world of political police intelligence and that references on a police database recorded him as something he was not. Is that why he was shot? There must be an open hearing into political police intelligence before the next person is shot. The days of the Special Branch are back."

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