Friday, December 12, 2008

Remember the Victims. Daniel Wretström.

Strange days indeed readers. Well the more we show the world proof that FDB and @ndy Slackbastard are nothing more than Government Agents the more militant they become. I doubt anyone is buying this @ndy.

But watching them twist and squirm has been so much fun of late I thought I would give @ndy another kick.

@ndy at Slackbastard writes.

Victory” for neo-Nazis and police in Salem

"Swedish police apparently blocked the entry into Sweden of antifa crews from Germany and Denmark, on their way to Salem to help nutzis celebrate their (temporary) occupation of the town, a practice initiated in 2000 and constituting the largest neo-Nazi knees-up in Sweden, and one of the largest such rallies in Europe. In the end, police detained 470 (counter-)protesters, and approximately 700 neo-Nazis completed their mini-Nuremberg rally under the watchful eye of hundreds upon hundreds of police.

NB. The few reports available online make it unclear precisely who was stopped from entering the town/country, why, and how many actually attended the event. It is known that neo-Nazis successfully destroyed an autonomous social centre in Stockholm but were unsuccessful in attempting to murder a union activist’s family a few days later. "

Now what would @ndy be talking about folks? Well this…

2,000 Remember White murder victim Daniel Wretström
By Henrik Holappa

For most people involved in the white nationist movement in northern Europe Daniel Wretström’s name raises many thoughts and feelings. Daniel Wretström was a young Swedish Nationalist boy who was a victim of brutal assault and murder at the evening of the 9th of December 2000.

Those who attacked and killed him were a group of criminal foreigners, who basically got away with Wretström’s brutal murder. The main suspect and the principal accusee of the first-degree murder of Wretström, one Khaled Odeh, who slit Wretström’s throat, was sentenced to a psychiatric clinic. Odeh was pronounced “mentally ill” and so he was not held responsible for Wretström’s death. Of course, Odeh knew all the time that his ultra-violent assault could lead to someone’s death. Odeh also knew what would happen if he slit the throat of a living man! Odeh had whipped himself into a rage against the “evil racist” and decided to kill him, and Odeh knowingly killed Daniel Wretström. Daniel Wretström’s life ended in a long, slow nightmare of brutality back then in Salem near Stockholm, seven years ago.

In Sweden Daniel Wretström has, because of white nationists’ hard work and sacrifice, become a powerful symbol of multicultural violence. He was a young man who had a whole life before him, but instead he fell victim to a bestial attack. After this sorrowful tragedy Swedish racial patriots and Daniel Wretström’s relatives decided to organize an annual memorial event (the first in 2001) in their loved one’s memory in the Salem district near Stockholm’s downtown. The march always starts from the train station of Rönninge and goes to Daniel Wretström’s final resting place; it was near his own home that he was killed.

Naturally the commemorative event has occasioned outrage in the controlled media as well in the bureaucracy and in the political scenes from the extreme leftists to the social democrats. The controlled media’s information concerning the march, of which more below, has been very combative and slanderous against the white nationist organizers. It is ironic that the controlled mass-media accuses the Swedish patriots and nationists organizing the event of “violence” and “inciting racial hatred,” because the march and commemoration have always proceeded very peacefully.

Actually, the nationist march is not only against multicultural violence, but against all crime and street violence. The Swedes, other Scandinavians and other Europeans who gather in Salem oppose murder – but the “politically correct” crowd and the extreme leftists go there to defend murder and to incite violence against all who do not share their views.

Further reading here

Warning! This link shows the gruesome picture of Daniel Wretström’s after he was attacked and murdered by NON WHITES. Note how the dirty dogs broke the blade off in this young mans throat. So much for @ndy’s heroic anti fa.

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