Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Secret History - Zionist Terrorism

Yes folks considering the latest Zionist aggression that is currently happening in Gaza we thought we should remind everyone who exactly started this. The victims 50 plus years ago in Jerusalem were British Soldiers and the Native population. The aggressor? Well that was the Jews of course. Nothing has changed since the Irgun Stern gang killed at will.

Did the Terrorist of 50 years ago get tracked down in a war against Terror? Did the countries that harbored these killers get attacked and occupied by America? What punishment did they receive for killing Soldiers of the then British Empire? Well one became Prime minister of Israel. Hell some of the children of these murders are now Presidential advisors in the White House.

Our Governments have underestimated the ruthlessness of the Zionist. Or is it that they just sold us all into slavery. My guess they sold us all out for a few pieces of Silver. So remember every time an Australian Soldier is murdered fighting the war on Terror thank the Zionist for teaching the world how to kill.

Its time the world stood up and put an end to Zionism for good! How many more of us must pay for the State of Israel with our blood? As you will see from the video the Zionist from the very start disguise them selves so others may get the blame. These people wrote the book on Terrorism and have now got it down to a fine art.

Next time you are watching the Television and you see the devastation in Gaza remember that 50 years ago it was our people they were killing. Remember the USS Liberty and Remember the Countless Millions of other European victims of these killers.

No more.

Fight Dem Back Anarchists in the Promise Land. Note they are just as camera shy there as they are here.

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Britain Awake said...

Great blog mate!

As you say those jews have got away with murder - literally!