Monday, December 08, 2008

Smoke and Mirrors.

Oh the glory days of 2005. Yes readers that was in the days when Mathew Henderson Hau and his group of double agents basked in the glorious Zionist sunlight. What the hell happened to Fight Dem Back? We did! Yes folks Victor Whitelaw and the staff at White Law Towers Happened.

Now we all understand that for all intent and purpose Fight Dem Back is a shadow of it former self. Considering back in 2005 Peter Kohn from the Australian Jewish News (AJN). Reported that FDB had a “350 strong Australasian team”.

Jewish AustraliaPeter Kohn is a Melbourne journalist

But was the total destruction of FDB all Whitelaws doing? Of course we let Mathew Henderson hang himself with some very interesting comments he had made publicly. Hell he destroyed his own reputation all we did was hand him the rope and he did the rest. But still was it just that?

Maybe the reason was something more sinister? Yes maybe their cover has been blown? Back in 2005 the Australian Jewish News an Australian Pro Zionist group had no problems at all supporting FDB. Peter Kohn from the Australian Jewish News
A new trans-Tasman group is taking the fight against neo-Nazis to a new plane cyberspace.”

Oh who would that be?
“Mat Henderson-Hau has formed Fight Dem Back, a website to monitor the activities of Australian skinheads”

Oh ok and who does this radical work for?
“websites can reveal a lot of unintended logistical information that police can use” said Henderson-Hau, a Sydneysider who is the website campaign manager.
Interesting would this be the same Mathew Henderson who attempted to make contact with the Anarchist group Class War HERE? Yep. Is this the same guy who calls people like Andrew Moran an Australian Anarchist friend? You all remember Andrew Moran, @ndy Slackbastard senior founding member of FDB.

So did they actually talk with law enforcement back in 2005 or has White Law drawn a long bow?
“Last week the group passed on information to WA police regarding a white supremacist in Perth who is believed to be an associate of the Australian Nationalist Movement”
Well I think that answers that question? So much for your Anarchist element in FDB? I love this bit. Mathew take it away.
“When these characters hold a rally, you expect the usual socialist and anarchist groups and so on to come along and voice their opposition, but when Fight Dem Back turns up to these rallies, people understand that it more than that.”

Kill two birds with the one stone hey Maty boy? Considering the Left and the Right are no friends of the N.W.O. I bet you guys collect all types of info? We understand it is more than just your regular Left Wing Socialists. It is also the Zionist. No friend to the Left in any country.
The AJN sure as hell understand Fight Dem Back.
“The Fight Dem Back website has helped in trying to remove an unwelcome element from political discourse he said.”

Yep Left and Right.
So who supports FDB? Well according to the Australian Jewish News.

“A number of Jewish professionals are on Fight Dem Back 350 strong Australasian team, many of them deliberately keeping a low profile.”

Yes the low profile sounds a bit sus? You see folks back in the 70’s the Anti Racist groups in Australia were made up of Radical Jewish Students. These students who possibly now hold positions in the legal and Governmental circles are still pulling the strings. The only problem is that these guys are totally committed to the Zionist State of Israel. They are no friends of the Anarchists.
Speaking of well placed Jews,
“New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies president David Knoll told the AJN Fight Dem Back was a valuable addition to the fight against extremist groups” Interesting I guess he would call any group who may also be Pro Palestinian or Anti Isreal “extremist groups”.

David Knoll
Mathew Henderson’s Old chum Anthony Lowenstien (not a member of FDB) on David Knoll.

Well it would seem that the left are not that stupid after all. They have seen FDB and Slackbastard for what they are. Committed double agents. It is the members of the left who have abandon FDB in droves.
It is people like Dr Rob Sparrow who now desperately try to hold on till the very end. To finish what they started. The main objective. To collect names and information on radical left wing groups. To place Zionist Jews in positions of control. To further Israel’s control over any one who dares question them.

It has become very obvious that the only surviving member of Fight Dem back who stills has any real presence is Andy. The others have melted away. Members like Brian Stokes and Campbell Smith are that bloody stupid that no one bothers to listen to them.

The fact that in the past few months Andy has been attempting to prove to his readers at Slackbastard how staunchly Anarchist he is says a lot. It’s just a lot of smoke and mirrors.
Yes folks they are frauds, not even good ones. The truth is that in the early days they didn’t even bother trying to hide these certain facts.
Question? How can you be an Anarchist and support the above? How can you make jokes about fear of ZOG when Jewish members of FDB in New Zealand claim to be Anti Zionist? How can a group that claims to be fighting racism support and work with Search light in the UK. Yes an unashamedly Zionist Group. How does Asher Goldman Jewish member of FDB work with a group (Search Light) who’s founding member Gerry Gable's own son fought in the Israeli armed forces.
How does professional students like Mathew Henderson or dirty squat occupying Anarchists like Asher Goldman afford to go on Over Seas trips visiting Europe and Israel?

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They do Live said...

There seem to be two components of Zionism. The purpose of FDB, the Kosher Anarchists, and the media ensconced lickspittles, is to destroy any form of Gentile or Goyisch will to self determination, all the while maintaining the facade of "caring" for the Gentile races. Has the magnificent Jewish Narcissus ever given a Shit about anyone else but itself ? Of course not. The destruction of Goyisch self determination, Nationalism and even racial identity itself in the Goy is a to prepare the way for the imposition of Noahide law.The Kosher Knaves of the Rabbinical round table, feverishly enagaged in a particularly peculiar kind of splattered circular wet work specific to their kind, will then preside over the future of the Gentiles as a testament to their glorious destiny as described in their religious scribblings.

Any Gentile group that believes the Shit of the Jew does not deserve to exist.

Don't you just love the names they choose for themselves. "Gold Man" ! It implies elemental purity and intrinsic value, a veritable Moral Man mountain that puts all the alloyed Goy, Multiculturally adulterated races to humiliating shame with its Godly purity and flawless magnificence. The reality of most of these internally and externally ugly, duplicitous pretenders is a disappointing and manifestly murderous mediocrity.